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Here at Valore Books, you can find more than one hundred titles in our marketplace that relate to maritime law. Law students will have many areas they will need to learn about, so if you need to buy cheap maritime textbooks to help you discover this particular avenue of law in more detail, we can help. Make sure you make the most of your college studies by focusing on the ability to rent books such as Free Sea, Antarctica and the Law of the Sea, Law of the Sea in a Nutshell and Commentary on the Law of Prize and Booty. Whatever you want to borrow or buy, we provide the chance to buy maritime textbooks online using our easy and convenient marketplace. With so many titles to choose from and discounted prices on each one, you can save more cash than you may have thought. Start shopping here now.

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Antarctica and the Law of the Sea by Joyner, Christopher C. ISBN: 9780792318231 List Price: $131.00
Free Sea by Grotius, Hugo, Hakluyt, Ric... ISBN: 9780865974319 List Price: $14.50
Law of the Sea Caracas and Beyond Developments in International Law by Anand, R. P. ISBN: 9789024726172 List Price: $144.00
Admiralty and Maritime Law by Schoenbaum, Thomas J. ISBN: 9780314037220 List Price: $50.00
Cases and Materials on Admiralty by Healy, Nicholas J., Sharpe,... ISBN: 9780314980212 List Price: $50.50
Marine and Coastal Law by Nixon, Dennis W., Daly, Mic... ISBN: 9780313378317 List Price: $94.95
Commentary on the Law of Prize And Booty by Grotius, Hugo ISBN: 9780865974753 List Price: $14.50
The Law of the Sea in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series) by Louis B. Sohn, Kristen Gust... ISBN: 9780314823489 List Price: $31.00
Free Sea by Grotius, Hugo, Hakluyt, Ric... ISBN: 9780865974302 List Price: $20.00
Handbook of the New Law of the Sea by Dupuy, Rene-Jean, Vignes, D... ISBN: 9780792310631 List Price: $235.00
The International Law of the Sea: Volume I by D. P. O'Connell ISBN: 9780198253464 List Price: $125.00
Coastal and Ocean Management Law in a Nutshell by Christie, Donna R. ISBN: 9780314033536 List Price: $18.00
Straits Used for International Navigation A Spanish Perspective by Antonio de Yturriaga, Jose ISBN: 9780792311416 List Price: $142.00
The Limits of Maritime Jurisdiction by Unknown ISBN: 9789004262584 List Price: $301.00
Cases and Materials on the Law of the Sea by Sohn, Louis B., Franckx, Er... ISBN: 9789004169906 List Price: $146.00
Commercial Shipping Handbook by Brodie, Peter ISBN: 9780415731232
Maritime Counterproliferation Operations and the Rule of Law by Allen, Craig H. ISBN: 9780275996987 List Price: $75.00
Marine and Coastal Law: Cases and Materials by Dennis W. Nixon ISBN: 9780275937638 List Price: $119.95
International Organizations and the Law of the Sea Documentary Yearbook 1987 by Netherlands Institute for t... ISBN: 9781853331626 List Price: $220.50
Terror on the High Seas: From Piracy to Strategic Challenge by Alexander, Yonah, Richardso... ISBN: 9780275997502 List Price: $195.00
U S Shipping Act of 1984 A Scrutiny of Controversial Provisions by Sashikumar, N., Benner, C. ... ISBN: 9780961944704 List Price: $14.95
Land-Locked and Geographically Disadvantaged States in the International Law of the Sea by Vasciannie, Stephen C. ISBN: 9780198252870 List Price: $200.00
Maritime Terrorism and International Law by Ronzitti, Natalino ISBN: 9780792307341 List Price: $92.00
Commentary on the Law of Prize And Booty by Grotius, Hugo ISBN: 9780865974746 List Price: $20.00
Shipping and Logistics Law Principles and Practice in Hong Kong by Chan, Felix W. H., Ng, Jimm... ISBN: 9789622096004 List Price: $37.50
International Waters of the Middle East from Euphrates-Tigris to Nile by Biswas, Asit K. ISBN: 9780198548621 List Price: $40.00
International Organizations and the Law of the Sea Documentary Yearbook, 1989 by Netherlands Institute for t... ISBN: 9780792312017 List Price: $273.50
Common Heritage or Common Burden The U.S. Position on the Development of a Regime for Deep S... by Schmidt, Markus G., Richard... ISBN: 9780198252276 List Price: $195.00
Salvage from the Sea by Forsberg, G. ISBN: 9780710086983 List Price: $100.00
International Organizations And the Law of the Sea 1992 Documentary Yearbook by Netherlands Institute for t... ISBN: 9780792326144 List Price: $358.50
Law of the Sea by Unknown ISBN: 9781600217715 List Price: $185.00
Maritime & Transport Law Bar Associations by Wahlgren, Peter ISBN: 9789185142606 List Price: $125.00
Ocean and Coastal Law by Hildreth, Richard, Johnson,... ISBN: 9780136292043 List Price: $64.00
Brown's Rule of the Road Manual by Brown, H. H. ISBN: 9780851744056 List Price: $100.00
Moscow Symposium on the Law of the Sea Proceedings of a Workshop Co-Sponsored by the Law of ... by Clingan, Thomas A., Kolodki... ISBN: 9780911189247 List Price: $51.00
Naval Law by USNA Taylor Staff ISBN: 9780787213916 List Price: $24.35
Should the Reagan Administration Have Signed the U. N. Convention on the Law of the Sea by Coll, Alberto R. ISBN: 9781569274033 List Price: $3.50
Strait of Magellan by Morris, Michael A. ISBN: 9780792301813 List Price: $110.00
Canadian Maritime Law by Gold, Edgar, Chircop, Aldo ... ISBN: 9781552210864 List Price: $55.00
Northwest Passage Arctic Straits by Pharand, Donat ISBN: 9789024729791 List Price: $157.00
Law of International Sea Piracy by Dubner, Barry H. ISBN: 9789024721917 List Price: $90.00
Law of the Territorial Sea Evolution and Development by Ghosh, Shekhar ISBN: 9788185109695 List Price: $36.00
Law of the Sea in the Asian Pacific Region Developments and Prospects by Crawford, James, Rothwell, ... ISBN: 9780792327424 List Price: $124.00
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