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Language arts and disciplines textbooks are concerned with the art of communication. We all have to learn this art, as it is a necessity for both your working and personal lives. These books cater to people of all ages. There are books available for those who are learning the basics of language and need to start from scratch. Plus, there is also a valuable collection of books for advanced studies in language skills. At ValoreBooks you can find the complete variety of language arts and discipline textbooks that can enhance your reading, writing, and speaking skills, no matter what skill level you're currently at.

Range of language arts and discipline textbooks
The range of language arts and discipline textbooks include books that cover topics like early literacy, elementary level language arts, English grammar fundamentals, and even complex language arts that may include technical report writing, journalism crafts, and critical writing. The language arts books explore each subject from different perspectives. They discuss the power of language, language of signs, literature and language arts, interpersonal communication, and different communication theories. In addition to this, you can find tips and strategies for teachers, patterns of practice, information on developing writing skills, and art of public speaking. Books may also offer vocabulary-building tips and guides for English language training.

Purpose of language arts and disciplines
The aim of language arts and disciplines textbooks is to provide material that can help a person learn to comprehend and communicate effectively. The instructional and informative books build the communication skills that make it easier to express one's self and comprehend others.

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Modern Rhetorical Criticism by Hart, Roderick P., Daughton... ISBN: 9780205377992 List Price: $96.20
Read, Reason, Write by Seyler, Dorothy U. ISBN: 9780073405933
Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication by Adler, Ronald B., Rosenfeld... ISBN: 9780195379594 List Price: $81.95
Subject and Strategy : A Writer's Reader by Eschholz, Paul, Rosa, Alfred ISBN: 9780312612733
Connections by Miller, Toby, Miller, Quent... ISBN: 9780618481149 List Price: $103.95
Writing Today by Pharr, Donald, Buscemi, San... ISBN: 9780073533223 List Price: $89.06
Literacy: Helping Students Construct Meaning by Cooper, J. David, Kiger, Na... ISBN: 9781111298104 List Price: $129.95
A Writer's Resource by Maimon, Peritz, Yancey ISBN: 9780077397357 List Price: $73.44
A Course in Phonetics (with CD-ROM) by Ladefoged, Peter, Johnson, ... ISBN: 9781428231269 List Price: $134.95
Creative Editing by Bowles, Dorothy A., Borden,... ISBN: 9781439082690 List Price: $147.95
The Writer's Way by Rawlins, Jack, Metzger, Ste... ISBN: 9780495911449 List Price: $74.95
Little Brown Reader, The (12th Edition) by Stubbs, Marcia, Barnet, Sylvan ISBN: 9780205028627 List Price: $71.33
The Prose Reader: Essays for Thinking, Reading, and Writing (9th Edition) by Flachmann, Kim, Flachmann, ... ISBN: 9780205708437 List Price: $70.00
Quick Access : Reference for Writers by Troyka, Lynn Q., Hesse, Dou... ISBN: 9780205903610
A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking by O'Hair, Dan, Rubenstein, Ha... ISBN: 9780312554040 List Price: $40.02
Concise Public Speaking Handbook by Beebe, Steven A., Beebe, Su... ISBN: 9780205753703
Aims of Argument: Text and Reader by Crusius, Timothy, Channell,... ISBN: 9780077343798 List Price: $77.50
Basic Grammar and Usage by Choy, Penelope, Goldbart Cl... ISBN: 9781428211551 List Price: $67.95
A First Look at Communication Theory by Griffin, Em ISBN: 9780073385020 List Price: $126.88
Learning American Sign Language by Humphries, Tom, Padden, Car... ISBN: 9780205453429 List Price: $51.99
The Writing Process by Lannon, John M. ISBN: 9780205210091
Concise Introduction to Linguistics by Rowe, Bruce M., Levine, Dia... ISBN: 9780205051816
Vocabulary for the College Bound Student by Levine, Harold, Levine, Nor... ISBN: 9781567651041 List Price: $12.30
Notebook Know-How Strategies For The Writer's Notebook by Buckner, Aimee, Fletcher, R... ISBN: 9781571104137 List Price: $16.00
Successful Writer's Handbook by McWhorter, Kathleen T., Aar... ISBN: 9780205028061
The Writer's World: Essays by Gaetz, Lynne, Phadke, Suneeti ISBN: 9780205781713
The Arlington Reader: Contexts and Connections by Bloom, Lynn Z., Smith, Loui... ISBN: 9780312605650 List Price: $39.95
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