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Geometric Group Theory Proceedings of a Special Research Quarter at the Ohio State Universit... by Charney, Ruth, Davis, Micha... ISBN: 9783110147438 List Price: $113.40
Groups, Rings and Galois Theory by Snaith, Victor P. ISBN: 9789812385765 List Price: $96.00
Groups, Rings and Galois Theory by Snaith, Victor P. ISBN: 9789810235086 List Price: $41.00
Groups, Representations and Physics by Jones, H. F. ISBN: 9780852740293 List Price: $186.00
Groups of Finite Morley Rank by Borovik, Alexandre, Nesin, Ali ISBN: 9780198534457 List Price: $199.00
Group Theoretical Methods in Physics by Araki ISBN: 9780387122915 List Price: $47.00
Group Theoretical Methods in Physics/XV International Colloquium on by Gilmore, R. ISBN: 9789971503390 List Price: $159.00
Group Theory Proceedings of the 1996 Beijing International Conference on Group Therapy by Beijing International Confe... ISBN: 9789813083851 List Price: $64.95
Group Theory Proceedings of the Singapore Group Theory Conference Held at the National Unive... by Cheng, Kai N., Leong, Yu K. ISBN: 9780899254067 List Price: $119.95
Primer for Point and Space Groups by Liboff, Richard L. ISBN: 9780387402482 List Price: $84.95
Lie Semigroups and Their Applications - Joachim Hilgert - Paperback by Hilgert, Joachim, Neeb, Kar... ISBN: 9780387569543 List Price: $61.95
Neron Models - S. Bosch - Hardcover by Bosch, S. ISBN: 9780387505879 List Price: $165.00
Classification of Irregular Varieties: Minimal Models and Abelian Varieties - E. Ballico - P... by Ballico, E, Catanese, F., C... ISBN: 9780387552958 List Price: $37.95
Group Theory II, Vol. 2 - Michio Suzuki - Hardcover by Suzuki, M. ISBN: 9780387109169 List Price: $230.00
Non-Commutative Harmonic Analysis and Lie Groups - Jacques Carmona - Hardcover by Carmona, J., Delorme, P., V... ISBN: 9780387177014 List Price: $47.95
Collected Papers - Harish Chandra - Hardcover by Chandra, Harish, Varadaraja... ISBN: 9780387907826 List Price: $437.00
Galois Groups over Q - Y. Ihara - Hardcover by Ihara, Y. ISBN: 9780387970318 List Price: $64.95
Two-Knots and Their Groups - Jonathan A. Hillman - Paperback by Hillman, J. A. ISBN: 9780521378123 List Price: $41.00
Course on Group Theory - John S. Rose - Paperback by Rose, John S. ISBN: 9780521291422 List Price: $24.95
Raoul Bott Collected Papers: Topology and Lie Groups, Vol. 1 - Raoul Bott - Hardcover by MacPherson, R. D. ISBN: 9780817636135 List Price: $132.00
Complex Abelian Varieties - Herbert Lange - Hardcover by Lange, Herbert, Birkenhake,... ISBN: 9780387547473 List Price: $129.00
Foundations of Discrete Mathematics by Polimeni, Albert D., Straig... ISBN: 9780534036126
Discrete Mathematics by Wright, Charles R., Ross, K... ISBN: 9780132152860
Applied Finite Mathematics by Anton, Howard, Kolman, Bern... ISBN: 9780155029408
Finite Mathematics by Rolf, Howard L., Williams, ... ISBN: 9780697067692
Groups: Theory and Experience by Napier, Rodney W., Gershenf... ISBN: 9780395297032 List Price: $27.95
Abelian Group Theory by Goebel, Rudiger, Lady, L., ... ISBN: 9780387123356 List Price: $68.95
Degeneration of Abelian Varieties by Chai, C. L., Faltings, Gerd... ISBN: 9780387520155 List Price: $84.95
Mixed Categories : Nominalizations in Quechua by Lefebvre, Claire, Muysken, ... ISBN: 9781556080517 List Price: $58.00
Group 22 : Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Group Theory Methods in Physics by Corney, S. P., Delbourgo, R... ISBN: 9781571460547 List Price: $45.00
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