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Essentials of Technical Mathematics by Paul, Richard S., Shaevel, ... ISBN: 9780132880503 List Price: $40.00
Advanced Tables by School Mathematics Project ... ISBN: 9780521222563 List Price: $10.50
Philosophy of Mathematics by Hart, W. D. ISBN: 9780198751199 List Price: $65.00
Philosophy of Mathematics Today by Agazzi, Evandro ISBN: 9780792343431 List Price: $199.00
Science Awakening I: Egyptian, Babylonian, and Greek Mathematics by Van der Waerden, B. L. ISBN: 9780945726043 List Price: $40.00
Mathematical Thought: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics by Beth, E. W. ISBN: 9789027700704 List Price: $175.00
Mathematics from Manuscript to Print, 1300-1600 by Hay, Cynthia ISBN: 9780198539094 List Price: $138.00
Metaphysics of Elementary Mathematics by Sicha, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780870231490 List Price: $24.95
Foundations of Mathematics by Engeler, Erwin, Thomas, Cha... ISBN: 9780387564227 List Price: $61.95
Introduction to the History of Mathematics by Eves, Howard W. ISBN: 9780030895395
Wittgenstein's Lectures, Cambridge, 1932-1935 by Wittgenstein, Ludwig Josef ... ISBN: 9780226904399 List Price: $6.95
De Motu and the Analyst A Modern Edition, With Introductions and Commentary by Berkeley, G., Jesseph, Doug... ISBN: 9780792315209 List Price: $202.00
Ancient Mathematics by Cuomo, Serafina ISBN: 9780415164948 List Price: $125.00
Athletics and Mathematics in Archaic Corinth The Origins of the Greek Stadion by Romano, David G. ISBN: 9780871692061 List Price: $20.00
Before Calculus Functions, Graphs and Analytic Geometry by Leithold, Louis, Gerber ISBN: 9780673469120 List Price: $39.00
Constructibility and Mathematical Existence by Chihara, Charles S. ISBN: 9780198239758 List Price: $50.00
Routes of Learning: Highways, Pathways, and Byways in the History of Mathematics by Grattan-Guinness, Ivor ISBN: 9780801892479 List Price: $77.00
Routes of Learning: Highways, Pathways, and Byways in the History of Mathematics by Grattan-Guinness, Ivor ISBN: 9780801892486 List Price: $37.00
Great Moments in Mathematics (after 1650) by Eves, Howard W. ISBN: 9780883853078 List Price: $27.00
Mathematics and Social Utopias in France: Olinde Rodrigues and His Times by Altmann, Simon L., Ortiz, E... ISBN: 9780821838600 List Price: $51.00
Discours de la Methode by Descartes, Rene, Gadoffre, G. ISBN: 9780719001444
Wittgenstein's Lectures: Cambridge, 1930-1932 - Ludwig Josef Johan Wittgenstein - Paperback by Wittgenstein, Ludwig Josef ... ISBN: 9780226904382 List Price: $5.50
Mathematical Ideas - Miller - Paperback by Miller, Toby, Heeren, Hornsby ISBN: 9780673982414 List Price: $25.00
Pedro Nunes (1502-1578) His Lost Algebra and Other Discoveries by Pedro, Nunes, Martyn, John ... ISBN: 9780820430607 List Price: $35.95
Philosophy of Mathematics Today by Schirn, Matthias ISBN: 9780198236542 List Price: $199.00
Mathematical Analysis During the 20th Century by Pier, Jean-Paul ISBN: 9780198503941 List Price: $199.00
Math Worlds Philosophical and Social Studies of Mathematics and Mathematics Education by Restivo, Sal P., Van Bendeg... ISBN: 9780791413296 List Price: $25.50
Mathematics of Random Phenomena Random Vibrations of Mechanical Structures by Krée, Paul, Soize, Christian ISBN: 9789027723550 List Price: $255.00
Indispensability of Mathematics by Colyvan, Mark ISBN: 9780195137545 List Price: $40.00
Inexhaustibility A Non-Exhaustive Treatment by Franzen, Torkel ISBN: 9781568811758 List Price: $40.00
Naturalism in Mathematics by Maddy, Penelope ISBN: 9780198250753 List Price: $50.00
Set Theory,logic+their Limitations by Machover, Moshe ISBN: 9780521474931 List Price: $88.99
Mobius and His Band: Mathematics and Astronomy in Nineteenth-Century Germany - John Fauvel -... by Fauvel, John, Flood, Raymon... ISBN: 9780198539698 List Price: $45.00
Philosophy and Mathematics, from Plato to the Present - Robert J. Baum - Paperback by Baum, Robert J. ISBN: 9780877355144 List Price: $25.00
Naval History of the American Revolution by Kramer, Edna E. ISBN: 9780945726005 List Price: $35.00
One Hundred Years of Mathematics - George Temple - Hardcover by Temple, George ISBN: 9780387911922 List Price: $89.95
Mathematical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell: Origins and Development - Francisco A. Rodrigue... by Rodriguez-Consuegra, Franci... ISBN: 9780817626563 List Price: $116.00
Mathematics of the Nineteenth Century: Mathematical Logic, Algebra, Number Theory, Probabili... by Yushkevich, A. P., Kolmogor... ISBN: 9780817625528 List Price: $131.00
Partial Solutions Manual T-a Precalculus by Cole, Matt ISBN: 9780871501479
Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science by Weyl, Hermann ISBN: 9780689702075 List Price: $1.65
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