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Short Guide to Writing About Criminal Justice by Piltch, Charles, Terry, Kar... ISBN: 9780321422316 List Price: $27.80
Legal Method and Writing by Calleros, Charles R. ISBN: 9780316132800
Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing : Structure, Strategy, and Style by Neumann, Richard K., Jr. ISBN: 9780316571517
Effective Writing Techniques for Digest Preparation by Songe, Gabrielle C., Brooks... ISBN: 9780318643038 List Price: $32.95
Effective Writing Techniques for Digest Preparation by Songe, Gabrielle C., Brooks... ISBN: 9780318643045 List Price: $28.49
Legal Research and Writing by Edwards ISBN: 9780766822726
Judgments and How to Write Them, 1974 by Singh, S. D. ISBN: 9780785555261 List Price: $50.00
Legal Writing by Harris ISBN: 9780132605717 List Price: $13.33
Computer Aided Transcription : Scoping and Editing by Gonzalez, Jean, Cline, Marg... ISBN: 9781881086093 List Price: $22.00
Conflict Resolution Drill and Practice : Variable Speeds by Kennedy, David, Gonzalez, Jean ISBN: 9781881086116
Legal Document Preparation : The Guide for Preparing and Handling Legal Documents by Bilz, Reed K., McGlew, Poll... ISBN: 9781885477057 List Price: $19.95
Pleading Without Tears : A Guide to Legal Drafting by Rose, William M. ISBN: 9781854312167 List Price: $32.00
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