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The study of whole numbers and the relations between them is known as number theory, or higher arithmetic. It is one of the oldest branches of mathematics. As someone who has an interest in numbers and figures you will find it simple to work out that our affordable number theory textbooks are much cheaper to buy or rent than you will find elsewhere. We take pride in keeping our prices low as we know that students don't have the funds to splash cash on overpriced textbooks. If you compare our prices to your college bookstore prices you will be pleasantly surprised. You certainly won't need your number theory skills as the differences are very obviously large! The biggest problem you will face will be deciding what to do with the money you save. Should you be sensible and save it, or use it to treat yourself to a fun night out? We'll leave you to decide that one!

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Computer Number Systems and Arithmetic by Scott, Norman R. ISBN: 9780131642119 List Price: $60.40
Perfect, Amicable and Sociable Numbers A Computational Approach by Yan, Song Y. ISBN: 9789810228477 List Price: $86.00
Elementary Number Theory by Burton, David M. ISBN: 9780070094635 List Price: $78.05
Elementary Number Theory by Burton, David M. ISBN: 9780697133304 List Price: $52.00
Elementary Number Theory in Nine Chapters by Tattersall, James J. ISBN: 9780521585316 List Price: $31.99
Elementary Number Theory in Nine Chapters by Tattersall, James J. ISBN: 9780521585033 List Price: $85.00
Elementary Theory of Numbers by Hsiung, C. Y. ISBN: 9789810205928 List Price: $38.00
Learning and Teaching Number Theory Research in Cognition and Instruction by Campbell, Stephen R., Zazki... ISBN: 9781567506532 List Price: $46.95
Inner Models and Large Cardinals by Zeman, Martin ISBN: 9783110163681 List Price: $128.95
Rational Points Seminar Bonn/Wuppertal 1983/84 by Faltings, Gerd, Wustholz, G... ISBN: 9783528185930 List Price: $30.00
P-Adic Numbers: An Introduction - Fernando Q. Gouvea - Paperback by Gouvea, Fernando Q. ISBN: 9780387568447 List Price: $42.95
Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory - Kenneth F. Ireland - Hardcover by Ireland, Kenneth, Rosen, Mi... ISBN: 9780387906256 List Price: $45.00
From Number Theory to Physics by Waldschmidt, M., Cartier, P... ISBN: 9780387533421 List Price: $129.00
From Numbers to Analysis by Rana, Inder K. ISBN: 9789810233044 List Price: $61.00
Geometry and Cohomology of Some Simple Shimura Varieties by Harris, Michael, Taylor, Ri... ISBN: 9780691090900 List Price: $90.00
Number Theory, Madras, 1987 - Krishnaswami Alladi - Hardcover by Alladi, K. ISBN: 9780387515953 List Price: $36.95
Introduction to Modular Forms - Serge A. Lang - Hardcover - 2ND CORR. by Lang, Serge A. ISBN: 9780387078335 List Price: $88.95
Number Theory - D. V. Chudnovsky - Hardcover by Chudnovsky, D. V., Chudnovs... ISBN: 9780387176697 List Price: $47.95
Galois Module Structure of Algebraic Integers - A. Froehlich - Hardcover by Froehlich, A. ISBN: 9780387119205 List Price: $110.00
Book of Prime Number Records - Paulo Ribenboim - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Ribenboim, Paulo ISBN: 9780387970424 List Price: $49.80
Number Theory: New York Seminar, 1989-1900 - D. V. Chudnovsky - Hardcover by Nathanson, Melvyn B., Cohn,... ISBN: 9780387976709 List Price: $46.95
Early Fraction Learning - Robert P. Hunting - Hardcover by Hunting, R. P., Davis, G. ISBN: 9780387976419 List Price: $74.95
Commutator Theory for Congruence Modular Varieties - Ralph McKenzie - Paperback by Freese, Ralph S., McKenzie,... ISBN: 9780521348324 List Price: $42.95
Hardy-Littlewood Method - R. C. Vaughan - Hardcover by Vaughan, R. C. ISBN: 9780521234399 List Price: $59.95
Topics from the Theory of Numbers - Emil Grosswald - Hardcover by Grosswald, Emil ISBN: 9780817630447 List Price: $54.00
Computational Algebraic Number Theory, Vol. 21 - Michael E. Pohst - Paperback by Pohst, Michael E. ISBN: 9780817629137 List Price: $47.95
Children's Numbers - Catherine Sophian - Hardcover by Sophian, Catherine ISBN: 9780697131355
Math In Action Number Activities 0-10 by Dunbar, Bev, Teacher Create... ISBN: 9781420635249 List Price: $12.99
Number Theory in Science and Communication by Schroeder, M. R. ISBN: 9780387158006 List Price: $49.50
Smarandache Function in Number Theory by Dumitrescu, Constantin, Pop... ISBN: 9781879585478
Solution Manual for Algebraic Number by Mollin, Richard A. ISBN: 9781584880035
Introduction to Elementary Number Theory by Unknown ISBN: 9781592477722
Analysis und Zahlentheorie : Vorlesung Hamburg 1920 by Hecke, Erich ISBN: 9783528089979 List Price: $34.00
Prospects of Mathematical Science by Nagasaka, Kenji, Mitsui, T.... ISBN: 9789971504656 List Price: $40.00
Elementary Number Theory by Burton, David M. ISBN: 9780073383149
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