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Law has been credited as the very thing that keeps a society ticking. Without the establishment of law, one can only imagine what would go down on a daily basis. If you haven't set foot in a law class and experienced the intense IRAC method for legal analysis, you may be missing out! We offer a wide variety of Law textbooks to fit your needs including Business Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Medical Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Constitutional Law. Each of your law courses will challenge you to put on your thinking cap, as you study cases that have forever changed the way society functions. For instance, had it not been for constitutional lawyers, women wouldn't be at the polls on voting day, or if there weren't employment lawyers, we may be working twenty-three hour days. Browse our vast supply of used textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN. We're guessing that a good lawyer had to play a role in the development of the ISBN, as it is the surest way to assure you that you are gaining the exact book you are searching for. Now that's justice! Our cheap textbooks are of the highest quality, and orders processed instantly. All that will be left is delivery right to your door. No more waiting in endless college bookstore lines. Plus, we offer the cheapest textbooks around!

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Your Legal Rights Regarding Misdemeanor Prosecution by Mooney, Carla ISBN: 9781477780282
Law of Class Actions and Other Aggregate Litigation by Nagareda, Richard A., Bone,... ISBN: 9781609304553
Ambulatory Surgery Centers : Legal and Regulatory Issues by Becker, Scott, Bushee, Megg... ISBN: 9780769899800
Patent Prosecution : Law, Practice and Procedure by Donner, Irah H. ISBN: 9781617464171
Patent Prosecution : Law, Practice and Procedure by Donner, Irah H. ISBN: 9781617464164
Sublease and Assignment Deskbook by Shaffer, Brent C., American... ISBN: 9781614389378
Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law by Lowe, John S., Anderson, Ow... ISBN: 9780314287755
Patent Prosecution : Law, Practice and Procedure by Donner, Irah H. ISBN: 9781617464157
Federal Administrative Law by Lawson, Gary ISBN: 9780314281999
Injustice : Innocent Man Forced to Plead Guilty by Nosovsky, Gregorio ISBN: 9781941741009 List Price: $18.00
Appellate Practice in Massachusetts by Quenzer, Neal ISBN: 9781575898155 List Price: $109.50
Massachusetts Guide to Evidence by Massachusetts Superior Judi... ISBN: 9781575898261 List Price: $69.50
Massachusetts Real Estate Law Sourcebook and Citator by O'Donnell, Kathleen M. ISBN: 9781575898346 List Price: $125.00
Personal Injury Settlement Agreements Line by Line by Faiella, Chris ISBN: 9780314292339 List Price: $85.00
Business Due Diligence Strategies, 2014 Edition : Leading Lawyers on Conducting Due Diligenc... by Thomson Reuters; Aspatore ISBN: 9780314292414 List Price: $85.00
Strong Justice for Car Accident Victims : How Long Will My Case Take? by Miller, Joseph ISBN: 9780990438045 List Price: $9.99
North Carolina Legal Research by Childs, Scott, Sampson, Sara ISBN: 9781611636161 List Price: $27.00
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 15, Commerce and Foreign Trade, Pt. 0-299, Revised As of ... by Office of the Federal Regis... ISBN: 9780160922466 List Price: $45.00
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 7, Agriculture, Pt. 900-999, Revised As of January 1 2014 by Office of the Federal Regis... ISBN: 9780160922145 List Price: $66.00
Your Arizona Divorce Book by Gardner, Douglas ISBN: 9780981820743 List Price: $19.99
Injusticia by Nosovsky, Gregorio ISBN: 9781941741023 List Price: $18.00
Tribunal Municipal : De la Teor�a a la Pr�ctica by Ramos, Rafael ISBN: 9781618874108
New Developments in Evidentiary Law in New York, 2014 Ed : Leading Lawyers on Understanding ... by Thomson Reuters; Aspatore ISBN: 9780314292421 List Price: $85.00
C�digo Penal de PR (2012) Comentado Por Dra. Ruth Ortega by Ediciones Situm ISBN: 9781618874597
Oregon Legal Research by Rowe, Suzanne E. ISBN: 9781611634969
Constitutional Law by Sullivan, Kathleen M., Feld... ISBN: 9781599415987
Legislation and Regulation : Cases and Materials by Manning, John, Stephenson, ... ISBN: 9781609302856
Antitrust Law : Interpretation and Implementation by Goetz, Charles J., McChesne... ISBN: 9781609302184
Search and Seizure : A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment by LaFave, Wayne R. ISBN: 9780314613882
Secrets of Great Estate Planing by Geiger, Brenda ISBN: 9781595719904 List Price: $14.95
Insolvency Law in Canada : A Primer for Practitioners by Spizzirri, Frank ISBN: 9781937651404 List Price: $75.00
Massachusetts Family Law Sourcebook and Citator by Leshin, Michael L. ISBN: 9781575898353 List Price: $125.00
Bankruptcy Practice in Massachusetts by Ruttenberg, Adam J. ISBN: 9781575898162 List Price: $165.00
Business Entity Basics : Should You Form a Corporation? an LLC? Something Else? by Glenn, Brent ISBN: 9781941081013 List Price: $21.99
Common Interest Communities in North Carolina by Edlin, Brian ISBN: 9780990420026 List Price: $105.00
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12, Banks and Banking, Pt. 1-199, Revised As of January 1... by Office of the Federal Regis... ISBN: 9780160922305 List Price: $39.00
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