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California Labor Law Digest by Hoh, Ron ISBN: 9781878630216 List Price: $60.00
Individual Employment Law by England, Geoffrey ISBN: 9781552210284 List Price: $41.50
California Labor Law Digest by Savage, Ellen S. ISBN: 9781878630643 List Price: $105.00
Employee Handbook : How to Write One for Your Company by Rechtschaffen, Scott D., Ma... ISBN: 9781878630735 List Price: $79.00
Disciplinary Action Against Industrial Employees and Its Remedies by Srivastava, K. D. ISBN: 9780785552611 List Price: $140.00
Research Handbook on the Economics of Labor and Employment Law by Estlund, Cynthia L., Wachte... ISBN: 9781781952634 List Price: $65.00
Employment Law, 1996 Vols. 1 & 2 : Pocket Parts by Rothstein, Mark A., Craver,... ISBN: 9780314093998
Federal Employment Law Practitioners Handbook : 1998 -1999 Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9780936295619 List Price: $69.95
Commentaries on Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act, 1946 by Srivastava, K. D. ISBN: 9780897716864 List Price: $250.00
Employment Lawcards 2010-2011 (Law Cards) by Routledge ISBN: 9780415566612 List Price: $17.98
Employment Law 2008 by Holland, James A., Burnett,... ISBN: 9780199532407 List Price: $65.00
Global Governance of Labor Rights : Assessing the Effectiveness of Transnational Public and ... by Marx, Axel, Wouters, Jan, R... ISBN: 9781784711450 List Price: $145.00
Employment Law Update 2014E by Perritt ISBN: 9781454845102
Labour Law, Vulnerability and the Regulation of Precarious Work by Rodgers, Lisa ISBN: 9781784715748 List Price: $125.00
Employer's Handbook 2016-2017 by Cushway, Barry ISBN: 9780749477196
Unlocking Employment Law 2e by Turner, Chris ISBN: 9781138840447
Employment Regulation in the Workplace : Basic Compliance for Managers by Robinson, Robert K., Frankl... ISBN: 9781138134744
International Labor and Employment Laws by Keller, William L., Darby, ... ISBN: 9781617464317
International Labor and Employment Laws by Keller, William L., Darby, ... ISBN: 9781617463044
International Labor and Employment Laws by Keller, William L., Darby, ... ISBN: 9781617464300
Employment Law Cases and Materials by Rothstein, Mark, Liebman, L... ISBN: 9781609304492 List Price: $211.00
Work Law : Cases and Materials by Crain, Marion G., Kim, Paul... ISBN: 9781632815385
Research Handbook on Transnational Labour Law by Trebilcock, A., Blackett, A. ISBN: 9781782549789 List Price: $275.00
Comparative Labor Law by Finkin, M. W., Mundlak, G. ISBN: 9781781000120 List Price: $285.00
Labour and Employment Compliance in South Africa by Stelzner, Susan, Harrison, ... ISBN: 9789041162533
Labour and Employment Compliance in Mexico by De la Vega G�mez, Oscar, Sc... ISBN: 9789041162526
Labour and Employment Compliance in Israel by Horovitz, Yaron, Broder-Man... ISBN: 9789041162519
Labour and Employment Compliance in England by Hyams-Parish, Tony, Interna... ISBN: 9789041162496
We Shall Not Be Moved by Marren, Brian ISBN: 9780719095764
Soviet Labor Law and Principles of Civil Law by Batygin, K. S. ISBN: 9780706512212 List Price: $94.50
Wisconsin Employment Law by Albrecht, Peter L. ISBN: 9781578623709
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