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Linear programming uses mathematical models to work out the best outcome (such as lowest cost) to meet a list of requirements represented as linear relationships. Well you can put your linear programming skills to the test now. Here is the scenario. You are a student which means you have limited funds, but you need to buy some textbooks for your linear programming course. You can either buy them from your college bookstore at a high cost, or you can choose to buy them right here online from Valore Books at a much lower price. You probably don't need your mathematical models to work out that one! We can't promise that the mathematical problems you face during your studies will be as simple as that, but we can tell you that our great range of cheap linear programming textbooks, which are available to buy or rent, will help you with the more challenging aspects. Best of luck with your studies!

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Linear, Integer, and Quadratic Programming with Lindo by Schrage, Linus E. ISBN: 9780894260902 List Price: $27.00
Nonlinear Programming by Bertsekas, Dimitri P. ISBN: 9781886529144 List Price: $79.00
Linear Programming by Murty, Katta G. ISBN: 9780471892496 List Price: $20.00
On Round-Off Errors in Linear Programming by Mueller-Merbach, H. ISBN: 9780387049601 List Price: $10.90
Non Linear Progr V2 by Gill, Philip E. ISBN: 9780201528190
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