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Audiology and speech pathology looks at communication challenges, including problems with speech, namely speed and regularity, the quality of speech spoken, the ability to hear and understand speech, and the language processing system of the brain. There are a variety of reasons that people may suffer from speech or audiology disorders, such as learned behavior, an adjustment problem or a physiological problem. Specialists in this area try to work out the reason behind the problem and then develops a program to help their patients to work around it if possible. Our extensive range of cheap audiology and speech pathology textbooks examine the reasons behind the pathologies, the possible causes and triggers, the signs, as well as treatment suggestions. The successful treatment of someone with an audiology or speech pathology is an incredibly rewarding experience and can dramatically improve the quality of the patient's life. Our new and used textbooks will give you a helping hand in this fascinating area of study.

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Neuroscience of Communication by Webster, Douglas B. ISBN: 9781565939851 List Price: $101.95
Introduction to Audiology with CDROM by Martin, Frederick N., Clark... ISBN: 9780205593118 List Price: $125.33
Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Communicative Disorders by Seikel, Anthony J., Drumrig... ISBN: 9780766859463 List Price: $93.95
Handbook of Augmentative and Alternative Communication by Glennen, Sharon L., Decoste... ISBN: 9781565936843 List Price: $135.95
Speech Sciences by Kent, Raymond D. ISBN: 9781565936898 List Price: $109.95
Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology by Frattali, Carol M. ISBN: 9781418015480 List Price: $84.95
Hearing Disorders by Northern, Jerry L. ISBN: 9780205152261 List Price: $120.00
Course Notes and Workshop for Introduction to Sound by Charles E. Speaks, Stephan... ISBN: 9781565939806 List Price: $77.95
Diagnosis in Speech-Language Pathology by Tomblin, J. Bruce, Tomblin,... ISBN: 9780769300504 List Price: $114.95
Cases in Neurogenic Communicative Disorders A Workbook by Dworkin, James P., Hartman,... ISBN: 9781565932647 List Price: $68.95
Human Communication Disorders An Introduction by Anderson, Noma B., Shames, ... ISBN: 9780205456222 List Price: $114.67
Anatomy and Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing by Anthony J. Seikel, Douglas ... ISBN: 9780769300573 List Price: $162.95
Speech-language Pathologist From Novice to Expert by Guilford, Arthur M., Scheue... ISBN: 9780131534636 List Price: $33.00
Study Guide/Workbook to Accompany Speech and Hearing Science Anatomy and Physiology by Eileen Zemlin, Willard R. Z... ISBN: 9780875637303 List Price: $25.80
Single Subject Research Applications in Educational and Clinical Settings by Richards, Stephen B., Taylo... ISBN: 9781565937994 List Price: $115.95
Audiology and Auditory Dysfunction by Mencher, George T., Gerber,... ISBN: 9780205161010 List Price: $153.33
Essentials For Speech-Language Pathologists by Betsy P. Vinson ISBN: 9780769300719 List Price: $110.95
Educational Audiology Handbook by Johnson, Cheryl Deconde, Be... ISBN: 9781565938236 List Price: $134.95
Encyclopedia of Deafness and Hearing Disorders by Turkington, Carol, Sussman,... ISBN: 9780816022670 List Price: $45.00
Elements of Audiology A Learning Aid With Case Studies by Martin, Frederick N., Clark... ISBN: 9780205486960 List Price: $49.00
Psychological Management of Chronic Tinnitus A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach by Henry, Jane L., Wilson, Pet... ISBN: 9780205313655 List Price: $53.60
Anatomy & Physiology For Speech, Language, And Hearing by King, Douglas W., Seikel, J... ISBN: 9781401825812 List Price: $156.95
Language Disorders A Functional Approach to Assessment and Intervention by Owens, Robert E. ISBN: 9780205381531 List Price: $120.00
Comprehensive Dictionary of Audiology by Stach, Brad A. ISBN: 9781401848262 List Price: $58.95
Introduction to Children With Language Disorders by Reed, Vicki A. ISBN: 9780205420421 List Price: $122.67
INTRO: A Guide to Communication Sciences and Disorders by Robb, Michael P. ISBN: 9781597563390 List Price: $98.95
Audiology Business and Practice Management by Hosford-Dunn, Holly, Dunn, ... ISBN: 9781565933453 List Price: $84.95
Vision and Reading by Garzia, Ralph P. ISBN: 9780815134381 List Price: $51.00
Voice and Voice Therapy (with Free Audio CD) by Boone, Daniel R., McFarlane... ISBN: 9780205308439
Children With Language Impairments An Introduction by Donaldson, Morag L. ISBN: 9781853023132 List Price: $34.95
Communication Sciences and Disorders From Research to Clinical Practice by Gillam, Ronald B., Marquard... ISBN: 9780769300405 List Price: $102.95
Modifying Vocal Behavior by Moncur, John P., Brackett, ... ISBN: 9780060445676 List Price: $27.18
Hickey Multisensory Language Course by Hickey, Kathleen, Augur, Je... ISBN: 9781870332521 List Price: $99.50
Centennial Review by Silverman, S. Richard, Kric... ISBN: 9780685363966 List Price: $16.95
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