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International law is legislation on how different countries and the citizens of different countries interact. To put it in simple terms it is the set of rules that countries follow when dealing with each other. International law is growing in importance as a result of the increasing influence of globalization and is split into public and private international law. Public international law deals with relationships between nations or nations and organizations. Whereas private international law deals with disputes between individuals or businesses from different countries. Whichever area you decide to specialize in you can buy or rent all the international law textbooks that you need for your college studies right here online. The great value international law textbooks that we sell here are the same ones that you will find in your college bookstores, but we sell them at much lower prices. Our new and used international law textbooks are all in great condition and we have the cheapest prices.

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British Year Book of International Law, 1983 by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Dere... ISBN: 9780198255086 List Price: $400.00
International Migration & Citizenship Today by Steiner, Niklaus ISBN: 9780415772983 List Price: $130.00
International Arbitration: Three Salient Problems by Schwebel, Stephen M. ISBN: 9780949009029
United Nations' Search for a Definition of Aggression by Nyiri, Nicolas ISBN: 9780820408699 List Price: $53.95
International Law by Shaw, M. N. ISBN: 9780521463164 List Price: $44.95
307. System,cs.+mtrls.on by Sweeney, Joseph M., Oliver,... ISBN: 9780882776552 List Price: $40.50
European Inter-State CO-Operation in Criminal Matters by Muller-Rappard, Ekkehart, B... ISBN: 9789024734658 List Price: $146.00
Role and Record of the International Court of Justice by Singh, Nagendra K. ISBN: 9780792302919 List Price: $178.00
Methodical System of Universal Law With Supplements and a Discourse by George Turnbull by Heineccius, Johann Gottlieb... ISBN: 9780865974784 List Price: $20.00
Methodical System of Universal Law With Supplements and a Discourse by Heineccius, Johann Gottlieb... ISBN: 9780865974791 List Price: $120.00
Bibliography on Land-Locked States by Glassner, Martin Ira ISBN: 9789028602908 List Price: $59.50
International Issues in Criminal Justice by Letman, Sloan T. ISBN: 9781884028076 List Price: $20.00
Aspects of the Administration of International Justice by Lauterpacht, Elihu ISBN: 9780949009906
British Year Book of International Law 1981: Volume 52 by Jennings, R. Y., Brownlie, Ian ISBN: 9780195204247 List Price: $115.00
Völkerrecht by Vitzthum, Wolfgang, Bothe, ... ISBN: 9783899497144
National Interests, Morality and International Law by Malnes, Raino ISBN: 9788200219682
Universal Jurisdiction for Humanitarian Crimes by King-Irani, Laurie ISBN: 9781845680961
Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust by Bazyler, Michael, Tuerkheim... ISBN: 9781479886067 List Price: $45.00
EC and UK Competition Law Commentary, Cases And Materials by Dabbah, Maher M. ISBN: 9780521604680 List Price: $73.00
Handbook of International Law by Aust, Anthony ISBN: 9780521117050 List Price: $140.00
Regime of Straits in International Law by Jia, Bing B. ISBN: 9780198265566 List Price: $204.00
To Perpetual Peace A Philosophical Sketch by Kant, Immanuel, Humphrey, Ted ISBN: 9780872206922 List Price: $19.95
Agency and Ethics The Politics of Military Intervention by Lang, Anthony E. ISBN: 9780791451359 List Price: $65.50
Trafficking and Global Crime Control by Lee, Maggy ISBN: 9781412935562 List Price: $93.95
State Responses to International Law : Who Complies? by Stiles, Kendall ISBN: 9781138790797
Trafficking of Persons by McCabe, Kimberly A. ISBN: 9780820463278 List Price: $32.95
Settlement of Disputes in International Law Institutions and Procedures by Collier, John, Lowe, Vaughan ISBN: 9780198256694 List Price: $310.00
Torture, Power, and Law by Luban, David ISBN: 9781107051096 List Price: $99.00
Gulf War Reparations and the UN Compensation Commission : Designing Compensation after Conflict by Gibson, Christopher S., Raj... ISBN: 9780199389735 List Price: $150.00
Philosophy of International Law by Carty, Anthony ISBN: 9780748675517
Dynamics of International Law in Conflict Resolution by Tacsan, Joaquin ISBN: 9780792314509 List Price: $121.50
International Conflict Resolution by Hauss, Charles ISBN: 9780826447753 List Price: $130.00
International Law and Organization An Introduction by Van Dervort, Thomas R. ISBN: 9780761901884 List Price: $158.00
The Politics of International Law: U.S. Foreign Policy Reconsidered by Forsythe, David P. ISBN: 9781555872076 List Price: $42.00
Immunity of Heads of State and State Officials for International Crimes by Pedretti, Ramona ISBN: 9789004287761 List Price: $232.00
European Community Law in the English Courts by Jacobs, Francis, Andenas, M... ISBN: 9780198265924 List Price: $180.00
Between States Interim Governments and Democratic Transitions by Shain, Yossi, Linz, Juan J.... ISBN: 9780521484985 List Price: $36.99
British Year Book of International Law 2000 by Crawford, James, Lowe, Vaughan ISBN: 9780199246922 List Price: $340.00
British Year Book of International Law, 1985 by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Dere... ISBN: 9780198255475 List Price: $400.00
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