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International Labour Law Reports by Bar Niv, Zvi H. ISBN: 9780792318897 List Price: $266.00
Labour Law by Davies, P. L., Freedland, Mark ISBN: 9780297780908 List Price: $39.95
German Employment Law by Elert, Nicole, Brooks, Chri... ISBN: 9783110302837
Labor Management Law Answer Book 2015 by Easley, Brian West, Munro, ... ISBN: 9781402422539
Dispute Resolution - Stephen B. Goldberg - Hardcover by Goldberg, Stephen B., Green... ISBN: 9780316319287 List Price: $38.00
Compensation On Dismissal by Stewart, Ercus, Dunleavy, N... ISBN: 9781904480051 List Price: $190.00
Legal Protection for the Individual Employee by Finkin, Matthew W., Goldman... ISBN: 9780314572219 List Price: $53.00
Labour Legislation and Public Policy: A Contemporary History (Clarendon Law) by Davies, P. L., Freedland, Mark ISBN: 9780198762881 List Price: $35.00
Employment Law (New Horizons in International Business) by Holland, James, Burnett, St... ISBN: 9781841742014
Employment Law, 1996 Vols. 1 & 2 : Pocket Parts by Rothstein, Mark A., Craver,... ISBN: 9780314093714
Labor Law : Collective Bargaining in a Free Society, 1982 Supplement by Oberer, Walter E. ISBN: 9780314688293 List Price: $4.50
Employment Law Statutes 2010-2011 by Nairns, Janice ISBN: 9780415582391
Q and A Employment Law 2011-2012 by Lockton, Deborah ISBN: 9780415593212
Employment Law, 1991 Supplement Cases and Materials On by Liebman, Lance M., Rothstei... ISBN: 9780882779478 List Price: $4.95
Organizing Mexican Undocumented Farm Workers on Both Sides of the Border by Sanchez, Guadalupe L., Romo... ISBN: 9780935391268 List Price: $5.00
Commentaries on Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 by Srivastava, K. D. ISBN: 9780897716895 List Price: $240.00
Commentaries on Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 : With Rules and Regulations by by Srivastava, K. D. ISBN: 9780897716901 List Price: $300.00
Uttar Pradesh Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 by Srivastava, K. D. ISBN: 9780897717854
Law Relating to Suspension of Employees, Officers - Workmen, in Banks by Arora, A., Sachdeva, S. ISBN: 9780897712934 List Price: $55.00
Service Condition of Workmen in Banks with Supplement by Arora, A., Sachdeva, S. ISBN: 9780897712927 List Price: $60.00
Labour Laws : One Should Know, 1991 by Nabhi, N. ISBN: 9780897713092 List Price: $55.00
Study of the Concept of Transfer and Closure under Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 by Panlwala, H. A. ISBN: 9780897713061 List Price: $45.00
Commissions of Inquiry, Practice and Principles by Sarkar, J. Sarma ISBN: 9780897713078 List Price: $65.00
Labour Problems and Remedies by Kumar, H. L. ISBN: 9780897713054 List Price: $110.00
Employment Law by Rose, Frank ISBN: 9780901812452 List Price: $125.00
Japanese Labor Law (Asian Law Series) by Sugeno, Kazuo, Kanowitz, Leo ISBN: 9780295971759 List Price: $60.00
Swot Employment Law (Swot: Success Without Tears) by Holmes, Ann E., Painter, Ro... ISBN: 9781854310088 List Price: $90.00
Employment Law (Studies in Law and Practice for Health Service Management,) by Rose, Frank ISBN: 9780901812469 List Price: $89.00
Labor Law, 1992 Supplement to Cases and Materials on by Cox, Archibald S., Gorman, ... ISBN: 9781566620215 List Price: $7.95
Minor Laws of Major Importance: A Guide to Federal and State Child Labor Laws by Academy for Educational Dev... ISBN: 9780840393210 List Price: $10.95
Textbook on Labour Law by Bowers, John, Honeyball, Simon ISBN: 9781854312068 List Price: $40.00
Regulating Flexibility: The Political Economy of Employment Standards by Thomas, Mark P. ISBN: 9780773535282 List Price: $32.95
Cases and Materials on Labor Law by Cox, Archibald S., Bok, Der... ISBN: 9780882770277 List Price: $25.50
Employee Reward Structures by Langley, Aidan ISBN: 9781904905271 List Price: $170.00
Craig and Miller: Employment Law in Scotland by Craig, Victor, Miller, Kenneth ISBN: 9780406957313
Q & A Employment Law 2008 and 2009 by Benny, Richard, Sargeant, M... ISBN: 9780199237241 List Price: $40.00
Employment Law in Practice 2008 by City Law School (London, En... ISBN: 9780199227549 List Price: $70.00
Employment Law for Business Students by Hardy, Stephen T., Upex, Ro... ISBN: 9781412900218 List Price: $130.00
Legal Rights of Union Stewards by Schwartz, Robert M., Thorke... ISBN: 9780945902010 List Price: $9.95
Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2013 by Arthur Cox Employment Law G... ISBN: 9781780434568
From Labour Law to Social Competition Law? by Rigaux, M., Buelens, Jan, L... ISBN: 9781780682211
Your Rights on the Job: A Practical Guide to Employment Laws in Massachusetts - Robert M. Sc... by Schwartz, Robert M., Fichte... ISBN: 9780961103811 List Price: $19.95
Employment Law by Upex, Robert, Benny, Richar... ISBN: 9780199232864 List Price: $55.00
Employment Law 2009: LPC Guide by Holland, James, Burnett, St... ISBN: 9780199561278 List Price: $95.00
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