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Buy used books and reading textbooks today and expand the knowledge you already have on the subject of literary criticism. We have a couple hundred books on this topic on a regular basis, and we're constantly adding more to our collection so you'll always have more to look through. Our collection often contains books such as Exploring Literature Writing and Arguing About Fiction, Poetry, Drama and the Essay, and other examples too such as Ways of Reading. If you have several books you'd like to buy you'll probably find much cheaper options at Valore Books than you would by going elsewhere and buying newer copies. Our selection of pre-owned textbooks is bigger than you'd believe, providing you with affordable deals of all kinds. Try our marketplace now and unlock the best and biggest discounted prices we can offer. When you know how cheap we are, you'll know how many books you can buy.

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The Book of James: Messages in Simple Terms by Brown, James E. ISBN: 9780536023155 List Price: $14.60
Library in a Book by Unknown ISBN: 9780816072460 List Price: $1,440.00
Readers and Reading by Bennett, Andrew ISBN: 9780582212893
Book Collector's Guide by De Ricci, Seymour ISBN: 9780833729804 List Price: $35.50
Catalog of Curious Books of 1868 by Smith, John R. ISBN: 9780875568294 List Price: $35.00
Southwestern Soap by Salmi, Ella, Petrozello, Ralph ISBN: 9780686388616 List Price: $7.50
Southwestern Soap by Salmi, Ella, Petrozello, Ralph ISBN: 9780686388609 List Price: $4.00
Medieval Book Production : Assessing the Evidence by Brownrigg, Linda L. ISBN: 9780962637209 List Price: $98.00
Library in a Book Set, 33-Volumes by Unknown ISBN: 9780816074327 List Price: $1,305.00
Library in a Book Set, 33-Volumes by Unknown ISBN: 9780816082070 List Price: $1,170.00
Kalila und Dimna: Ibn al-Muqaffas Fabelbuch in einer mittelalterlichen Bilderhandschrift (St... by Bothmer, Hans-Caspar, Ibn a... ISBN: 9783882261172 List Price: $16.00
Selection of Incunabula : Describing One Thousand Books Printed in the 15th Century by Harper, Lathrop C., Lone, E... ISBN: 9781891396052 List Price: $75.00
Youth Power Guide : How to Make Your Community Better by Unknown ISBN: 9781892893017 List Price: $20.00
Reading Literature Today : Two Complementary Essays and a Conversation by Khair, Tabish, Doubinsky, S... ISBN: 9788132106883 List Price: $22.95
Pasolini : Dal Laboratorio by Giordano, Antonella, Zabagl... ISBN: 9788859608486
Two Spanish Chap-Books by Norton, F. J., Wilson, E. M. ISBN: 9780521058438
Beatus Vir Studies in Early English and Norse Manuscripts in Memory of Phillip Pulsiano by Doane, Alger Nicolaus, Wolf... ISBN: 9780866983648 List Price: $65.00
Buchkultur Im Mittelalter Schrift, Bild, Kommunikation by Stolz, Michael, Mettauer, A... ISBN: 9783110189223 List Price: $165.00
Literary Reading Empirical & Theoretical Studies by Miall, David S. ISBN: 9780820486475 List Price: $34.95
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: Readership and Authority in the First Roman de la Rose by Hult, David F. ISBN: 9780521320146 List Price: $69.95
Library Services for the Woman in the Middle by Glover, Peggy D., Porcino, ... ISBN: 9780208020734 List Price: $27.50
Cultural History of Reading by Quay, Sara E., Watling, Gab... ISBN: 9780313337444
Essays and Criticism by Poe ISBN: 9780521263429
Touchstones: American Poets on a Favorite Poem by Pack, Robert, Parini, Jay ISBN: 9780874517224 List Price: $45.00
Magill's Literary Annual 2006 by Wilson, John D., Kellman, S... ISBN: 9781587653117 List Price: $125.00
Seniorplots A Book Talk Guide for Use With Readers Ages 15-18 by Gillespie, John T., Naden, ... ISBN: 9780835225137 List Price: $50.00
Literature for Today's Young Adults by Nilsen, Alleen P., Donelson... ISBN: 9780673159335 List Price: $23.12
Thinking About Reading by Hawkes, Terrence ISBN: 9780415300285 List Price: $475.00
242. Bibliographical+text.studies by Williams, William P., Abbot... ISBN: 9780873521772 List Price: $19.75
Librarian's Planning Handbook for a Read-To-Me Club by Todaro-Cagle, Julie, Cagle,... ISBN: 9780788123573 List Price: $20.00
Love and Reading An Essay in Applied Psychoanalysis by Butler, Gerald J. ISBN: 9780820407630 List Price: $32.95
Piers Plowman A Facsimile of Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Douce 104 by Pearsall, Derek Albert, Sco... ISBN: 9780859913454 List Price: $250.00
Reader's Adviser The Best in World Literature by Sader, Marion ISBN: 9780835233224 List Price: $130.00
Readers and Reading by Bennett, Andrew ISBN: 9780582212909 List Price: $49.60
Introduction to Bibliographical and Textual Studies by Williams, William P., Abbot... ISBN: 9780873521765 List Price: $37.50
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