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When studying statistics and probability you will be looking at the science of uncertainty. This subject will give you practical, mathematical and computing skills as well as giving you the chance to work on challenging and vital problems which arise in everyday real-life situations. You will start to look at life differently and determine the probability of possible eventualities before you make any big decisions. Well let us help you with this decision. The probability of you feeling very happy with yourself if you decide to buy your statistics and probability textbooks here online is very, very high. Not only will you receive great quality and affordable textbooks but you will have saved yourself a load of money as they are far more expensive in college bookshops. You will also avoid having to work out the probability of being involved in any road accidents on the way to the bookshop as we deliver them straight to your home address.

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Computational Handbook of Statistics by Bruning, James L., Kintz, B... ISBN: 9780673990853 List Price: $95.80
Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers by Douglas C. Montgomery, Geor... ISBN: 9780471745891
Applied Linear Regression Models by Kutner, Michael H., Nachtsh... ISBN: 9780072386882 List Price: $184.60
Multivariate Data Analysis by Hair, Joseph F., Jr., Tatha... ISBN: 9780130329295 List Price: $186.67
Introduction to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting With Application of Sas and Spss by Yaffee, Robert A., McGee, M... ISBN: 9780127678702 List Price: $120.00
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Robert V. Hogg, Allen Craig... ISBN: 9780130085078 List Price: $93.33
Stochastic Modeling for Engineers by Solberg, James J. ISBN: 9780470322550 List Price: $143.95
Second Course in Statistics Regression Analysis by Mendenhall, William, Sincic... ISBN: 9780130223234 List Price: $149.33
Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers by Montgomery, Douglas C., Run... ISBN: 9780470888445 List Price: $62.95
Just the Essentials of Elementary Statistics by Johnson, Robert R., Kuby, P... ISBN: 9780495418351 List Price: $121.95
Poisson Processes by Kingman, J. F. ISBN: 9780198536932 List Price: $74.00
Time Series Analysis by Hamilton, James ISBN: 9780691042893 List Price: $105.00
Applied Linear Models with SAS by Zelterman, Daniel ISBN: 9780521761598 List Price: $65.00
Intro Stats plus MyStatLab Student Access Kit (3rd Edition) by Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F... ISBN: 9780321501592 List Price: $165.20
Engineering Statistics by Montgomery, Douglas C., Run... ISBN: 9780470905302 List Price: $52.95
Statistics A First Course by Freund, John E., Perles, Be... ISBN: 9780130466532 List Price: $150.67
Bayesian Data Analysis by Gelman, Andrew ISBN: 9781584883883 List Price: $73.95
Primer of Applied Regression & Analysis of Variance by Glantz, Stanton A., Slinker... ISBN: 9780071360869 List Price: $102.00
Regression Analysis A Constructive Critique by Berk, Richard ISBN: 9780761929048 List Price: $82.95
Mathematical Statistics Basic Ideas And Selected Topics by Bickel, Peter J., Doksum, K... ISBN: 9780132306379 List Price: $84.00
Propensity Score Matching by Guo, Shenyang, Fraser, Mark ISBN: 9781412953566 List Price: $73.95
Introduction to Statistics by DeSanto, Carmine, Totoro, M... ISBN: 9780558768300
Probabilistic Systems and Random Signals by Haddad, Abraham H. ISBN: 9780130094551 List Price: $160.00
Statics and Strength of Materials by Mott, Robert L. ISBN: 9780135159828 List Price: $135.20
Understanding Basic Statistics by Brase, Charles Henry, Brase... ISBN: 9780547132495 List Price: $139.95
Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data by Allan J. Rossman, Beth L. C... ISBN: 9780470542095
Random Series and Stochastic Integrals Single and Multiple by Kwapien, Stanislaw, Woyczyn... ISBN: 9780817641986 List Price: $95.50
Applied Econometric Time Series, 2nd Edition by Walter Enders ISBN: 9780471230656
Spatial Analysis in Epidemiology by Pfeiffer, Dirk U., Robinson... ISBN: 9780198509899 List Price: $70.00
Introduction to Statistics for Health Care Practice by Mazhindu, Debbie, Scott, Ian ISBN: 9780761974765 List Price: $55.95
Bootstrap Methods and Their Applications by Davison, A. C., Hinkley, D.... ISBN: 9780521574716 List Price: $76.00
Introduction to Probability by Grinstead, Charles M., Snel... ISBN: 9780821807491 List Price: $57.00
Understandable Statistics (Hardcover) by Brase, Charles Henry, Brase... ISBN: 9780618949922 List Price: $164.95
A First Course in Linear Model Theory by Nalini Ravishanker, Dipak K... ISBN: 9781584882473 List Price: $109.95
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