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Federal Judiciary : Observations on Selected Issues by Unknown ISBN: 9780788127489 List Price: $30.00
United States Court Directory (1996) by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780788149313 List Price: $60.00
Federal Rules of Appelate Procedure (with Forms) by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780788149252 List Price: $20.00
Report on Single-Tier Trial Court System by Unknown ISBN: 9780788113659 List Price: $25.00
State Court Organization, 1993 by Rottman, David B., Flango, ... ISBN: 9780788122675 List Price: $45.00
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure with Forms (1994) by Unknown ISBN: 9780788117794 List Price: $20.00
Resource Guidelines : Improving Court Practice in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases by Grossman, David E. ISBN: 9780788182044 List Price: $40.00
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure with Forms (1998) by Hyde, Henry J. ISBN: 9780788178092 List Price: $20.00
Manual for Cooperation Between State and Federal Courts by Apple, James G., Hannaford,... ISBN: 9780788174728 List Price: $35.00
International Justice after Conflict by Lincoln, Jessica ISBN: 9780415598392
Sentencing the Motoring Offender by Hood, Roger ISBN: 9780435824211 List Price: $24.50
Justice in America: Courts, Lawyers, and the Judicial Process by Jacob, Herbert ISBN: 9780673394477 List Price: $13.43
European Court of Justice - Grainne De Burca - Paperback by De Burca, Grainne, Weiler, ... ISBN: 9780199246014 List Price: $45.00
America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System by Neubauer, David W. ISBN: 9780534239527 List Price: $62.95
Federal Courts-cs.+mtrls-98 Supp by Wright, Charles A., Oakley,... ISBN: 9781566626712 List Price: $7.96
How Courts Govern America by Neely, Richard ISBN: 9780300025897 List Price: $27.50
Rationalizing Justice The Political Economy of Federal District Courts by Heydebrand, Wolf, Seron, Ca... ISBN: 9780791402955 List Price: $26.50
Rationalizing Justice The Political Economy of Federal Courts by Heydebrand, Wolf, Seron, Ca... ISBN: 9780791402962 List Price: $29.95
Federal and State Court Systems: A Guide - Fannie J. Klein - Hardcover by Klein, Fannie J. ISBN: 9780884102199 List Price: $27.50
American Court Systems: Readings in Judicial Process and Behavior - Sheldon Goldman - Paperback by Goldman, Sheldon, Sarat, Au... ISBN: 9780716700609 List Price: $17.95
American Courts: Process and Policy - Lawrence Baum - Paperback by Baum, Lawrence ISBN: 9780395350041 List Price: $27.16
Contempt of Court by Ramachandran, V. G. ISBN: 9788170124832
Final Appeal : Decision-Making in Canadian Courts of Appeal by Greene, Ian, Baar, Carl, Mc... ISBN: 9781550285659
Author's Suggestions for the Use of Cases and Materials on Federal Courts by McCormick, Charles T., Chad... ISBN: 9781566620543
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure by Unknown ISBN: 9781568061979 List Price: $20.00
Court Guide by Goodman, Andrew ISBN: 9781854310651 List Price: $70.00
Court Guide by Goodman, Andrew ISBN: 9781854314987 List Price: $60.00
Appellate Defender As Monitor, Watchdog and Gadfly by Wasserman, David, Hughes, G... ISBN: 9781878429568 List Price: $5.00
New York City Criminal Court : The Case for Abolition by Subin, Harry I., Hughes, Gr... ISBN: 9781878429629 List Price: $10.00
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