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Labor and Employment Law Desk Book 1999 - Prentice-Hall - Paperback - 2ND by Jackson, Patrick Thaddeus ISBN: 9780139210570 List Price: $39.95
Labor and Employment Law Desk Book - Gordon E. Jackson - Paperback by Jackson, Gordon E. ISBN: 9780132727662 List Price: $39.95
Dispute Resolution - Stephen B. Goldberg - Hardcover by Goldberg, Stephen B., Green... ISBN: 9780316319287 List Price: $38.00
Employment Law for Business Students Uk Edition by Nairns, Janice ISBN: 9780582472761 List Price: $77.50
Cases and Materials on Labor Law by Cox, Archibald S., Bok, Der... ISBN: 9780882770277 List Price: $25.50
Unfair Dismissal Law by Redmond, Mary ISBN: 9781845922993 List Price: $139.00
Gilbert Law Summaries: Labor Law by Oldham C. James, Robert J. ... ISBN: 9780159003404 List Price: $19.95
Labour Law by Davies, P. L., Freedland, Mark ISBN: 9780297780908 List Price: $39.95
Labor Law in a Nutshell by Leslie, Douglas L. ISBN: 9780314960245 List Price: $13.95
Employee Reward Structures by Langley, Aidan ISBN: 9781904905271 List Price: $170.00
Employee Reward Structures by Langley, Aidan ISBN: 9781904905288 List Price: $280.00
Labor And Employment Update Outsourcing by Bryan, Jon ISBN: 9780324378375 List Price: $10.95
Your Rights on the Job: A Practical Guide to Employment Laws in Massachusetts - Robert M. Sc... by Schwartz, Robert M., Fichte... ISBN: 9780961103811 List Price: $19.95
Trade Union And Collective Employment Rights by Humphreys, Nick ISBN: 9780853089605 List Price: $100.00
Labor Relations Law by Taylor, Benjamin J., Whitne... ISBN: 9780135196526 List Price: $38.33
Core Statutes on Employment Law 2005-06 by Lauterburg, Dominique ISBN: 9781846410079 List Price: $22.95
Craig and Miller: Employment Law in Scotland by Craig, Victor, Miller, Kenneth ISBN: 9780406957313
Compensation On Dismissal by Stewart, Ercus, Dunleavy, N... ISBN: 9781904480051 List Price: $190.00
Small Business Handbook Laws, Regulations and Technical Assistance Services-U.S. Dept. of Labor by DiStasio, Mario, MacLaury, ... ISBN: 9780788114793 List Price: $25.00
Rights at Work Employment Relations in the Post-Union Era by Edwards, Richard ISBN: 9780815721048 List Price: $44.95
Statutory Supplement to Labor Law Cases, Materials and Problems by Meltzer, Bernard D., Hender... ISBN: 9780316566483 List Price: $11.95
Statutory Supplement to Cases and Materials on the Law Governing the Employment Relationship... by Samuel Estreiche, Michael C... ISBN: 9780314009968 List Price: $24.95
International Labour Law Reports by Gladstone, Alan, Aaron, Ben... ISBN: 9789004138063 List Price: $358.00
Labor, Employment, and the Law: A Dictionary by Anglim, Christopher T. ISBN: 9780874368253 List Price: $55.00
Labour Law by Swan, K., Labour Law Casebo... ISBN: 9781552210246 List Price: $84.50
Perspectives On Labour Law by Davies, A. C. L., Twining, ... ISBN: 9780521605236 List Price: $44.99
Individual Employment Law by England, Geoffrey ISBN: 9781552210284 List Price: $41.50
Advanced Employment Law by Helewitz, Jeffrey A. ISBN: 9780929563459 List Price: $37.50
181. Desk Bk.-1998 Cum.supp by Jackson, Gordon E. ISBN: 9780138900540 List Price: $39.95
Employment Law by Moran, John J. ISBN: 9780134482507 List Price: $78.75
Legalines: Labor Law : Adaptable to Twelfth Edition of Cox Casebook by Charles N. Carnes ISBN: 9780159002384 List Price: $18.95
Legal Protection for the Individual Employee (American Casebooks) by Matthew W. Finkin, Alvin L.... ISBN: 9780314065445 List Price: $72.00
Legal Protection for the Individual Employee by Finkin, Matthew W., Goldman... ISBN: 9780314572219 List Price: $53.00
Politics of the Ucs Work-In Class Alliances and the Right to Work by Foster, John L., Woolfson, ... ISBN: 9780853156635 List Price: $29.95
International Labour Law Reports by Bar-Niv, Zvi H. ISBN: 9780792308485 List Price: $254.00
Labor Law by Otto, Hansjö, rg, Otto,... ISBN: 9783899495270
Employment Law 2009: LPC Guide by Holland, James, Burnett, St... ISBN: 9780199561278 List Price: $95.00
Law for Legal Executives, Vol. 1 by Blakemore, Timothy, Greene,... ISBN: 9781854311795 List Price: $60.00
Ec Employment Law by Barnard, Catherine ISBN: 9780198765646 List Price: $170.00
European Labour Law by Bercusson, Brian ISBN: 9780406982544 List Price: $45.00
Davis-Bacon Act Labor Now Verifies Wage Data, but Verification Process Needs Improvement by Joyner, Carlotta C. ISBN: 9780788181504 List Price: $20.00
Collective Bargaining in Public Employment (American Casebooks) by Joseph R. Grodin, June Weis... ISBN: 9780314018625 List Price: $69.50
California Labor Law Digest by Hoh, Ron ISBN: 9781878630216 List Price: $60.00
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