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Collected Works of Arne Beurling Complex Analysis by Neuberger, I. ISBN: 9780817634155 List Price: $99.00
Complex Potential Theory by Gauthier, Paul M. ISBN: 9780792330059 List Price: $439.00
Complex Analysis, Operators, and Related Topics The S.A. Vinogradov Memorial Volume by Havin, V. P., Nikolski, Nik... ISBN: 9783764362140 List Price: $235.00
Complex Analysis An Invitation by Rao, M., Stetkaer, H. ISBN: 9789810203764 List Price: $26.00
Complex Analysis I Entire and Meromorphic Functions, Polyanalytic Functions and Their Genera... by Gonchar, A. A., Khavin, V. ... ISBN: 9780387547039 List Price: $119.00
Composition Operators and Classical Function Theory by Shapiro, Joel H., Halmos, P... ISBN: 9780387940670 List Price: $64.95
Complex Variables (Commonwealth and International Library) by Chillingworth, H. R. ISBN: 9780080169385 List Price: $34.00
Nevanlinna Theory and Complex Differential Equations by Laine, Ilpo ISBN: 9783110134223 List Price: $128.25
Xvith Rolf Nevanlinna Colloquium Proceedings of the International Conference Held in Joensuu... by Laine, Ilpo, Martio, Olli, ... ISBN: 9783110147469 List Price: $153.35
Theory of Functions on Complex Manifolds - Gennadi M. Henkin - Hardcover by Henkin, Gennadi M., Leitere... ISBN: 9783764314774 List Price: $49.95
From Holomorphic Functions to Complex Manifolds by Fritzsche, Klaus, Grauert, ... ISBN: 9780387953953 List Price: $94.95
Function Theory in Several Complex Variables by Nishino, Toshio ISBN: 9780821808160 List Price: $129.00
Complex Analysis - Ilpo Laine - Hardcover by Laine, I., Rickman, Seppo, ... ISBN: 9780387503707 List Price: $52.95
Entire Functions of Several Complex Variables - Pierre Lelong - Hardcover by Lelong, P., Gruman, L. ISBN: 9780387152967 List Price: $179.00
Lectures on Vanishing Theorems - Helene Esnault - Paperback by Esnault, Hélène, Viehweg, E... ISBN: 9780817628222 List Price: $57.95
Introduction to Smarandache Function by Ashbacher, Charles, Popescu... ISBN: 9781879585492
Study on Some Smarandache Notions by Ashbacher, Charles, Popescu... ISBN: 9781879585515
Approximation Theory and Complex Analysis and Mathematical Physics by Conchar, A. A., Saff, Edwar... ISBN: 9783540569312 List Price: $50.00
Complex Analysis by Moore, T. O., Hadlock, E. H. ISBN: 9789810202477 List Price: $41.00
Mumford-Tate Groups and Domains : Their Geometry and Arithmetic by Green, Mark, Griffiths, Phi... ISBN: 9780691154251
Mumford-Tate Groups and Domains : Their Geometry and Arithmetic by Green, Mark, Griffiths, Phi... ISBN: 9780691154244
Pure Mathematics : Complex Numbers by Nicolaides, Anthony ISBN: 9781872684000
Complex Analysis in Several Variables by Rassias, Themistocles M. ISBN: 9781574850437 List Price: $65.00
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