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Law has been credited as the very thing that keeps a society ticking. Without the establishment of law, one can only imagine what would go down on a daily basis. If you haven't set foot in a law class and experienced the intense IRAC method for legal analysis, you may be missing out! We offer a wide variety of Law textbooks to fit your needs including Business Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Medical Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Constitutional Law. Each of your law courses will challenge you to put on your thinking cap, as you study cases that have forever changed the way society functions. For instance, had it not been for constitutional lawyers, women wouldn't be at the polls on voting day, or if there weren't employment lawyers, we may be working twenty-three hour days. Browse our vast supply of used textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN. We're guessing that a good lawyer had to play a role in the development of the ISBN, as it is the surest way to assure you that you are gaining the exact book you are searching for. Now that's justice! Our cheap textbooks are of the highest quality, and orders processed instantly. All that will be left is delivery right to your door. No more waiting in endless college bookstore lines. Plus, we offer the cheapest textbooks around!

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What Is a Living Trust? : Simple Answers to Commonly Asked Questions by Dunn, Clifford, Dunn, Cliff... ISBN: 9780615988269 List Price: $14.95
Electronic Communications Privacy ACT : Overview and Issues for Consideration by Haul, Marissa G. ISBN: 9781629488264 List Price: $110.00
Guide to Federal Sector Equal Employment Law and Practice by Hadley, Ernest ISBN: 9781932612622
Advocate's Practical Guide to Using Mediation by Settle, John L. ISBN: 9781932612455
Guide to Federal Sector Equal Employment Law and Practice by Hadley, Ernest ISBN: 9781932612233
Board Basics : A Simplified Explanation of MSPB Practice by Broida, Peter ISBN: 9781932612356
Federal Sector EEO Update 2005 by Vitaro, Sam, Goodfriend, Je... ISBN: 9781932612431
Law Library Benchmarks, 2014 Edition by Primary Research Group ISBN: 9781574402858 List Price: $132.00
Attorney's Guide to ERISA Disability by Reimer, Scott ISBN: 9781580121538
Journal of Notarial Acts : California - JPMorgan Chase by National Notary Association... ISBN: 9781597671354 List Price: $16.95
Law and Jurisprudence in American History : Cases and Materials by Presser, Stephen B., Zainal... ISBN: 9780314278630
Criminal Law : Cases, Materials, and Lawyering Strategies by Crump, David, Cohen, Neil P... ISBN: 9780769882710
'War on Terror' and the Framework of International Law by Duffy, Helen ISBN: 9781107014503 List Price: $130.00
Organizing Corporations in California : March 2014 Update by Continuing Education of the... ISBN: 9780762621132 List Price: $152.50
Administration of Trusts in Florida by Florida Bar, Continuing Leg... ISBN: 9781630431013
Russia and the Relationship Between Law and Power by Terry, James P. ISBN: 9781611635959
Legal History of Slavery in the United States by Shaw, Robert B ISBN: 9780788433931 List Price: $16.00
MSPB Charges and Penalties : A Charging Manual by Fowler, Renn C., Vitaro, Sa... ISBN: 9781932612653
Representing Agencies and Complainants Before the EEOC by Hadley, Ernest ISBN: 9781932612516
First Four Weeks : A Guide for the New Federal Supervisor by Corum, Michael ISBN: 9781932612479
Legal Information Buyer's Guide and Reference Manual 2008 (CD-ROM) by Svengalis ISBN: 9780976786481 List Price: $145.00
Legal Information Buyer's Guide and Reference Manual 2003 (CD-ROM) by Unknown ISBN: 9780965103275 List Price: $109.00
Legal Information Buyer's Guide and Reference Manual 2007 (CD-ROM) by Svengalis, Kendall F. ISBN: 9780976786467 List Price: $145.00
Not My Daughter : The True Story of a Former Drug Trafficker and a Landmark Surrogacy Case by Buzzanca, John, Lonardo, Paul ISBN: 9780991578511 List Price: $9.99
Guide to Federal Sector Equal Employment Law and Practice by Hadley, Ernest C. ISBN: 9781878810229
Broida on Federal Sector Mediation by Broida, Peter ISBN: 9781934651841
Understanding Legal Trends in the Life Sciences Industry : Leading Lawyers on Complying with... by Thomson Reuters; Aspatore ISBN: 9780314292131 List Price: $75.00
Texas Courthouse Guide by ALM Media ISBN: 9781576258477 List Price: $150.00
Texas Harris County Bench Book by Houston Bar Association ISBN: 9781576258576 List Price: $150.00
Cultures of Copyright : Contemporary Intellectual Property by DeVoss, D´┐Żnielle Nicole, Ri... ISBN: 9781433125621
Maslanka's Field Guide to the Family Medical Leave Act by Maslanka, Michael P. ISBN: 9781576258514
Forming and Operating California Limited Liability Companies by Continuing Education of the... ISBN: 9780762620890 List Price: $249.00
Rape, Torture and Genocide : Some Theoretical Implications by De Vito, Daniela ISBN: 9781631171505 List Price: $89.00
Borzoi Killings by Batista, Paul ISBN: 9781938231995 List Price: $15.95
MSPB Case Summaries by Broida, Peter, Davis, Natania ISBN: 9781934651162
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