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International law is legislation on how different countries and the citizens of different countries interact. To put it in simple terms it is the set of rules that countries follow when dealing with each other. International law is growing in importance as a result of the increasing influence of globalization and is split into public and private international law. Public international law deals with relationships between nations or nations and organizations. Whereas private international law deals with disputes between individuals or businesses from different countries. Whichever area you decide to specialize in you can buy or rent all the international law textbooks that you need for your college studies right here online. The great value international law textbooks that we sell here are the same ones that you will find in your college bookstores, but we sell them at much lower prices. Our new and used international law textbooks are all in great condition and we have the cheapest prices.

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Law and Force in the New International Order - Lori F. Fisler Damrosch - Paperback by Damrosch, Lori F., Scheffer... ISBN: 9780813313573 List Price: $25.00
International Investment Law [Hart] by Subedi, Surya, Suvedi, Sury... ISBN: 9781841138794
International Criminal Justice Issues in a Global Perspective by Rounds, Delbert L. ISBN: 9780205290673 List Price: $98.20
Public International Law by Kaczorowska, Alina ISBN: 9780415463508
New World Order by Slaughter, Anne-Marie ISBN: 9780691116983 List Price: $45.00
Regime of Islands in International Law by Jayewardene, Hiran W. ISBN: 9780792301301 List Price: $231.50
Land and Maritime Zones of Peace in International Law by Subedi, Surya P. ISBN: 9780198260967 List Price: $192.00
International Law and International Relations by Armstrong, David, Farrell, ... ISBN: 9780521605182 List Price: $34.99
Law Among Nations An Introduction to Public International Law by Von Glahn, Gerhard, Taulbee... ISBN: 9780321104809 List Price: $164.20
International Law in a Divided World by Cassese, Antonio ISBN: 9780198762331 List Price: $49.95
To Perpetual Peace A Philosophical Sketch by Kant, Immanuel, Humphrey, Ted ISBN: 9780872206915 List Price: $6.95
Exile and Return: Predicaments of Palestinians and Jews by Lesch, Ann M., Lustick, Ian S. ISBN: 9780812220520 List Price: $26.50
The Art of Argument: A Guide to Mooting (Law in Context S.) by Kee, Christopher ISBN: 9780521685139 List Price: $35.99
Power of Legitimacy Among Nations by Franck, Thomas M. ISBN: 9780195061789 List Price: $125.00
Principles of International Environmental Law by Sands, Philippe ISBN: 9780521521062 List Price: $103.00
Principles of Public International Law by Brownlie, Ian ISBN: 9780198256397 List Price: $49.95
Textbook on International Law by Dixon, Martin ISBN: 9781854310682 List Price: $38.00
International Law and World Order A Problem-Oriented Coursebook by Weston, Burns H., Falk, Ric... ISBN: 9780314733047 List Price: $56.00
International Law Reports by Lauterpacht, Elihu, Greenwo... ISBN: 9780521642422 List Price: $305.00
Essays in Honour of Wang Tieya by MacDonald, Ronald St. John ISBN: 9780792324690 List Price: $238.00
World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Penal Systems by Kurian, George Thomas ISBN: 9780816010196 List Price: $95.00
Legal Systems of the World A Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia by Kritzer, Herbert M. ISBN: 9781576072318 List Price: $385.00
Principles of Public International Law by Brownlie, Ian ISBN: 9780198760672 List Price: $38.00
Drought Conciliation and Water Rights Japanese Experience by Omichi, Toshikatsu ISBN: 9780788143694 List Price: $25.00
International Rules Approaches from International Law and International Relations by Beck, Robert J., Arend, Ant... ISBN: 9780195085402 List Price: $49.95
Democracy by Force U.S. Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War World by Von Hippel, Karin, Greenwoo... ISBN: 9780521659550 List Price: $41.00
Crimes Against Humanity in International Criminal Law by Bassiouni, M. Cherif ISBN: 9780792317371 List Price: $306.50
Genocide: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) by Ball, Howard ISBN: 9781598844887 List Price: $55.00
Bibliography on Land-Locked States by Glassner, Martin Ira ISBN: 9780792333005 List Price: $198.00
National Self-Determination and Secession by Moore, Margaret ISBN: 9780198293842 List Price: $140.00
Prudent Peace: Law as Foreign Policy - John A. Perkins - Hardcover by Perkins, John A. ISBN: 9780226658735 List Price: $28.00
Reality of International Law Essays in Honour of Ian Brownlie by Goodwin-Gill, Guy S., Talmo... ISBN: 9780198268376 List Price: $310.00
Refugee in International Law by Goodwin-Gill, Guy S. ISBN: 9780198260202 List Price: $89.00
Refugee Law and Policy Cases and Materials by Musalo, Karen, Boswell, Ric... ISBN: 9780890898703 List Price: $75.00
Toward an Islamic Reformation Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and International Law by Ahmed An-Na'im, Abdullahi ISBN: 9780815627067 List Price: $19.95
International Criminal Law by Kittichaisaree, Kriangsak ISBN: 9780198765776 List Price: $99.00
International Conflict Resolution by Hauss, Charles ISBN: 9780826447753 List Price: $130.00
International Law As Law of the United States by Bassiouni, M. Cherif, Zagar... ISBN: 9780890898628 List Price: $80.00
International Litigation and Arbitration Practice and Planning by Weintraub, Russell J. ISBN: 9780890895740 List Price: $65.00
International Rules Approaches from International Law and International Relations by Beck, Robert J., Arend, Ant... ISBN: 9780195085396 List Price: $67.00
Introduction to the International Criminal Court by Schabas, William A. ISBN: 9780521537568 List Price: $46.00
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