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Make sure you rent transportation textbooks online on the subject of law if you only need one or two copies for a short time. Alternatively you can buy used transportation textbooks to allow you the opportunity to get the best and cheapest deals for your bookshelf. Among our offers you'll find assorted titles such as Traffic Investigation and Enforcement; Rule of the Road: An International Guide to History and Practice; Transport Systems: Policy and Practice; and Traffic Accident Investigators Manual A Levels 1 and 2, Reference, Training and Investigation Manual. Studying all areas of law that relate to transport is easier when you trust in Valore Books to provide you with pre-owned textbooks on this area. Don't assume it's always better to get brand new books - the cheapest deals are always on pre-owned ones and we've got a collection you'll want to investigate further. Try us for size and see.

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Commentaries on Motor Vehicles Act by Mathur, A. P. ISBN: 9780785551072 List Price: $400.00
Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966 by Hasan, Askari ISBN: 9780785554370 List Price: $95.00
Law of Carriage by Singh, Avtar ISBN: 9780785556374 List Price: $25.00
Law of Motor Vehicles in U. P. by Malik, P. L. ISBN: 9780785554790 List Price: $100.00
Law Relating to Motor Vehicles by Mathur, A. P. ISBN: 9780785554806 List Price: $400.00
Law Relating to Highways by Mittal, M. M. ISBN: 9780785555438 List Price: $45.00
Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966 by Hasan, Askari ISBN: 9780897714778 List Price: $100.00
Traffic Law for Illinois Police by Johnston, Albert M., Jr. ISBN: 9780875634081 List Price: $25.00
Utah Criminal, Motor Vehicles and Related Statutes by Unknown ISBN: 9780875265582 List Price: $24.95
Writing and Enforcing Parking Rules for Community Associations by Unknown ISBN: 9780941301169 List Price: $14.50
Texas Traffic Laws by Unknown ISBN: 9780962921070 List Price: $11.95
Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes : Title 75, Vehicles, 1997 Edition by Pennsylvania Legislative Re... ISBN: 9780818200137 List Price: $12.24
Motor Vehicle Regulations : Regulatory Cost Estimates Improvements by Unknown ISBN: 9780685689370 List Price: $25.00
Automated Enforcement-Red Light Cameras : Congressional Hearing by Petri, Thomas E. ISBN: 9780756736194 List Price: $25.00
Digest of State Alcohol-Highway Related Legislation Current As of January 1, 1998 by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780788176784 List Price: $50.00
Law of Carriage (Air, Land and Sea) by Singh, Avtar ISBN: 9788170124948
Law Relating to Motor Vehicles by Mathur, A. P. ISBN: 9788170124160
Traffic Accident Reconstruction : Legal Issues in the 1990's by Garcia, Carol H., Trocino, ... ISBN: 9781884566103 List Price: $14.95
Road Traffic Law by Pierse, Robert ISBN: 9781904480143
Texas Tomorrow-Transportation, 1992-1998 by Unknown ISBN: 9781568067186 List Price: $30.00
Punishment Chart for North Carolina Crimes and Punishment Chart for Motor Vehicle Offenses by Rubin, John, Barnes, J., Lo... ISBN: 9781560112389 List Price: $10.00
Property Interests in North Carolina City Streets by Lawrence, David M. ISBN: 9781560111313 List Price: $8.00
Guide for Accommodation Utilities Within Highway Right-of-Way by Unknown ISBN: 9781560510291 List Price: $7.00
Transport law in South Korea, Second Edition by Kim In Hyeon ISBN: 9789041152183 List Price: $92.00
Vehicle Sizes and Weights Handbook by Unknown ISBN: 9781602873643
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