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Science Awakening I by Waerden, B. L. van der ISBN: 9789401071154 List Price: $99.00
Theoretical Arithmetic of the Pythagoreans by Taylor, Thomas, Robb, R. I. ISBN: 9780913510636
Kurt Otto Friedrichs : Selecta Volume 1 by Morawetz, C. S. ISBN: 9781461253877
Century of Advancing Mathematics by Kennedy, Stephen F., Mathem... ISBN: 9780883855881
Case of Academician Nikolai Nikolaevich Luzin by Demidov, S. S., Levshin, Bo... ISBN: 9781470426088
Secret Life of Equations : The 50 Greatest Equations and How They Work by Cochrane, Richard ISBN: 9781770858084 List Price: $24.95
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