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Law Students : How to Get a Job When There Aren't Any by Carey, William T. ISBN: 9780890893258 List Price: $10.75
Law Students : How to Get a Job When There Aren't Any by Carey, William T. ISBN: 9780890893265 List Price: $9.75
Law Students : How to Get a Job When There Aren't Any by Carey, William T. ISBN: 9780890893005 List Price: $19.95
Law Students : How to Get a Job When There Aren't Any by Carey, William T. ISBN: 9780890893012 List Price: $9.75
Career in Law by Heap, Brian ISBN: 9780751000184
Law for Legal Executives Pt. 1 : Year Two by Rowley, Graham, Stevenson, ... ISBN: 9781841740300
Solicitors' Accounts, 2000-2001 : A Practical Guide by Kay, Dale, Baker, Janet ISBN: 9781841740768 List Price: $32.00
Solicitors' Accounts, 2001-2002 : A Practical Guide by Kay, Dale, Baker, Janet ISBN: 9781841742380
National Directory of Legal Employers, 1999-2000 by National Association for La... ISBN: 9780159004340 List Price: $39.95
Regulation of Lawyers: Problems of Law and Ethics - Stephen Gillers - Hardcover by Gillers, Stephen, Dorsen, N... ISBN: 9780316313803 List Price: $32.00
Lawyering Process: Preparing and Presenting the Case - Gary &. Bellow - Paperback by Bellow, Gary, Moulton, Bea ISBN: 9780882770406 List Price: $18.95
Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility, Including California Rules, 1987 by Morgan, Thomas D., Rotunda,... ISBN: 9780882775449 List Price: $11.75
Questions Answered on Being an Interest Group Advocate by Keenan Trumpbour, Kelly ISBN: 9780978806903 List Price: $14.99
Women in Law by Epstein, Cynthia F. ISBN: 9780252019715 List Price: $22.95
Lawyers' Quest I- Twelve Notions About Lawyers An Introduction to Discipleship by Robb, John D. ISBN: 9780944561096 List Price: $8.00
Helping the Client: A Creative Practical Guide by Heron, John ISBN: 9780803982918
Lawyers Costs and Fees: Conveyancing Fees and Duties by Hewitson, Russell ISBN: 9781847660572
Seven Tested Ways Attorney Can Get Top Dollar, 1988 by Unknown ISBN: 9780138074050 List Price: $4.95
Lawyering, Practice and Planning, Teacher's Manual For by Haydock, Roger S., Knapp, P... ISBN: 9780314094391
Selected Statutes, Rules and Standards on the Legal Profession by Dzienkowski, John S. ISBN: 9780314010162 List Price: $16.95
Bibliography of Published Histories of American Law Firms Through 1995 by Unknown ISBN: 9780935630480 List Price: $20.00
Lawyers' Quest II : Family and Other Relationships by Soleyn, Samuel F. ISBN: 9780944561102 List Price: $8.00
Lawyers' Quest III : Vocation, Work and Calling by Buzzard, Lynn R. ISBN: 9780944561119 List Price: $8.00
Law and Gospel : A Study for Integrating Faith and Practice by Montgomery, John Warwick ISBN: 9780944561126 List Price: $8.00
Solicitors' Accounts by Nardone, M. A. ISBN: 9781853528972
Solicitors and Their Business Clients by King, Anthony, Barlow, John ISBN: 9781854310163 List Price: $46.00
Advocacy : Legal Practice Handbook by Sherr, Avrom ISBN: 9781854311726 List Price: $26.00
Solicitors and Their Business Clients by King, Anthony, Barlow, John ISBN: 9781854310750 List Price: $60.00
Managing the Law Firm by Pannett, Alan ISBN: 9781854311689 List Price: $24.00
Ivanhoe - Blackstone Guide to the Legal Profession, 1991 by Grosvenor, Jonathan, Mackay... ISBN: 9781870757393 List Price: $28.00
Managing Lawyers Information by Moore, Peter ISBN: 9781875114047 List Price: $45.00
North Carolina Public Defender Manual by Rubin, John, Hughes, Thomasin ISBN: 9781560113393 List Price: $25.00
North Carolina Defender Manual Vol 2 : Trial by Fodor, Janine C., Rubin, John ISBN: 9781560114246
Careers in Health Law by Singer, Lawrence E., Bess, ... ISBN: 9781627227131
Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions : Definition by American Bar Association Staff ISBN: 9781627225670
Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Practitioner by Vercammen, Kenneth A., Amer... ISBN: 9781627224840
Powerpoint For The Legal Professional by Wheeler, Janet M. ISBN: 9781401858520 List Price: $19.95
You May Take the Witness by Brown, Clinton Giddings ISBN: 9780598269867 List Price: $71.70
Recruiting Lawyers by Manch, Susan G., Shannon, M... ISBN: 9781634252263
How to Get the Most from Your Attorney by Bank, Richard ISBN: 9781883178048
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