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Law And The Motor Insurance Bureau Of Ireland by Richard Lyons, B. L., Cathl... ISBN: 9781904480266 List Price: $163.00
Health & Welfare Plans Under the Erisa ACT: Guidelines for States & Federal Regulation by Lewis, Stephanie ISBN: 9780893824822 List Price: $45.00
The changing nature of insurance regulation by Hamilton, Karen L. ISBN: 9780894621000 List Price: $4.00
Insurance Law in Africa: Cases, Statutes and Principles by Irukwu, J. O. ISBN: 9780948691256
Tolley's Insurance Handbook by Merkin, Robert ISBN: 9780854598069
Federalism and Insurance Regulation by Kimball, Spencer L., Heaney... ISBN: 9780893823696 List Price: $40.00
Understanding Insurance Law by Jerry, Robert H. ISBN: 9780820505510 List Price: $25.00
Insurance Law Doctrines and Principles by Lowry, John, Rawlings, Philip ISBN: 9781841130040 List Price: $50.00
Insurance Law by Kimball, Spencer L. ISBN: 9780316493123
Cases, Materials and Problems on General Practice Insurance Law by York, Kenneth H., Whelan, J... ISBN: 9780314029515 List Price: $62.50
Proceedings of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 1988 by Unknown ISBN: 9780893821715 List Price: $125.00
Insurance Law in a Nutshell by Dobbyn, John F. ISBN: 9780314598516 List Price: $9.95
Legal Issues in the Fee-for-Service Prepaid Medical Group by Michaels, Joel L. ISBN: 9780933948341 List Price: $28.00
Health Care Fraud Information-Sharing Proposals to Improve Enforcement Efforts by Alexander, David P., Willia... ISBN: 9780788136658 List Price: $25.00
Regulation of Insurance - Justin L. Brady - Paperback by Brady, Justin L., Mellinger... ISBN: 9780894620928 List Price: $44.00
Legal Environment of Insurance, Vol. 1 - James J. Lorimer - Hardcover - 4th ed by Lorimer, James J., Perlet, ... ISBN: 9780894630644 List Price: $41.00
Group Insurance - William F. Bluhm - Hardcover by Bluhm, William F. ISBN: 9780936031132 List Price: $65.00
Employee Benefits A Guide for Health Care Professionals by Aspen Health Law and Compli... ISBN: 9780834211582 List Price: $105.95
Guide to State Medicaid Managed Care Laws by Anderson, Jane M. ISBN: 9781569251010 List Price: $155.00
Guide to Professional Development in Compliance by Heller, Jan C., Murphy, Jos... ISBN: 9780834218741 List Price: $150.95
Insurance Law by Boivin, Denis ISBN: 9781552210901 List Price: $50.50
Single European Market and Insurance : Law and Practice by Ellis, T. Henry ISBN: 9781856090759
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