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There are plenty of areas of law you'll need to study if you are going to get the most from your college courses. Here you have a chance to buy cheap remedies and damages textbooks. Look for the likes of Use and Abuse of Unjust Enrichment: Essays on the Law of Restitution; Remedies in a Nutshell; Cases and Materials on Remedies; and Modern American Remedies: Cases and Materials. We can provide you with discounted deals of all kinds on these and many other books on this subject area. You can even rent remedies and damages textbooks online from our website if you want to. Some books are better borrowed for shorter periods than bought outright. Of course, our buyback service means you can also get good prices for the books you sell back to us. This means you get a fully rounded service that ticks all the boxes you need.

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Introduction to the Law of Restitution by Birks, Peter ISBN: 9780198256458 List Price: $125.00
Restoring Justice After Large-scale Violent Conflicts Kosovo, Israel-palestine and Congo by Aertsen, Ivo, Arsovska, Jan... ISBN: 9781843923022 List Price: $85.00
Use and Abuse of Unjust Enrichment Essays on the Law of Restitution by Beatson, Jack ISBN: 9780198254256 List Price: $180.00
Equitable Remedies, Restitution and Damages by Leavell, Robert N., Love, J... ISBN: 9780314048387
Causing Harm: A Logico-Legal Study by Aqvist, Lennart, Mullock, P... ISBN: 9780899254241 List Price: $134.65
Introduction to the Law of Restitution by Birks, Peter ISBN: 9780198760740 List Price: $216.00
Mergers and Merger Remedies in the Eu: Assessing the Consequences for Competition by Davies, Stephen, Lyons, Bruce ISBN: 9781847207418 List Price: $135.00
Justifying Private Law Remedies by Rickett, Charles E. F. ISBN: 9781841138145
Remorse and Reparation by Cox, Murray ISBN: 9781853024528 List Price: $38.95
Cases and Materials on Remedies by York, Kenneth H., Bauman, J... ISBN: 9780314881373 List Price: $54.50
Law of Tracing by Smith, Lionel D. ISBN: 9780198260707 List Price: $235.00
Law of Equitable Remedies by Berryman, Jeffrey Bruce ISBN: 9781552210420 List Price: $41.50
Introduction to Contracts and Restitution Paralegal Study Guide by Frey, Martin A., Bitting, T... ISBN: 9780314023827
Remedies for Breach of Contract: A Comparative Account (Clarendon Paperbacks) by Treitel, Guenter H. ISBN: 9780198257448 List Price: $45.00
Modern American Remedies: Cases and Materials by Laycock, Douglas ISBN: 9780316517492 List Price: $46.00
Indian Contract and Specific Relief Act by Pollock, T., Mulla, B. ISBN: 9780685257074 List Price: $200.00
Remedies The Law of Damages by Cassels, Jamie ISBN: 9781552210376 List Price: $41.50
Gould's Worker's Compensation Law Handbook of New York 2000 by Gould Publications Staff ISBN: 9780875263809 List Price: $39.95
Essays on the Law of Restitution by Burrows, A. ISBN: 9780198254348 List Price: $79.00
Economic Damages The Handbook for Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys by Brookshire, Michael L. ISBN: 9780870841095 List Price: $45.00
Civil Remedies by Andoh, Benjamin, Marsh, Ste... ISBN: 9781855217928 List Price: $59.95
Remedies; Cases and Materials On - Kenneth H. York - Hardcover - 4th ed by York, Kenneth H., Bauman, J... ISBN: 9780314845849 List Price: $40.95
CPS - Compensation Chapters 14 and 16 by Newman, Jerry M., Milkovich... ISBN: 9780256198973 List Price: $8.95
Remedies : Public and Private, 1994 Supplement To by Schoenbrod, David, MacBeth,... ISBN: 9780314045812 List Price: $13.50
Remedies : Public and Private, 1992 Supplement by Schoenbrod, David, MacBeth,... ISBN: 9780314011190 List Price: $10.50
Remedies 07-08 by Inns of Court Staff, City L... ISBN: 9780199212217 List Price: $67.50
Modern American Remedies 2/E Im by Laycock, Douglas ISBN: 9780316513777
Law of Specific Relief by Sarkar, R., Singh, G. ISBN: 9780785535508 List Price: $110.00
McGregor on Damages by McGregor, H. ISBN: 9780785540809
Richards and Butler on Latent Damage by Merkin, Robert ISBN: 9780785541080
Claiming on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board by Foster, Dennis ISBN: 9781851901227
Equitable Remedies and Extraordinary Writs in Alabama by McLeod, Grover S. ISBN: 9781884150357 List Price: $60.00
Law of Damages : Prepared Especially for the Instruction and Training of Students of the Ame... by Russell, Isaac Franklin ISBN: 9781561698875 List Price: $50.00
Foundations of Restitution for Wrongs by Giglio, Francesco ISBN: 9781841136479 List Price: $100.00
Remedies, Cases and Materials On: Successor Edition by Re, Edward D. ISBN: 9780882770444 List Price: $26.75
Cases in Compensation by Milkovich, George T., Newma... ISBN: 9780945601029 List Price: $23.50
Search for Principle Essays in Honour of Lord Goff of Chieveley by Jones, Gareth, Swadling, Wi... ISBN: 9780198298830 List Price: $200.00
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