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With several hundred books to choose from you're bound to find affordable deals you can enjoy here at Valore Books. Buy cheap legal history textbooks now and delve into cases from the past. Look through American history in the legal system and discover all manner of affordable text books that will enhance your learning of this subject at college. Look for American Legal History: Cases and Materials; Magic Mirror: Law in American History; Trials from Classical Athens; and Fall River Outrage: Life, Murder and Justice in Early Industrial New England. As you can see the scope is vast and some of these books are well worth reading on their own merit. We buy back legal history books too so get in touch if you have anything you feel could be added to our collection. You'll see how easy it is to get the best deals even when you sell instead of renting or buying.

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Institutes : A Text-Book of the History and System of Roman Private Law by Sohm, Rudolph, Ledlie, Jame... ISBN: 9781561696574 List Price: $166.00
Institutes of Justinian : Translated into English with an Index by Moyle, J. B. ISBN: 9781561696598 List Price: $75.00
Miranda Rights : Protecting the Rights of the Accused by Prentzas, G. S. ISBN: 9781608534623 List Price: $53.00
Chicago Black Sox Trial : A Primary Source Account by Anderson, Wayne ISBN: 9781615132133 List Price: $58.50
Scottsboro Boys Trial : A Primary Source Account by Sorenson, Lita ISBN: 9781615132164 List Price: $58.50
Mississippi Burning Trial : A Primary Source Account by Scheppler, Bill ISBN: 9781615132157 List Price: $58.50
Trial of Leopold and Loeb : A Primary Source Account by Payment, Simone ISBN: 9781615132195 List Price: $58.50
Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg : A Primary Source Account by Burnett, Betty ISBN: 9781615132188 List Price: $58.50
Committals for Trial to the Crown Court : The Law and Practice by Chatterton, Clifford E., Br... ISBN: 9781851900589
Land of the Hittites by Garstang, John ISBN: 9781850772040
Uber Ehescheidungen bei den Romern : Ein rechtsgeschichtlicher Versuch by Wachter, Karl Georg von ISBN: 9783511100889
De la Royaut� et du Droit de Romulus � Sabinus by Magdelain, Andr� ISBN: 9788870628814
Iniuria Types in Roman Law by Polay, E. ISBN: 9780569089999 List Price: $168.00
Law and the Nation by Lurie, Jonathan ISBN: 9780394335797 List Price: $15.00
Early American Law and Society by Botein, Stephen ISBN: 9780394335827 List Price: $12.00
Law in the New Republic by Dargo, George ISBN: 9780394335810 List Price: $12.00
Slavery, Abortion, and the Politics of Constitutional Meaning by Dyer, Justin Buckley ISBN: 9781107031944 List Price: $90.00
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