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When studying statistics and probability you will be looking at the science of uncertainty. This subject will give you practical, mathematical and computing skills as well as giving you the chance to work on challenging and vital problems which arise in everyday real-life situations. You will start to look at life differently and determine the probability of possible eventualities before you make any big decisions. Well let us help you with this decision. The probability of you feeling very happy with yourself if you decide to buy your statistics and probability textbooks here online is very, very high. Not only will you receive great quality and affordable textbooks but you will have saved yourself a load of money as they are far more expensive in college bookshops. You will also avoid having to work out the probability of being involved in any road accidents on the way to the bookshop as we deliver them straight to your home address.

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Statistics in Plain English by Brightman, Harvey J. ISBN: 9780538132107 List Price: $73.95
Principles and Procedures of Statistics: A Biometrical Approach by Steel, Robert G., Torrie, J... ISBN: 9780070610286 List Price: $104.25
Data Analysis With Microsoft Excel by Berk, Kenneth N., Carey, Pa... ISBN: 9780534407148 List Price: $83.95
Basic Business Statistics-text by Berenson, Mark L., Levine, ... ISBN: 9780133030099 List Price: $86.00
Statistics Concepts and Controversies by Moore, David S. ISBN: 9780716740087
Practice of Statistics Fathom Supplement by Erickson, Tim ISBN: 9780716783121 List Price: $71.00
Elementary Statistics: MINITAB Manual - Mario Triola - Hardcover by Triola ISBN: 9780321369192 List Price: $36.67
DVD for Brase/Brase's Understandable Statistics: Concepts and Methods, 10th by Brase, Charles Henry, Brase... ISBN: 9780840058935
Art and Practice of Statistics by Smith, Lisa F., Gratz, Zand... ISBN: 9780495097082 List Price: $123.95
Probability and Statistics in Engineering by Hines, William W., Borror, ... ISBN: 9780471240877 List Price: $179.95
Introductory Statistics by Weiss, Neil A. ISBN: 9780321393616 List Price: $150.67
Stats: Modeling the World by Bock, David E., Velleman, P... ISBN: 9780321570444 List Price: $155.20
Statistics Through Applications by Yates, Dan, Starnes, Daren ... ISBN: 9781429219747 List Price: $81.90
Elementary Statistics by Triola, Mario F. ISBN: 9780805393279 List Price: $52.95
Introduction to Modern Business Statistics by Canavos, George C., Miller,... ISBN: 9780534358198 List Price: $211.95
BASIC PRACTICE OF STATISTICS (SPSS/W MAN) (P) by Moore, David S., Ritchie, J... ISBN: 9780716736103 List Price: $17.90
Elementary Statistics, 5th Ed. by Triola, Mario F., Moller, Lisa ISBN: 9780805376319 List Price: $66.00
Statistics-stud.wkbk. by Witte, Robert S., Witte, Jo... ISBN: 9780155062573 List Price: $20.00
Basic Statistical Concepts by Bartz, Albert E. ISBN: 9780137371808 List Price: $122.60
Introduction to Stochastic Modeling by Pinsky, Mark, Karlin, Samuel ISBN: 9780123814166 List Price: $99.95
Multivariate Data Analysis by Hair, Joseph F., Jr., Tatha... ISBN: 9780130329295 List Price: $186.67
Doing Bayesian Data Analysis : A Tutorial Introduction with R and BUGS by Kruschke, John K. ISBN: 9780123814852 List Price: $89.95
Student Solutions Manual for An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications by Larsen, Richard J., Marx, M... ISBN: 9780321694027 List Price: $36.67
General Statistics by Chase, Warren, Bown, Fred ISBN: 9780471283102 List Price: $83.67
Probability And Statistics for Engineers And Scientists by Hayter, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780495107576 List Price: $203.95
Probabilistic Systems and Random Signals by Haddad, Abraham H. ISBN: 9780130094551 List Price: $160.00
Sas And Spss Program Solutions for Use With Alsm by Replogle, William, Johnson,... ISBN: 9780073021775 List Price: $55.40
Analyzing Multivariate Data by Lattin, James M., Green, Pa... ISBN: 9780534349745 List Price: $185.95
Engineering Statistics by Montgomery, Douglas C., Run... ISBN: 9780470905302 List Price: $52.95
Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers by Douglas C. Montgomery, Geor... ISBN: 9780471745891
Discovering Statistics Brief Version Student Solutions Manual by Larose, Daniel ISBN: 9781429245111 List Price: $36.95
Student Soltuions Manual for Ott/Longnecker's An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Dat... by Ott, R. Lyman, Longnecker, ... ISBN: 9780495109150 List Price: $42.95
The Basic Practice of Statistics by Moore, David S. ISBN: 9781429227834 List Price: $25.46
Statistics for Engineers And Scientists by Navidi, William C. ISBN: 9780073309491 List Price: $173.75
Elementary Statistics A Step by Step Approach by Bluman, Allan G. ISBN: 9780073251639 List Price: $95.41
Theory of Point Estimation by Lehmann, E. L., Casella, Ge... ISBN: 9780387985022 List Price: $109.00
Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics by Smith, Gary ISBN: 9780123822215 List Price: $94.95
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