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Buy used books and reading textbooks today and expand the knowledge you already have on the subject of literary criticism. We have a couple hundred books on this topic on a regular basis, and we're constantly adding more to our collection so you'll always have more to look through. Our collection often contains books such as Exploring Literature Writing and Arguing About Fiction, Poetry, Drama and the Essay, and other examples too such as Ways of Reading. If you have several books you'd like to buy you'll probably find much cheaper options at Valore Books than you would by going elsewhere and buying newer copies. Our selection of pre-owned textbooks is bigger than you'd believe, providing you with affordable deals of all kinds. Try our marketplace now and unlock the best and biggest discounted prices we can offer. When you know how cheap we are, you'll know how many books you can buy.

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Ten Years in the Tub by Hornby, Nick ISBN: 9781940450360
My Life in Middlemarch by Mead, Rebecca ISBN: 9780307984777
Medieval Book Production : Assessing the Evidence by Brownrigg, Linda L. ISBN: 9780962637216 List Price: $49.50
Ways of Reading Advanced Reading Skills for Students of English Literature by Al, Montgomery ET, Durant, ... ISBN: 9780415346344 List Price: $33.95
12 Genre Mini-Books by Franco, Betsy ISBN: 9780439309622 List Price: $12.95
Textual Situations Three Medieval Manuscripts and Their Readers by Taylor, Andrew ISBN: 9780812236422 List Price: $65.00
Critical Reading and Writing An Introductory Coursebook by Goatly, Andrew ISBN: 9780415195607 List Price: $37.95
The Oprah Affect: Critical Essays on Oprah's Book Club by Farr, Cecilia Konchar, Hark... ISBN: 9780791476161 List Price: $29.95
Winners! Handbook by Freeman, Judy ISBN: 9781591587125
Best Books for Young Teen Readers Grades 7-10 by Gillespie, John T. ISBN: 9780835242646 List Price: $75.00
Content Reading and Literacy: Succeeding in Today's Diverse Classrooms by Alvermann, Donna E., Phelps... ISBN: 9780205327423 List Price: $94.67
Critical Reading and Writing An Introductory Coursebook by Goatly, Andrew ISBN: 9780415195591 List Price: $114.95
More Books Kids Will Sit Still for A Read-Aloud Guide by Bowker Staff, Freeman, Judy ISBN: 9780835237314 List Price: $35.00
Hours of Marie de Medici : A Facsimile by K�nig, Eberhard ISBN: 9781851244072
Best Books for Children Preschool Through Grade 6 by Gillespie, John T. ISBN: 9780313320682 List Price: $65.00
Book I Value Selected Marginalia by Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, J... ISBN: 9780691113517 List Price: $52.50
Book I Value Selected Marginalia by Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, J... ISBN: 9780691113173 List Price: $19.95
Reader's Adviser Indexes by Sader, Marion ISBN: 9780835233262 List Price: $130.00
Readers, Texts, Teachers by Corcoran, Bill, Evans, Emrys ISBN: 9780867091878 List Price: $23.50
Schlaf Kindchen Schlaf Mesopotamische Baby-Beschworungen Und Rituale by Farber, Walter ISBN: 9780931464447 List Price: $39.50
Presence of Grace and Other Book Reviews by Flannery O'Connor - Flannery O'Connor - Hardcover by O'Connor, Flannery, Martin,... ISBN: 9780820306636 List Price: $20.00
Short Story Writers and Their Work: A Guide to the Best by Hooper, Brad ISBN: 9780838905876 List Price: $16.00
Audience and Rhetoric An Archaeological Composition of the Discourse Community by Porter, James E. ISBN: 9780130506757 List Price: $41.60
Thoughtful Reader by Fjeldstad, Mary C. ISBN: 9780155039469 List Price: $37.50
Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries Paisley-York by Ker, Neil R., Piper, A. J. ISBN: 9780198181965 List Price: $350.00
Books That Made a Difference: What People Told Us by Sabine, Gordon, Sabine, Pat... ISBN: 9780208020222 List Price: $25.00
Reading the 21st Century : Books of the Decade, 2000-2009 by Persky, Stan ISBN: 9780773539099 List Price: $29.95
Everyday Readers: Reading and Popular Culture by Ian Collinson Staff ISBN: 9781845533564
Syllables of Time: Proust and the History of Reading (Legenda French Series) by Whitington, Teresa ISBN: 9781906540241 List Price: $75.00
Best Years of Their Lives A Resource Guide for Teenagers in Crisis by Zvirin, Stephanie ISBN: 9780838905869 List Price: $24.00
Creating Book Clubs in the English Language Classroom A Model for Teachers of Adults by Vaille, Barbara, Quinnwilli... ISBN: 9780472031092 List Price: $23.50
Book in the Islamic World The Written Word and Communication in the Middle East by Atiyeh, George Nicholas ISBN: 9780791424735 List Price: $21.50
Authentic Witnesses Approaches to Medieval Texts and Manuscripts by Rouse, Mary A., Rouse, Rich... ISBN: 9780268006235 List Price: $34.50
Banned Books by Karolides, Nicholas J., Bal... ISBN: 9780816033027 List Price: $120.00
Virgil and the Myth of Venice Books and Readers in the Italian Renaissance by Kallendorf, Craig ISBN: 9780198152545 List Price: $150.00
Publishing and Review of Reference Sources by Katz, William, Kinder, Robin ISBN: 9780866565714 List Price: $49.95
Reading Groups by Hartley, Jenny, Turvey, Sarah ISBN: 9780198187783 List Price: $9.95
Marginalia Valkanaer to Zwick by Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, J... ISBN: 9780691004952 List Price: $175.00
Abhb Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries Volume 17a Cumul... by Vervliet, Hendrik D. ISBN: 9780792300397 List Price: $259.00
Abhb Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries Publications of 1... by Department of Special Colle... ISBN: 9780792313625 List Price: $349.00
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