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Kommutative Algebraische Gruppen und Ringe by Kraft, Hanspeter ISBN: 9780387071589 List Price: $15.90
Duality of Compact Semigroups and C-Bigebras by Hofmann, K. H. ISBN: 9780387049182 List Price: $15.90
Lattices over Orders by Roggenkamp, Klaus W., Huber... ISBN: 9780387049045 List Price: $23.80
Algebraic K-Theory and Its Geometric Applications by Moss, R. M., Thomas, C. B. ISBN: 9780387046273 List Price: $15.90
Category Theory, Homology Theory and Their Applications 1 : Proceedings of the Batelle Memor... by Battelle Memorial Institute... ISBN: 9780387046181 List Price: $29.30
Category Theory, Homology Theory and Their Applications 1 : Proceedings of the Batelle Memor... by Battelle Memorial Institute... ISBN: 9780387046112 List Price: $18.30
Multipliers on Locally Compact Groups by Parthasarathy, K. R. ISBN: 9780387046129 List Price: $10.70
Categorical Constructions in Stable Homotopy Theory by Tierney, Myles ISBN: 9780387046068 List Price: $15.90
Introduction to Lie Groups and Transformation Groups by Tondeur, Philippe ISBN: 9780387045993 List Price: $18.10
Category Theory, Homology Theory and Their Applications 1 : Proceedings of the Batelle Memor... by Battelle Memorial Institute... ISBN: 9780387046051 List Price: $20.10
Harmonic Analysis on Semi-Simple Lie Groups by Warner, G. ISBN: 9780387054698 List Price: $89.00
Kan Extensions in Enriched Category Theory by Dubuc, E. J. ISBN: 9780387049342 List Price: $11.00
Cohomological Topics in Group Theory by Gruenberg, Karl W. ISBN: 9780387049328 List Price: $20.90
Lattices over Orders by Roggenkamp, Klaus W. ISBN: 9780387049311 List Price: $23.80
Topics in Computational Group Theory by Robertson ISBN: 9780412310003
Groups--Korea 1988: Proceedings of a Conference on Group Theory, Held in Pusan, Korea, Augus... by Kim, A. C., Neumann, B. H. ISBN: 9780387516950 List Price: $29.20
Steps in Commutative Algebra (London Mathematical Society Student Texts) by Rodney Y. Sharp ISBN: 9780521397322 List Price: $27.99
Steps in Commutative Algebra (London Mathematical Society Student Texts) by Sharp, R. Y. ISBN: 9780521393386 List Price: $59.95
Presentations of Groups (London Mathematical Society Student Texts) by Johnson, D. L. ISBN: 9780521372039 List Price: $64.95
Theory of Group Structures by Mackenzie ISBN: 9780677053301
Finite Abelian Groups by Joakim, Ran ISBN: 9780976401377 List Price: $89.95
Groups by Wallace, D. A. ISBN: 9780844809809 List Price: $5.25
Explorations in Finite Math by Barnett, Vincent ISBN: 9780139320552 List Price: $33.33
Introduccion a la Topologia General by Horvath, Juan, Riera, Emili... ISBN: 9780827014121 List Price: $3.50
Basic Concepts of Enriched Category Theory by Kelly, Max ISBN: 9780521287029 List Price: $29.95
Introduction to Harmonic Analysis on Semisimple Lie Groups by Varadarajan, V. S. ISBN: 9780521339452 List Price: $34.95
Topology of the Automorphism : Group of a Free Group by Gersten, S. M. ISBN: 9780521315234
Linear Algebraic Groups by Springer, Timothy A. ISBN: 9780817630294
Finite Mathematics by Rolf, Howard L., Williams, ... ISBN: 9780697074232 List Price: $15.63
Topics in Harmonic Analysis by Dunkl, Charles F., Ramirez,... ISBN: 9780891979692 List Price: $16.95
Discrete Structures Logic by Hein, James L. ISBN: 9780867204803 List Price: $14.95
Group 22 : Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Group Theory Methods in Physics by Corney, S. P., Delbourgo, R... ISBN: 9781571460547 List Price: $45.00
Buildings by Kenneth S. Brown ISBN: 9781461269878 List Price: $99.00
Products of Conjugacy Classes in Groups (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) by Unknown ISBN: 9783662135570 List Price: $46.00
On the Spectra of Quantum Groups by Yakimov, Milen ISBN: 9780821891742 List Price: $71.00
Theory of Groups and Its Application to Physical Problems by Bhagavantam, S., Venkataray... ISBN: 9780598969460 List Price: $90.30
Matrix Spaces and Schur Multipliers: Matriceal Harmonic Analysis by Lars-Erik Persson, Nicolae ... ISBN: 9789814546775 List Price: $64.00
To an Effective Local Langlands Correspondence by Bushnell, Colin J., Henniar... ISBN: 9780821894170 List Price: $71.00
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