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New Developments in the Theory of Knots by Kohno, T. ISBN: 9789810201630 List Price: $82.00
Computation of Fixed Points and Applications by Todd, M. J. ISBN: 9780387076850 List Price: $11.00
Lattice Theory by Donnellan, T. ISBN: 9780080125633
Homology Theory: An Introduction to Algebraic Topology by Hilton, Peter J., Wylie, Shaun ISBN: 9780521052665 List Price: $67.50
Introduction to Modern Structural Analysis by Elms, D. ISBN: 9780677620305 List Price: $205.00
Introduction a l'Etude des Structures Ternaires de Commutation by Thelliez, S. ISBN: 9780677503301 List Price: $251.00
Singularities of Smooth Maps by Eells, James J. ISBN: 9780677013305
Lattice Gauge Theory, Supersymmetry and Grand Unification: Proceedings of the 7th Johns Hopk... by Domokos, G., Kovesi-Domokos... ISBN: 9789971950620 List Price: $33.00
Elements of the Topology of Plane Sets of Points by Newman, M. H. A. ISBN: 9780313249563 List Price: $97.95
Elementary Differential Topology by Munkres, James R. ISBN: 9780691090931 List Price: $24.95
Elementary Topology and Applications by Borges, Carlos R. ISBN: 9789810242404 List Price: $45.00
Lattice Gauge Theory, Supersymmetry and Grand Unification Proceedings of the 7th Johns Hopki... by Domokos, G., Kovesi-Domokos... ISBN: 9789971950637 List Price: $64.00
Lattice Gauge Theory Using Parallel Processors by Xiaoyuan Li, Zhaoming Qiu, ... ISBN: 9782881242342 List Price: $305.00
Lattice-Ordered Groups An Introduction by Anderson, Marlow, Feil, Todd ISBN: 9789027726438 List Price: $145.00
Lattice-Ordered Groups Advances and Techniques by Glass, Alastair M., Holland... ISBN: 9780792301165 List Price: $139.00
Variational Problems in Topology The Geometry of Length, Area and Volume by Fomenko, A. T. ISBN: 9782881247408 List Price: $337.00
Introduction to Symplectic Topology by McDuff, Dusa, Salamon, Dietmar ISBN: 9780198511779 List Price: $90.00
Recent Advances in Geometric Inequalities by Mitrinovic, Dragoslav S., P... ISBN: 9789027725653 List Price: $129.00
Algebraic Topology-Homotopy and Homology - Robert M. Switzer - Hardcover by Switzer, R. M. ISBN: 9780387067582 List Price: $74.00
Four-Color Theorem History, Topological Foundations, and Idea of Proof by Fritsch, Rudolf, Fritsch, G... ISBN: 9780387984971 List Price: $69.95
Fundamental Concepts of Topology by O'Neil, P. ISBN: 9780677034201 List Price: $371.00
General Topology by Willard, Stephen ISBN: 9780201087079 List Price: $78.00
Geometry and Topology of Submanifolds II Avignon, France, 30 May-3 June, 1988 by Boyom, M. ISBN: 9789810202514 List Price: $104.00
Equivariant Surgery Theories and Their Periodicity Properties - Karl Heinz Dovermann - Hardc... by Dovermann, Karl H., Schultz... ISBN: 9780387530420 List Price: $41.95
Differential Topology - U. Koschorke - Hardcover by Koschorke, U. ISBN: 9780387503691 List Price: $43.95
Higher Algebraic K-Theory: An Overview - A. Dold - Paperback by Dold, A., Exkmann, B., Take... ISBN: 9780387550077 List Price: $42.95
Algebraic Topology - Homotopy and Group Cohomology: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Barc... by Aguade, J., Castellet, M., ... ISBN: 9780387551951 List Price: $54.00
Introduction to Piecewise-Linear Topology - Colin Patrick Rourke - Hardcover by Rourke, C. P., Sanderson, B... ISBN: 9780387111025 List Price: $34.95
Algebraic Topology and Its Applications - Ralph Cohen - Hardcover by Cohen, Ralph ISBN: 9780387940984 List Price: $79.95
Topological Vector Spaces - Helmut H. Schaefer - Hardcover by Schaefer, H. H. ISBN: 9780387900261 List Price: $54.95
Introduction to Topology - Crump W. Baker - Hardcover by Baker, Crump W. ISBN: 9780697059727 List Price: $58.75
Physical Non-Linearities in Structural Analysis Symposium - Jan A. H. Hult - Hardcover by Hult, J., Lemaitre, Jean P. ISBN: 9780387105444 List Price: $43.00
Geometry on Poincare Spaces (MN-41) - Jean-Claude C. Hausmann - Paperback by Hausmann, Jean-Claude, Voge... ISBN: 9780691021133
Combinatorial Introduction to Topology by Henle, Michael ISBN: 9780716700838 List Price: $33.95
Introductory Problem Courses in Analysis and Topology by Moise, Edwin E. ISBN: 9780387907017 List Price: $34.95
Topology for Analysis by Wilansky, Albert ISBN: 9780471006336 List Price: $25.95
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