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When studying statistics and probability you will be looking at the science of uncertainty. This subject will give you practical, mathematical and computing skills as well as giving you the chance to work on challenging and vital problems which arise in everyday real-life situations. You will start to look at life differently and determine the probability of possible eventualities before you make any big decisions. Well let us help you with this decision. The probability of you feeling very happy with yourself if you decide to buy your statistics and probability textbooks here online is very, very high. Not only will you receive great quality and affordable textbooks but you will have saved yourself a load of money as they are far more expensive in college bookshops. You will also avoid having to work out the probability of being involved in any road accidents on the way to the bookshop as we deliver them straight to your home address.

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Statistical Methods, Third Edition by Freund, Rudolf J., Mohr, Do... ISBN: 9780123749703 List Price: $119.95
Multiple Regression A Primer by Allison, Paul D. ISBN: 9780761985334 List Price: $54.95
Statistics: From Data to Decision by Watkins, Ann E., Cobb, Geor... ISBN: 9780470458518 List Price: $161.95
Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis by Carlin Bradley P Staff ISBN: 9781584886976 List Price: $69.95
Statistical Computing With R by Rizzo Maria Staff ISBN: 9781584885450 List Price: $85.95
Computational Handbook of Statistics by Bruning, James L., Kintz, B... ISBN: 9780673990853 List Price: $95.80
Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics by Wonnacott, Thomas H., Wonna... ISBN: 9780471615170 List Price: $177.95
Modern Applied Statistics With S by Venables, W. N., Ripley, Br... ISBN: 9780387954578 List Price: $89.95
Statistical Imagination by Ritchey, Ferris J. ISBN: 9780072943047 List Price: $154.38
Probability And Statistics for Computer Scientists by Baron, Michael ISBN: 9781584886419 List Price: $89.95
Analysis of Time Series An Introduction by Chatfield, Christopher ISBN: 9781584883173 List Price: $69.95
Statistics for Social Data Analysis by Bohrnstedt, George W., Knok... ISBN: 9780875814483 List Price: $164.95
Basic Stochastic Processes A Course Through Exercises by Brzezniak, Zdzislaw, Zastaw... ISBN: 9783540761754 List Price: $49.95
Statistics Through Applications by Yates, Dan, Starnes, Daren ... ISBN: 9781429219747 List Price: $81.90
Statistics An Introduction by Kirk, Roger E. ISBN: 9780534564780 List Price: $217.95
Analyzing Multivariate Data by Lattin, James M., Green, Pa... ISBN: 9780534349745 List Price: $185.95
Introduction to Stochastic Modeling by Pinsky, Mark, Karlin, Samuel ISBN: 9780123814166 List Price: $99.95
Model Assisted Survey Sampling by Särndal, Carl-Erik, Swensso... ISBN: 9780387406206 List Price: $79.95
Statistics The Art and Science of Learning from Data by Agresti, Alan, Franklin, Ch... ISBN: 9780135131992 List Price: $150.67
Learning Bayesian Networks by Neapolitan, Richard E. ISBN: 9780130125347 List Price: $117.60
1000 Exercises in Probability by Grimmett, Geoffrey, Stirzak... ISBN: 9780198572213 List Price: $74.00
Statistical Machine Translation by Koehn, Philipp ISBN: 9780521874151 List Price: $62.00
Introduction to Stochastic Processes by Lawler, Gregory F. ISBN: 9781584886518 List Price: $78.95
COURSE IN PROBABILITY by Weiss, Neil A. ISBN: 9780201774719 List Price: $84.00
Applied Nonparametric Statistical Methods by Sprent, Peter, Smeeton, Nig... ISBN: 9781584887010 List Price: $85.95
Elementary Statistics Using Excel by Triola, Mario F. ISBN: 9780321564962 List Price: $155.20
Introductory Statistics by Wonnacott, Thomas H., Wonna... ISBN: 9780471615187 List Price: $159.95
Introduction to Probability by Grinstead, Charles M., Snel... ISBN: 9780821807491 List Price: $57.00
Primer of Applied Regression & Analysis of Variance by Glantz, Stanton A., Slinker... ISBN: 9780071360869 List Price: $102.00
Statistics for Business and Economics, Revised (with Student CD-ROM) by Anderson, David R., Sweeney... ISBN: 9780324658378 List Price: $222.95
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