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You wouldn't normally associate math with recreational subjects. But in this case you'll do just that, because you can now buy cheap recreations and games textbooks that relate to mathematics as a subject. Find the likes of International Mathematical Olympiad 1959-1975; Challenging Puzzles; Which Way Did the Bicycle Go? And Other Intriguing Mathematical Mysteries, and many others besides. Math actually starts to get really enjoyable when you buy cheap recreations and games textbooks like these. We buy back new additions to bulk up our offerings all the time, so make sure you get the best deals that can help you find the answers you want. Rent used recreations and games textbooks as well if you merely want to borrow them - students do this all the time. With dozens of possibilities for borrowing or buying books you'll see why more and more students are flocking to Valore Books every single day.

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Computational Recreations in Mathematica by Vardi, Ilan ISBN: 9780685479414 List Price: $29.95
Mathematical Puzzles and Perplexities by Birtwistle, C. ISBN: 9780844805528 List Price: $14.50
Mathematics, Poetry, and Beauty by Aharoni, Ron ISBN: 9789814602938 List Price: $84.00
How Puzzling by Snape, Scott, Heather ISBN: 9780521355742 List Price: $44.62
Activities for Reflect-It Hinged Mirror by Desoe, Carol ISBN: 9780938587736 List Price: $11.95
The Teacher's Guide to Mathland by Norman, L. C. ISBN: 9780521468114 List Price: $11.95
Math Activities and Games for Early Learners by LaRose, Denise ISBN: 9781425800505 List Price: $29.99
Topics in Recreational Mathematics by Cadwell, James H. ISBN: 9780521044097
Mathematical Games by Duncan, Aileen ISBN: 9781850982159
Computational Recreations in Mathematics by Toppan Company Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780201556681
February Monthly Arts & Crafts by Walker, Susan ISBN: 9781562343873 List Price: $6.95
Magic Garden of George B and Other Logic Puzzles by Smullyan, Raymond M. ISBN: 9789814675055
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