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Every law student could do with a few guides to take them through the minefield that law feels like sometimes. You want to learn everything there is to know, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. So how about starting with our collection of affordable text books? Buy cheap practical guides textbooks here today and unlock the mystery of where your fellow students get their best text books from. Grab pre-owned books here and make sure you get the cheapest deals when you do. Among our titles you'll find guides such as Understanding the Law; Street Law: A Course in Practical Law; Law for Business and Personal Use; and American Law an Introduction. We've merely scratched the surface of all the books you could want here, so check out our collection now. You could find books you never thought you'd get at these prices, let alone so easily.

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Legal Information How to Find It, How to Use It by Olson, Kent ISBN: 9780897749633 List Price: $51.95
Law for Business and Personal Use by Adamson, John E. ISBN: 9780538436229 List Price: $84.95
American Law An Introduction by Friedman, Lawrence M. ISBN: 9780393972733 List Price: $32.30
Understanding the Law by Carper, Donald L., Mietus, ... ISBN: 9780314807236 List Price: $43.75
The Quotable Lawyer - David S. Shrager - Hardcover by Shrager, David S., Frost, E... ISBN: 9780816011841 List Price: $29.95
Introduction to Law for Paralegals by Walston-Dunham, Beth ISBN: 9780766816930 List Price: $134.95
American Law:intro. by Friedman, Lawrence M. ISBN: 9780393952513 List Price: $16.00
Its the Law by Ashcroft, John D., Ashcroft... ISBN: 9780538702393 List Price: $32.95
Street Law A Course in Practical Law by Arbetman, Lee P., Fisher, M... ISBN: 9780538426954 List Price: $22.41
Legal Guide for the Family - Donald Very - Hardcover by Very, Donald, Keefe, Eugene F. ISBN: 9780894340437
Legal Guide for the Family by Very, Donald L., Keefe, Eug... ISBN: 9780894340383
The English Legal System: 2010-2011 by Kelly, David, Slapper, Gary ISBN: 9780415580090 List Price: $160.00
Lifetime Family Legal Guide by Sack, Steven Mitchell ISBN: 9780130115133 List Price: $35.00
Legal Street Smarts How to Survive in a World of Lawyers by Powers, Dennis M., MacLean,... ISBN: 9780306447600 List Price: $20.00
Legal Guide for the Family by Very, Donald, Keefe, Eugene F. ISBN: 9780894340918
Legal Guide for the Family - Donald L. Very - Hardcover - REVISED by Very, Donald L., Flood, Dic... ISBN: 9780894340512
Build Your Case by Kleber, Rodney E. ISBN: 9780201165272 List Price: $24.91
Understanding the Law by Carper, Donald L., West, Bi... ISBN: 9780324126716 List Price: $145.95
Personal Law by Richards, Eric L. ISBN: 9780324003130 List Price: $83.95
Personal Law Handbook by Cross, Frank B. ISBN: 9780314059024 List Price: $12.75
Underground Lawyer by Minns, Michael L., Robertso... ISBN: 9780929801001 List Price: $29.95
Personal Law Handbook by Miller, Toby ISBN: 9780324129915
Law for You by Vorhaus, G. ISBN: 9780091730178
You and the Law by Goldentyer, Debra, Visual E... ISBN: 9780538614689
Protecting Your Legal Rights by Scott, Timothy ISBN: 9781877784101 List Price: $15.00
26. the American Legal System by Adams, R. P., Jung, P. Mich... ISBN: 9780929563299 List Price: $29.95
Personal Law Handbook by Miller, Roger LeRoy, Jentz,... ISBN: 9780314209221
Legal Guide for the Family by Very, Donald, Keefe, Eugene F. ISBN: 9780894340970
E-Z Rules : Transactions Article Nine of the UCC by Ezon, Jack S., Dweck, Jeffr... ISBN: 9781887426022 List Price: $13.95
Who's Right? Whose Rights? : Contemporary Legal Debates in America by Pontell, Henry, Rosaff, Steve ISBN: 9781891487934
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