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If you are studying law at college, make sure you browse our collection of text books on this topic. This particular section allows you to buy cheap family law textbooks on such topics as children, marriage, divorce and separation. This will allow you to develop your knowledge at affordable prices, because we offer pre-owned textbooks at discounted prices on a daily basis. Why not invest in a copy of Family Law or Custody of Children: A Behavioral Assessment Model? We have many other titles as well, including Custody Evaluations and In the Interests of Children: Advocacy, Law Reform and Public Policy. Rent used family law textbooks now and save huge amounts on what you'd usually pay elsewhere. We buy back family law books as well, so bear this in mind when you are in a position to sell. Our marketplace buys and sells at superb prices, so make the most of it today.

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Family Law The Essentials by Statsky, William P. ISBN: 9781401848279 List Price: $128.95
Conducting Child Custody Evaluations : From Basic to Complex Issues by Stahl, Philip M., Stahl, Ph... ISBN: 9781412974349 List Price: $54.95
Family Law and Practice by Luppino, Grace A., Miller, ... ISBN: 9780135122518
Family Law by Statsky, William P. ISBN: 9780766833586 List Price: $147.95
Juvenile Law by Marsh, Toni ISBN: 9781401840198 List Price: $63.95
Practical Guide to Family Law by Cornick, Matthew S. ISBN: 9780314044518 List Price: $170.95
Family Law in the United States Changing Perspectives by Crotty, Patricia M. ISBN: 9780820441832 List Price: $24.95
Divorce and Child Custody Your Options and Legal Rights by Strohm, Richard L. ISBN: 9780791044391 List Price: $12.95
Children's Welfare and the Law: The Limits of Legal Intervention by King, Michael, Trowell, Judith ISBN: 9780803987319 List Price: $22.95
Family Law by Statsky, William P. ISBN: 9780314064677 List Price: $98.95
Family Law in Perspective by Wadlington, Walter, O'Brien... ISBN: 9781566627313 List Price: $33.00
Family Law In a Nutshell by Krause, Harry D. ISBN: 9780314065780 List Price: $25.50
Children and the Law Doctrine, Policy and Practice by Abrams, Douglas E., Ramsey,... ISBN: 9780314226747 List Price: $79.00
Reader on Family Law by Eekelaar, John M., MacLean,... ISBN: 9780198763635 List Price: $27.50
Family Law by Burton, Frances ISBN: 9780415583640
Invitation to Family Law Principles, Process, and Perspectives by Schneider, Carl E., Brinig,... ISBN: 9780314066824 List Price: $70.00
Family Law Statutes 2011-2012 by Bates, Phil ISBN: 9780415684613
Forensic fetal osteology by Fazekas, I. G., Kosa, F. ISBN: 9789630514910
Active and Reasonable Efforts to Preserve Families : A Guide for Delivering Services in Comp... by Hunner, Robert J., Goodluck... ISBN: 9780943321004 List Price: $40.00
Augustan Laws on Family Relations by Csillag, P., Perjes, Z. ISBN: 9789630503761
Hayes and Williams' Family Law: Principles, Policy, and Practice by Gilmore, Stephen, Glennon, ... ISBN: 9780199282364 List Price: $70.00
Divorce Lawyers and Their Clients Power and Meaning in the Legal Process by Sarat, Austin, Felstiner, W... ISBN: 9780195117998 List Price: $50.00
Paralegal's Guide to Family Law and Practice by Luppino, Grace A., Miller, ... ISBN: 9780139011252 List Price: $92.80
Lives of the Bigamists Marriage, Family and Community in Colonial Mexico by Boyer, Richard ISBN: 9780826323842 List Price: $14.95
Prisoner for Polygamy The Memoirs and Letters of Rudger Clawson at the Utah Territorial Peni... by Larson, Stan, Clawson, Rudger ISBN: 9780252018619 List Price: $31.95
Youth in Society Contemporary Theory, Policy and Practice by Tucker, Stan, Roche, Jeremy... ISBN: 9781412900249 List Price: $42.95
Family Law Cases, Comments and Questions by Krause, Harry D. ISBN: 9780314565792 List Price: $55.50
Breastfeeding Rights in the United States by Kedrowski, Karen M., Lipsco... ISBN: 9780275991364
Children's Rights A Comparative Perspective by Freeman, Michael A. ISBN: 9781855216785 List Price: $114.95
Families and Law by McIntyre, Lisa J., Sussman,... ISBN: 9780789002150 List Price: $24.95
Who Speaks for the Child The Problems of Proxy Consent by Gaylin, W., Macklin, R. ISBN: 9780306408601 List Price: $111.00
International Child Law 2/e by Buck, Trevor ISBN: 9780415487160 List Price: $180.00
Children's Rights in the United States In Search of a National Policy by Walker, Nancy E., Brooks, C... ISBN: 9780803951037 List Price: $124.00
Canadian Child Welfare Law Children, Families, And The State by Bala, Nicholas, Zapf, Micha... ISBN: 9781550771442 List Price: $32.95
Introduction To Family Law by Douglas, Gillian ISBN: 9780199270941 List Price: $65.00
Child Law for Social Work by Williams, Jane ISBN: 9781412908047 List Price: $42.95
Hidden in Plain Sight by Woodhouse, Barbara Bennett ISBN: 9780691126906
Smith's Review of Family Law - Myron G. Hill - Paperback - 2d ed. by Hill, Myron G., Jr., Rossen... ISBN: 9780829905151 List Price: $11.95
The Modern Child and the Flexible Labour Market: Early Childhood Education and Care by Qvortrup, Jens, Kjørholt, A... ISBN: 9780230579323 List Price: $85.00
Cases and Problems on Domestic Relations by Clark, Homer H., Jr., Glowi... ISBN: 9780314059055 List Price: $65.00
Birthrights: Law and Ethics at the Beginnings of Life by Lee, Robert, Morgan, Derek ISBN: 9780415003018 List Price: $57.50
Family Law Case Study CD-ROM: Allen v. Allen by Walter, Janis L. ISBN: 9781418062347 List Price: $33.95
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