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Trigonometry is a word with Greek origins, from 'trig?non' meaning triangle, and 'metron' meaning measure. The subject is much as the name suggests, a branch of the broader subject of mathematics that looks at the relationships between the lengths of the sides of triangles and the angles between the sides. It is a complex subject that can lead students to a great deal of careers options including surveying, astronomy and engineering. Whether you are struggling with sine, cosine, tangent or a hypotenuse, our great range of pre-owned and new trigonometry textbooks will help you solve the problem. We have an extensive range of cheap textbooks to buy or rent, including precalculus, algebra with trigonometry, precalculus graphical numerical algebraic, analytic trigonometry and graphical approach to algebra and trigonometry. Our textbooks are the cheapest you will find anywhere. Make sure you have the ISBN reference from your college tutor's recommended reading list to make sure you buy or rent the right text book. We buy back trigonometry text books so you can get some money back when you are finished with the books.

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Trigonometry by McKeague, Charles P., Turne... ISBN: 9780495108351 List Price: $195.95
College Algebra and Trigonometry (2nd Edition) by Ratti, J. S., McWaters, Mar... ISBN: 9780321644718 List Price: $176.00
Precalculus: Graphs & Models by Coburn, John W., Herdlick, ... ISBN: 9780073519531
Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus, 6th Edition by James Stewart, Lothar Redli... ISBN: 9781111428747 List Price: $197.95
Algebra & Trigonometry by Sullivan, Michael ISBN: 9780132329033 List Price: $176.00
Student Solutions Manual Precalculus by Barnett, Raymond, Ziegler, ... ISBN: 9780077297541 List Price: $69.75
A Graphical Approach to Algebra and Trigonometry plus MyMathLab -- Access Card Package (5th ... by John E. Hornsby, Margaret L... ISBN: 9780321708960 List Price: $238.67
Student Study and Solutions Manual for Larson/Hostetler's Precalculus, 8th by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hoste... ISBN: 9780538738705 List Price: $106.95
Algebra and Trigonometry, 6th Edition by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hoste... ISBN: 9780618317820 List Price: $332.95
College Algebra: Building Concepts and Connections by Revathi Narasimhan ISBN: 9780618260355 List Price: $194.95
Precalculus, Enhanced WebAssign Edition by Stewart, James, Redlin, Lot... ISBN: 9780495557500 List Price: $131.95
Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry by Swokowski, Earl W., Cole, J... ISBN: 9780495108269 List Price: $201.95
College Algebra and Trigonometry with Modeling and Visualization by Rockswold, Gary K. ISBN: 9780321568014 List Price: $168.00
Contemporary College Algebra And Trigonometry A Graphing Approach by Hungerford, Thomas W. ISBN: 9780534466657 List Price: $208.95
Algebra and Trigonometry: Structure and Method Book 2 by Richard G. Brown ISBN: 9780395585368 List Price: $81.16
Trigonometry, Alternate by Ron Larson ISBN: 9780495970668 List Price: $274.95
College Algebra and Trigonometry (4th Edition) (Mathxl Tutorials on CD) (Hardcover) by Lial, Margaret L., Hornsby,... ISBN: 9780321497444 List Price: $176.00
Algebra and Trigonometry by Young, Cynthia Y., Young, Y... ISBN: 9780470222737 List Price: $182.95
Algebra and Trigonometry by Coburn, John ISBN: 9780077276515 List Price: $163.75
Trigonometry with Applications by John A. Graham, Robert H. S... ISBN: 9780395461419 List Price: $80.04
Analytic Trigonometry with Application 10e by Barnett, Raymond A., Byleen... ISBN: 9780470280768 List Price: $182.95
Algebra and Trigonometry by Axler, Sheldon ISBN: 9780470470817 List Price: $147.95
Trigonometry Enhanced With Graphing Utilities by Sullivan, Michael ISBN: 9780130659149 List Price: $103.00
Analytic Trigonometry with Applications, Student Solutions Manual by Barnett, Raymond A., Ziegle... ISBN: 9781118115831 List Price: $44.95
Physics Algebra and Trig by Hecht, Eugene ISBN: 9780534377298 List Price: $238.95
College Algebra and Trigonometry: A Unit Circle Approach by Dugopolski, Mark ISBN: 9780321644770 List Price: $176.00
Algebra and Trigonometry by Blitzer, Robert F. ISBN: 9780321559852 List Price: $176.00
Just-in-Time Algebra and Trigonometry for Calculus (4th Edition) by Guntram Mueller, Ronald I. ... ISBN: 9780321671042 List Price: $30.00
Precalculus by Sullivan, Michael ISBN: 9780132256889 List Price: $176.00
Algebra and Trig: A Graphing Approach Enhanced Edition by Larson, Ron ISBN: 9781439044544 List Price: $196.95
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