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Civil Litigation by Peggy Kerley, Janis L. Walt... ISBN: 9781111312220 List Price: $184.95
Litigation Paralegal A Systems Approach by McCord, James W. H. ISBN: 9781428323445 List Price: $161.95
Litigation And Trial Practice by Hart, William, Blanchard, R... ISBN: 9781418016890 List Price: $169.95
California Civil Litigation 5e by Luten, Susan Burnett ISBN: 9781428318458 List Price: $111.95
California Civil Litigation (2nd Edition) by Goldman, Thomas F., Hughes,... ISBN: 9780132374637 List Price: $120.00
Civil Litigation in Connecticut Anatomy of a Lawsuit by Peterson, Kimberly A., Pete... ISBN: 9780137578405 List Price: $110.40
California Civil Litigation - With Std. Guide by Luten, Susan Burnett ISBN: 9781435438767 List Price: $137.95
Civil Litigation: Process and Procedures (2nd Edition) by Thomas F. Goldman, Alice Ha... ISBN: 9780135109434 List Price: $183.60
Torts Personal Injury Litigation by Statsky, William P. ISBN: 9780766812307 List Price: $171.95
Civil Litigation Case Study #1 CD-ROM: Robinson v. Adcock by Walter, Janis L. ISBN: 9781418062316 List Price: $33.95
Civil Litigation by Kerley, Peggy N., Hames, Jo... ISBN: 9781428318397 List Price: $165.95
O'Connor's Texas Rules Civil Appeals: Practice Guide & Annotated Texas Rules of Appelate Pro... by O'Connor, Michol, Amos, Jes... ISBN: 9781884554209 List Price: $59.95
Civil Litigation by Goldman, Thomas F., Hughes,... ISBN: 9780131598676 List Price: $137.20
Real Law Stories: Inside the American Judicial Process by Richard Brisbin, John Kilwein ISBN: 9780199733590 List Price: $34.95
Civil Litigation by Kerley, Peggy N., Hames, Jo... ISBN: 9781401848293 List Price: $179.95
2000 Civil Procedure Supplement (American Casebook) by Cound, Friedenthal, Sexton ISBN: 9780314247506 List Price: $23.50
Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks) by Richard L. Marcus, Martin H... ISBN: 9780314241214 List Price: $95.00
Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach (American Casebook Series) by Richard L. Marcus, Martin H... ISBN: 9780314061058 List Price: $72.00
1991 Civil Procedure Supplement Containing Selected Federal and State Statutes, Rules, Probl... by Marcus, Richard L., Redish,... ISBN: 9780314887481 List Price: $11.00
Civil Interviewing and Investigation for Paralegals by Cynthia Bandars Schroeder ISBN: 9780766802445 List Price: $178.95
Civil Litigation A Case Study by Kelley, R. Pierce ISBN: 9780929563619 List Price: $60.60
Litigation and Trial Practice for the Legal Assistant by Blanchard, Roderick D., Bla... ISBN: 9780766827073 List Price: $189.95
Civil Litigation For Paralegals (West's Paralegal Series) by Elizabeth Richardson, Jr. ... ISBN: 9780827383678 List Price: $324.95
Civil Litigation F/paralegal by Kerley, Peggy N., Sukys, Pa... ISBN: 9780827347717 List Price: $81.95
Mass Tort Litigation: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series) by Linda S. Mullenix ISBN: 9780314066350 List Price: $119.00
Res Judicata: A Handbook on Its Theory, Doctrine, and Practice by Robert C. Casad, Kevin M. C... ISBN: 9780890897058 List Price: $35.00
1985 Civil Procedure Supplement for Use With All Pleading and Procedure Casebooks by Cound, John J., Friedenthal... ISBN: 9780314935458 List Price: $8.95
Elements of Civil Procedure : Cases and Materials, 1991 Supplement by Rosenberg, Maurice, Dreyfus... ISBN: 9780882779300 List Price: $4.95
Civil Procedure in a Nutshell by Kane, Mary K. ISBN: 9780314093981 List Price: $23.50
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure With Forms, 2000 by Hyde, Henry J. ISBN: 9780756708757 List Price: $25.00
Neo-Babylonian Trial Records (Writings from the Ancient World) by Shalom E. Holtz ISBN: 9781589839441 List Price: $51.95
Litigation Paralegal A Systems Approach by McCord, James W. H. ISBN: 9780766840553 List Price: $170.95
California Civil Litigation by Luten, Susan Burnett ISBN: 9781401858247 List Price: $132.95
Essentials of Civil Litigation by Fisher, Kathleen ISBN: 9781593990848
Paralegal's Litigation Handbook : by Carole A. Bruno, Bruno ISBN: 9780314011770 List Price: $82.95
Understanding Civil Proc 4E 2009 by Shreve, Gene R., Raven-Hans... ISBN: 9781422407127
American Tort Process by Fleming, John G. ISBN: 9780198256809 List Price: $45.00
Civil Litigation by Kerley, Peggy N., Hames, Jo... ISBN: 9780827371415 List Price: $83.95
The Globalization of Class Actions, Vol. 622 by Hensler, Deborah, Hodges, C... ISBN: 9781412975087 List Price: $34.95
Defence of Passing On by Rush, Michael ISBN: 9781841136028 List Price: $110.00
California Civil Litigation by Luten, Susan B., Hannan ISBN: 9780314010315 List Price: $34.50
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