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Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant by Goodman, Catherine C., Full... ISBN: 9781437708943 List Price: $74.95
Anatomy and Physiology for the Manual Therapies by Kuntzman, Andrew J., Tortor... ISBN: 9780470044964 List Price: $155.95
Tensional Network of the Human Body by Schleip, Robert, Findley, T... ISBN: 9780702034251 List Price: $61.95
Clinical Exercise Physiology by Ehrman, Johnathan K., Gordo... ISBN: 9780736065658 List Price: $89.00
Exercise Testing and Prescription by Nieman, David C. ISBN: 9780073044743 List Price: $138.44
Resistance Training for Health and Rehabilitation by Graves, James E., Franklin,... ISBN: 9780736001786 List Price: $61.00
Therapeutic Modalities For Musculoskeletal Injuries by Denegar, Craig R., Saliba, ... ISBN: 9780736055826 List Price: $59.00
Physical Therapist's Guide to Health Care by Curtis, Kathleen ISBN: 9781556423789 List Price: $54.95
Functional Kinetics by Klein-Vogelbach, Susanne ISBN: 9780387153506 List Price: $52.00
Quick Reference to Vital Signs and Exercise Response by Myslinski, Mary Jane ISBN: 9780763743543 List Price: $26.95
Exercise Physiology by Adams, Gene M. ISBN: 9780697040701
Physical Therapy Aide A Worktext by Weiss, Roberta C. ISBN: 9780827351103 List Price: $64.95
Therapeutic Exercise Foundations and Techniques by Kisner, Carolyn, Colby, Lyn... ISBN: 9780803600386 List Price: $51.95
Examination Preparation A Complete Guide for the Physical Therapist by Giles, Scott, Sanders, Ronda ISBN: 9781890989088 List Price: $33.95
Exercise Physiology for Health Care Professionals by Cerny, Frank J., Burton, Ha... ISBN: 9780880117524 List Price: $73.00
Therapeutic Riding Programs Instruction and Rehabilitation A Handbook for Instructors and T... by Engel, Barbara T., Woods, S... ISBN: 9780963306500 List Price: $45.00
Fluids+electrolytes:prac.appr. by Stroot, Violet R., Lee, Car... ISBN: 9780803682078 List Price: $18.95
Practical Fluids and Electrolytes Disorders by Krieger, John A., Sherrard,... ISBN: 9780838526217 List Price: $28.95
Paediatric Exercise Physiology by Armstrong, Neil ISBN: 9780443102608 List Price: $42.95
Clinical Exercise Physiology by Ehrman, Jonathan ISBN: 9780736002523 List Price: $79.00
Therapeutic Exercise in Development... by Montgomery, Patricia C., Co... ISBN: 9781879971011 List Price: $34.95
How to Become a Physical Therapist by Hunter, Skip, Whitlow, Lori ISBN: 9780964987302 List Price: $19.95
Integrated Therapeutic Exer. by Sullivan, Patricia E., Marc... ISBN: 9780835930888 List Price: $45.00
Clinical Procedures in Therapeutic Exercise by Sullivan, Patricia, Markos,... ISBN: 9780838513392 List Price: $79.60
Exercise and Nutrition in Preventive Cardiology by Leaf, David A. ISBN: 9780697148391 List Price: $31.75
Clinical Decisions In Therapeutic Exercise Planning And Implementation by Nyland, John ISBN: 9780130480361 List Price: $80.80
Swiss Ball Applications for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine by Posner-Mayer, Joanne, Posne... ISBN: 9780964534148 List Price: $29.95
Practical Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant by Konin, Jeff G. ISBN: 9781556424205 List Price: $0.01
Therapeutic Exercise by Kisner, Carolyn, Colby, Lyn... ISBN: 9780803653726 List Price: $42.00
Guide to Evaluations With Forms for the Physical Therapist by Meyer, Theresa ISBN: 9781556424762 List Price: $32.95
Adapted Physical Activity: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Doll-Tepper, G., Dahms, C.,... ISBN: 9780387513560 List Price: $81.00
Therapeutic Exercise: For Body Alignment and Function by Daniels, Lucille, Worthingh... ISBN: 9780721628738 List Price: $42.95
Therapeutic Exercise by Basmajian, John V. ISBN: 9780898746419 List Price: $26.00
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