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Geometry is the age-old study of how everything fits together and co-exists within the universe. Back in the third century BC, Euclid encapsulated the science in an axiomatic form and later Archimedes developed a method for calculating areas and volumes in an effort to best understand the relations of the stars and planets. Today's Geometry textbooks have taken their theories and calculations to new heights. Our vast selection of cheap college textbooks includes introductions to Geometry, Algebra and Calculus. Differential Geometry investigates approaches to Geometry and Analytic Geometry. We'll help you discover the used textbooks you are looking for while helping you save lots of money throughout your college years. Geometry classes will prove this to be true as you learn to measure the length and width of your wallet in relation to the amount of cash that piles up when you by used textbooks, rather than pricey new books from your college bookstore. Our used Geometry textbooks are high-quality and information rich. Search our extensive catalog of college textbooks by author, title or ISBN and make sure that you purchase the exact edition that your professor assigned. Once ordered, your books will be delivered on-time to your college dorm, apartment or home!

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Commutative Algebra With a View Toward Algebraic Geometry by Eisenbud, David ISBN: 9780387942698 List Price: $49.95
Geometry: Solution Key by Ray C. Jurgensen, Richard G... ISBN: 9780395677667 List Price: $60.30
Morse Theory by Milnor, John W. ISBN: 9780691080086 List Price: $55.00
Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics by Schutz, Bernard ISBN: 9780521298872 List Price: $45.00
Introduction to Smooth Manifolds by Lee, John M. ISBN: 9780387954486 List Price: $64.95
Spin Geometry by Lawson, H. Blaine, Jr., Mic... ISBN: 9780691085425 List Price: $120.00
Geometric Phases in Physics by Wilczek, Frank, Shapere, A. ISBN: 9789971506216 List Price: $64.00
Discrete and Computational Geometry by Devadoss, Satyan L., O'Rour... ISBN: 9780691145532
Descriptive Geometry by Pare, E. G., Pare, R. C., H... ISBN: 9780023913419 List Price: $136.00
Vertex Algebras And Algebraic Curves by Frenkel, Edward, Ben-Zvi, D... ISBN: 9780821836743 List Price: $72.00
Basic Algebraic Geometry I (Springer Study Edition) by I. R. Shafarevich ISBN: 9780387548128 List Price: $64.95
Geometry of Algebraic Curves, Vol. 1 by Arbarello, E., Cornalba, M.... ISBN: 9780387909974 List Price: $119.00
Differential Geometry of Manifolds by Lovett, Stephen ISBN: 9781568814575 List Price: $75.00
Technical Calculus with Analytic Geometry by Kuhfittig, Peter ISBN: 9780495018766 List Price: $229.95
Multivariable Calculus Early Transcendentals by Stewart, James ISBN: 9780495011729 List Price: $175.95
Fractal Surfaces by Russ, J. C. ISBN: 9780306447020 List Price: $179.00
Introduction to Smooth Manifolds by Lee, John M. ISBN: 9780387954950 List Price: $79.95
Modern Projective Geometry by Faure, Claude-Alain, Frölic... ISBN: 9780792365259 List Price: $239.00
Shape of Space by Weeks, Jeffrey R. ISBN: 9780824707095 List Price: $34.95
Elements of Differential Geometry by Millman, Richard S., Parker... ISBN: 9780132641432 List Price: $84.00
Theory of the Riemann Zeta-Function by Titchmarsh, Edward C., Heat... ISBN: 9780198533696 List Price: $150.00
Geometry by Unknown ISBN: 9780395771211
Geometry Teacher's Edition by Ray Jurgensen, Richard Brow... ISBN: 9780395676134 List Price: $114.20
Geometry, Topology and Physics by Nakahara, M. ISBN: 9780750306065 List Price: $66.95
College Algebra with Modeling and Visualization by Rockswold, Gary K. ISBN: 9780321542304 List Price: $158.00
Algebraic Curves Over a Finite Field by Korchmaros, G., Hirschfeld,... ISBN: 9780691096797
Affine Differential Geometry by Buchin, Su ISBN: 9780677310602 List Price: $317.00
Geometry With Geometry Explorer by Hvidsten, Michael ISBN: 9780073129907
Geometry, Teacher's Edition by Ray C. Jurgensen, Richard G... ISBN: 9780395585405 List Price: $109.28
Thomas' Calculus Early Transcendentals Media Update Early Transcendentals by Thomas, George Brinton, Gio... ISBN: 9780321495754 List Price: $186.67
Introduction to Geometry by Rusczyk, Richard ISBN: 9781934124086 List Price: $51.00
Three-Dimensional Geometry and Topology by Thurston, William P., Levy,... ISBN: 9780691083049 List Price: $67.50
Differential Geometry and Topology With a View to Dynamical Systems by Gidea, Marian, Burns, Keith... ISBN: 9781584882534 List Price: $93.95
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