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If you're looking for new and used algebra textbooks you've come to the right place! Algebra might seem like a daunting subject but with these great value textbooks you will be well on your way to passing your exams. You don't need calculators and worksheets to figure out that these textbooks are great value. Whether you're looking for textbooks on linear or abstract algebra or calculus at elementary or intermediate levels we have the books for you, and at a great price. Before you know it you will be solving equations and using vectors, matrices and polynomials with the best of them including the 'father of algebra', Diophantus and al-Khwarizmi, who founded the discipline 'al-jabr'. Algebra is a branch of mathematics that substitutes numbers with letters, and whether you are trying to work out the value of x or y you need look no further as we have cheap new and used textbooks for you to buy to help you solve the equation.

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Intermediate Algebra by Kaufmann, Jerome E., Schwit... ISBN: 9781439049006 List Price: $183.95
Error-Correcting Codes and Finite Fields by Pretzel, Oliver ISBN: 9780192690678 List Price: $75.00
Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction (with CD-ROM) by David Poole ISBN: 9780534998455 List Price: $265.95
Elementary Linear Algebra by Stanley I. Grossman ISBN: 9780030973543 List Price: $347.95
Intermediate Algebra with Applications by Richard N. Aufmann, Vernon ... ISBN: 9780618803682 List Price: $287.95
Elementary Algebra by Jacobs, Harold R. ISBN: 9780716710479 List Price: $80.80
Introductory and Intermediate Algebra plus MyMathLab/MyStatLab Student Access Code Card (4th... by Marvin L. Bittinger, Judith... ISBN: 9780321717733 List Price: $225.67
Contemporary College Algebra A Graphing Approach With Ilrn Tutorial by Hungerford, Thomas W. ISBN: 9780534466565 List Price: $183.95
Intermediate Algebra by Hyde, Nancy, Miller, Julie,... ISBN: 9780077281113 List Price: $144.25
Linear Algebra Problem Book by Halmos, P. R. ISBN: 9780883853221 List Price: $41.50
Blitzer Introductory Algebra for College Students, 5th Edition by Robert F. Blitzer ISBN: 9780132356794 List Price: $178.67
Multilinear Algebra (Universitext) by Greub, W. ISBN: 9780387902845 List Price: $32.50
Symmetric Functions and Hall Polynomials by MacDonald, I. G ISBN: 9780198504504 List Price: $150.00
Student's Solutions Manual for Beginning Algebra by Margaret L. Lial, John Horn... ISBN: 9780321702456 List Price: $42.00
Lebesgue-Stieltjes Integral A Practical Introduction by Carter, M., Brunt, B. van ISBN: 9780387950129 List Price: $79.95
Geometric Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization (Algorithms and Combinatorics) by Martin Grotschel, Laszlo Lo... ISBN: 9780387567402 List Price: $195.00
Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: Discovery and Visualization by Elaine Hubbard, Ronald Robi... ISBN: 9780618129911 List Price: $263.95
C*-Algebras by Example by Davidson, Kenneth R. ISBN: 9780821805992 List Price: $68.00
Linear Algebra in Action by Dym, Harry ISBN: 9780821838136 List Price: $79.00
Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields by Washington, Lawrence C. ISBN: 9780387947624 List Price: $89.95
Introductory and Intermediate Algebra plus MyMathLab Student Access Kit (4th Edition) by Margaret L. Lial, John E. H... ISBN: 9780321576156 List Price: $225.67
Introductory Algebra by Julie Miller, Molly O'Neill... ISBN: 9780077281120 List Price: $99.14
289. Commutative Algebra by Atiyah, Michael F., Macdona... ISBN: 9780201003611 List Price: $44.95
History of Algorithms From the Pebble to the Microchip by Chabert, Jean-Luc, Chabert,... ISBN: 9783540633693 List Price: $109.00
Geometry: Applying, Reasoning, Measuring, Teacher's Edition by Ron Larson, Laurie Boswell,... ISBN: 9780618250233 List Price: $173.10
The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms by Alfred V. Aho, John E. Hopc... ISBN: 9780201000290 List Price: $71.60
Matrix Methods by Bronson, Richard, Costa, Ga... ISBN: 9780123744272 List Price: $94.95
Student's Solutions Manual for Intermediate Algebra by Bittinger, Marvin L. ISBN: 9780321613752 List Price: $36.67
Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras by Kadison, Richard V., Ringro... ISBN: 9780821808191 List Price: $68.00
Polynomials by Barbeau, Edward J. ISBN: 9780387406275 List Price: $54.95
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