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International law is legislation on how different countries and the citizens of different countries interact. To put it in simple terms it is the set of rules that countries follow when dealing with each other. International law is growing in importance as a result of the increasing influence of globalization and is split into public and private international law. Public international law deals with relationships between nations or nations and organizations. Whereas private international law deals with disputes between individuals or businesses from different countries. Whichever area you decide to specialize in you can buy or rent all the international law textbooks that you need for your college studies right here online. The great value international law textbooks that we sell here are the same ones that you will find in your college bookstores, but we sell them at much lower prices. Our new and used international law textbooks are all in great condition and we have the cheapest prices.

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International Law and International Relations by Armstrong, David, Farrell, ... ISBN: 9781107011069 List Price: $95.00
U.S. Taxation of International Transactions by Thompson, Samuel C., Jr. ISBN: 9780314047458 List Price: $69.00
International Law: Volume 1, the General Works: Being the Collected Papers of Hersch Lauterp... by Lauterpacht, Hersch, Lauter... ISBN: 9780521109499 List Price: $63.00
International Law And Politics Key Documents by Scott, Shirley V. ISBN: 9781588264176 List Price: $85.00
Countermeasures, the International Legal System, and Environmental Violations: When Two Wron... by Sverrisson, Hjortur Bragi ISBN: 9781604975406 List Price: $119.95
Questions of International Law : Hungarian Perspectives by Bokor-Szego, Hanna, Simon, ... ISBN: 9789630546898
Mobilizing the Will to Intervene : Leadership to Prevent Mass Atrocities by Chalk, Frank, Matthews, Kyl... ISBN: 9780773538030 List Price: $75.00
Fund.perspectives on International Law by Slomanson, William R., Tubb ISBN: 9780314667915 List Price: $53.25
Security+sacrifice by Abrams, Elliott, Lenkowsky,... ISBN: 9781558130494 List Price: $12.95
British Year Book of International Law 1984 by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Dere... ISBN: 9780198255208 List Price: $400.00
Public International Law Text, Cases, and Readings by August, Ray ISBN: 9780132998925 List Price: $112.40
Asylum A Moral Dilemma by Plaut, W. Gunther ISBN: 9780275951962 List Price: $21.95
British Year Book of International Law 1992 by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Dere... ISBN: 9780198254461 List Price: $330.00
International Dispute Settlement by Merrills, J. G. ISBN: 9780949009944
British Year Book of International Law by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Dere... ISBN: 9780198254911 List Price: $285.00
International Law by Epps, Valerie ISBN: 9780890897508 List Price: $40.00
Human Trafficking by Lee, Maggy ISBN: 9781843922414 List Price: $39.95
Eu Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy Whose Freedom, Security and Justice? by Toner, Helen, Guild, Elspet... ISBN: 9781841136844 List Price: $120.00
Governmental Illegitimacy in International Law by Roth, Brad ISBN: 9780198268529 List Price: $310.00
Seeking Asylum Comparative Law and Practice in Selected European Countries by Kambert, Helene ISBN: 9780792331520 List Price: $180.00
Antiterrorist Initiatives - John B. Wolf - Hardcover by Wolf, J. B. ISBN: 9780306431234 List Price: $45.00
Recueil Des Cours / Collected Courses Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of Internationa... by Hague Academy of Internatio... ISBN: 9789041116086 List Price: $174.00
Searching for Peace in Europe and Eurasia An Overview of Conflict Prevention and Peacebuildi... by Van Tongeren, Paul, Van der... ISBN: 9781588260543 List Price: $65.00
Jurisprudence of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal by Aldrich, George H. ISBN: 9780198258056 List Price: $420.00
Agency and Ethics The Politics of Military Intervention by Lang, Anthony E. ISBN: 9780791451366 List Price: $29.95
Blond's International Law - Neil C. Blond - Paperback by Blond, Neil C. ISBN: 9780945819127 List Price: $14.99
United Nations' Search for a Definition of Aggression by Nyiri, Nicolas ISBN: 9780820408699 List Price: $53.95
Component Units of Federal States and International Agreement by Di Marzo, Luigi ISBN: 9789028603301 List Price: $115.00
Fundamental Perspectives on International Law by Slomanson, William R. ISBN: 9780534573874 List Price: $129.95
International Law by Shaw, Malcolm N. ISBN: 9780521899291 List Price: $165.00
Nuclear Weapons, the Balance of Terror, the Quest for Peace by Edwards, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780887061868 List Price: $29.95
Governance And Nationbuilding The Failure of International Intervention by Jenkins, Geraint H. ISBN: 9781845421915 List Price: $110.00
Basic Documents in International Law by Brownlie, Ian ISBN: 9780198763802 List Price: $85.00
Securing the Peace: The Durable Settlement of Civil Wars by Toft, Monica Duffy ISBN: 9780691141459 List Price: $65.00
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