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If mathematics is your subject at college, you might be looking to buy cheap functional analysis textbooks to help you with your coursework. This is the best place to choose from hundreds of titles, all available at discounted prices and offering a superb array of topics as well. Learn about Functions Modeling Change from the book of the same name. Get a book on Precalculus to get an inside view of this topic. Whatever you want to learn more about on your math course, we've got all the opportunities you need to rent used functional analysis text books. As you can see from the list prices, there are huge savings to be made no matter which titles you need. You might even be able to earn some cash later on if you sell your functional analysis books back to us. This is a winning situation you'll be able to make the most of.

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Functional Analysis An Introduction by Eidelman, Yuli, Milman, Vit... ISBN: 9780821836460 List Price: $58.00
Course in Functional Analysis by Conway, J. B., Halmos, P. R... ISBN: 9780387972459 List Price: $79.95
College Algebra An Early Functions Approach by Blitzer, Robert ISBN: 9780131870277 List Price: $150.67
Schaum's 3000 Solved Precalc. by Schmidt, Philip A. ISBN: 9780070553651 List Price: $16.95
Workshop Precaculus Discovery With Graphing Calculators by Baxter Hastings, Nancy, Cal... ISBN: 9781930190115 List Price: $44.95
Large Order Perturbation Theory and Summation Methods in Quantum Mechanics (Lecture Notes in... by Arteca, G. A., Fernandez, F... ISBN: 9780387528472 List Price: $102.00
Functions Modeling Change, Student Study Guide: A Preparation for Calculus by Connally, Eric, Hughes-Hall... ISBN: 9781118104989 List Price: $36.95
Functional Localization : A Challenge for Biomagnetism by Erne, S. N., Romani, Gian Luca ISBN: 9789971507534 List Price: $109.00
Pseudo-differential Operators and the Nash-moser Theorem by Alinhac, Serge, GĂ©rard, Pat... ISBN: 9780821834541 List Price: $39.00
Theory of Functions by Titchmarsh, Edward C. ISBN: 9780198533498 List Price: $120.00
Short Course on Spectral Theory by Arveson, William ISBN: 9780387953007 List Price: $59.95
Approximation Theory and Methods by Powell, M. J. D. ISBN: 9780521295147 List Price: $72.00
Beginning Functional Analysis by Saxe, Karen ISBN: 9780387952246 List Price: $59.95
Digital Filters Analysis, Design, and Applications by Antoniou, Andreas ISBN: 9780072432817 List Price: $149.85
Primer of Real Functions by Boas, Ralph P., Jr., Boas, ... ISBN: 9780883850299 List Price: $43.50
Applied Functional Analysis, Second Edition by Oden, J. Tinsley, Demkowicz... ISBN: 9781420091953 List Price: $119.95
Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Its Applications IV Applications in Mathematical Physics by Zeidler, Eberhard, Quandt, J. ISBN: 9780387964997 List Price: $199.00
Radical Approach to Real Analysis by Bressoud, David ISBN: 9780883857014 List Price: $43.50
Spectral Methods for Incompressible Viscous Flow by Peyret, Roger ISBN: 9780387952215 List Price: $99.00
Linear Integral Equations by Kanwal, Ram P. ISBN: 9780817639402 List Price: $109.00
Introduction to Approximation Theory by Cheney, E. W. ISBN: 9780821813744 List Price: $34.00
Radical Approach to Real Analysis by Bressoud, David ISBN: 9780883857472 List Price: $49.95
Digital Filters (Prentice-Hall signal processing series) by Richard W. Hamming ISBN: 9780132125062
Solutions Manual for Precalculus by Esty, Warren ISBN: 9780536503466
Real Variables W/basic Metric Space... by Ash, Robert ISBN: 9780780304086 List Price: $79.95
Discrete-Time Signal Processing An Algebraic Approach by Williamson, Darrell ISBN: 9781852331610 List Price: $74.95
Functional Analysis and Infinite-Dimensional Geometry by Fabian, Mariban J., Habala,... ISBN: 9780387952192 List Price: $99.00
Constructive Approximation by DeVore, Ronald A., Lorentz,... ISBN: 9783540506270 List Price: $189.00
Invitation to C-Algebras by Arveson, William B. ISBN: 9780387901763 List Price: $79.95
Functioning in the Real World A Precalculus Experience by Gordon, Sheldon P., Guardin... ISBN: 9780201846287 List Price: $108.00
Course in Operator Theory by Conway, John B. ISBN: 9780821820650 List Price: $54.00
Best Approximation in Inner Product Spaces (CMS Books in Mathematics) by Frank R. Deutsch ISBN: 9780387951560 List Price: $99.00
Digital Filters: Analysis, Design and Applications by Andreas Antoniou ISBN: 9780070021211 List Price: $125.00
Basic Operator Theory - Israel Gohberg - Hardcover by Gohberg, Israel, Goldberg, ... ISBN: 9783764330286 List Price: $26.50
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