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If you are looking for a career that provides you with challenges, great employment packages and a rewarding career, the Allied Health Services offer a wide range of opportunities. Our affordable textbooks will help you to identify the many different roles within the allied health professions. These roles are wide and varied. Whether you are interested in science, nutrition, physical movement, physiotherapy, radiography, or speech and language therapy, you will find something that will fit in with your interests. The demand and supply of allied health services is influenced by demographic change, health care financing policies and current available career options. We offer the same textbooks that you will find in your local college bookstore, but we sell our discounted textbooks for much lower prices. If you have a college reading list from your tutor, just enter the ISBN numbers to find the exact textbooks that you need for your college studies. Buy or rent new or used allied health services textbooks here at Valore Books.

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Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice by Susan G. Salvo BEd LMT NT... ISBN: 9781416036524 List Price: $72.95
First Responder A Skills Approach by Limmer, Daniel, Karren, Kei... ISBN: 9780131720480 List Price: $86.67
Foundations of EMS Systems by Walz, Bruce J. ISBN: 9781435480278 List Price: $81.95
First Responder 8th Edition by Bergeron, J. David, Bizjak,... ISBN: 9780136140597 List Price: $86.67
International Trauma Life Support (6th Edition) by John R. Campbell PhD. D.Sc... ISBN: 9780132379823 List Price: $77.33
Foundations For The Practice Of EMS Education by Alexander, Melissa ISBN: 9780131194359 List Price: $28.00
Clinical Procedures in Therapeutic Exercise by Sullivan, Patricia, Markos,... ISBN: 9780838513392 List Price: $79.60
Diversified Health Occupations Wb by Simmers, Louise M., Simmers... ISBN: 9781418030223 List Price: $38.95
A Practical Approach Becoming a Health Care Professional by Dimeo, Sandra ISBN: 9780135063545 List Price: $29.40
Workbook for Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants by Bonewit-West, Kathy ISBN: 9781416047667 List Price: $35.95
1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities : Creative Ideas for Therapy Sessions by Danto, Ayelet H., Pruzansky... ISBN: 9781556429682 List Price: $48.95
Student Workbook for Essentials of Paramedic Care Update by Porter, Robert S., Bledsoe,... ISBN: 9780131384422 List Price: $82.67
Saunders Medical Assisting Exam Review by Holmes, Deborah E. ISBN: 9781437722369 List Price: $59.95
Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants by Kathy Bonewit-West BS MEd ISBN: 9781437708820 List Price: $87.95
Quick Reference Dictionary for Occupational Therapy by Jacobs, Karen, Jacobs, Laela ISBN: 9781556428654 List Price: $43.95
Today's Medical Assistant: Clinical & Administrative Procedures by Kathy Bonewit-West BS MEd,... ISBN: 9781416044321 List Price: $94.95
Pediatrics for Occupational Therapy Assistants by DeLany, Janet V., Pendzick,... ISBN: 9780131719170 List Price: $58.40
Physical Agent Modalities by Bracciano, Alfred G. ISBN: 9781556426490 List Price: $62.95
Delmar's Clinical Medical Assisting by Lindh, Wilburta Q., Pooler,... ISBN: 9781435419254 List Price: $105.95
Prehospital Emergency Care by Mistovich, Joseph J., Hafen... ISBN: 9780135028094 List Price: $86.67
Pharmacology for the EMS Provider by Beck, Richard K. ISBN: 9781111307691 List Price: $108.95
Evidence-Based Rehabilitation by Law, Mary C., MacDermid, Joy ISBN: 9781556427688 List Price: $54.95
Clinical Medical Assisting by Frazier, Margaret, Morgan, ... ISBN: 9780130893376 List Price: $85.80
Clinical Medical Assisting A Professional, Field Smart Approach to the Workplace by Veach, Lynette M., Nance, H... ISBN: 9781401827182 List Price: $80.95
Medical Assisting: Foundations and Practices by Frazier, Margaret Schell, M... ISBN: 9780135150580
Basic Clinical Lab Competencies for Respiratory Care An Integrated Approach by White, Gary C. ISBN: 9780766825321 List Price: $121.95
Professionalism In Physical Therapy History, Practice, & Development by Page, Catherine G., Swisher... ISBN: 9781416003144 List Price: $53.95
Case Studies for Basic Emergency Care by Woodall, S. Joseph ISBN: 9781418053598 List Price: $20.95
Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology Essentials for Respiratory Care by Des Jardins Staff ISBN: 9781418042783 List Price: $105.95
Intermediate 1985 by Bledsoe, Bryan E., Porter, ... ISBN: 9780136140474 List Price: $100.67
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