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Language arts and disciplines textbooks are concerned with the art of communication. We all have to learn this art, as it is a necessity for both your working and personal lives. These books cater to people of all ages. There are books available for those who are learning the basics of language and need to start from scratch. Plus, there is also a valuable collection of books for advanced studies in language skills. At ValoreBooks you can find the complete variety of language arts and discipline textbooks that can enhance your reading, writing, and speaking skills, no matter what skill level you're currently at.

Range of language arts and discipline textbooks
The range of language arts and discipline textbooks include books that cover topics like early literacy, elementary level language arts, English grammar fundamentals, and even complex language arts that may include technical report writing, journalism crafts, and critical writing. The language arts books explore each subject from different perspectives. They discuss the power of language, language of signs, literature and language arts, interpersonal communication, and different communication theories. In addition to this, you can find tips and strategies for teachers, patterns of practice, information on developing writing skills, and art of public speaking. Books may also offer vocabulary-building tips and guides for English language training.

Purpose of language arts and disciplines
The aim of language arts and disciplines textbooks is to provide material that can help a person learn to comprehend and communicate effectively. The instructional and informative books build the communication skills that make it easier to express one's self and comprehend others.

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Interpersonal Communication by Lane, Shelley D. ISBN: 9780205663026 List Price: $102.40
Public Speaking (6th Edition) (MySpeechLab Series) by Zarefsky, David ISBN: 9780205638321 List Price: $107.60
Rulebook for Arguments by Weston, Anthony ISBN: 9780872209541 List Price: $7.95
An Introduction to Language by Fromkin, Victoria, Rodman, ... ISBN: 9781428263925 List Price: $127.95
Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition by Rosa, Alfred, Eschholz, Paul ISBN: 9780312531133 List Price: $47.58
Joining the Conversation: Writing in College and Beyond by Palmquist, Mike ISBN: 9780312412159 List Price: $63.75
Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments by Faigley, Lester, Selzer, Jack ISBN: 9780205000937
Literacy: Helping Students Construct Meaning by Cooper, J. David, Kiger, Na... ISBN: 9781111298104 List Price: $129.95
Essential Elements of Public Speaking by DeVito, Joseph A. ISBN: 9780205753697
Little Penguin Handbook, The (3rd Edition) by Faigley, Lester ISBN: 9780205211340 List Price: $32.00
Steps to Writing Well by Wyrick, Jean ISBN: 9781439083956 List Price: $104.95
The Writing Process by Lannon, John M. ISBN: 9780205210091
Ideas and Details by Bauman, M. Garrett ISBN: 9781428262317 List Price: $82.95
Informal Reading Inventory: Preprimer to Twelfth Grade by Roe, Betty, Burns, Paul C. ISBN: 9780495808947 List Price: $83.95
A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking by O'Hair, Dan, Rubenstein, Ha... ISBN: 9780312554040 List Price: $40.02
Plays for the Theatre by Oscar G. Brockett, Robert J... ISBN: 9781439082683 List Price: $156.95
Quick Access Brief (3rd Edition) by Lynn Q. Troyka, Doug Hesse ISBN: 9780321914071 List Price: $61.80
Exploring Language by Goshgarian, Gary J. ISBN: 9780205172863 List Price: $69.33
Grassroots with Readings: The Writer's Workbook by Fawcett, Susan ISBN: 9780495901235 List Price: $98.95
Writing for the Health Professions by Terryberry, Karl J. ISBN: 9781401841928 List Price: $81.95
Communication: The Handbook (MyCommunicationLab Series) by Froemling, Kristin, Grice, ... ISBN: 9780205467372 List Price: $72.00
Perspectives on Contemporary Issues by Ackley, Katherine Anne ISBN: 9780495912927 List Price: $81.95
The Brief McGraw-Hill Reader by Muller, Gilbert H. ISBN: 9780073405995 List Price: $56.56
The Organization of Information: Third Edition by Taylor, Arlene G., Joudrey,... ISBN: 9781591587002 List Price: $50.00
Prentice Hall Reference Guide (8th Edition) (MyCompLab Series) by Harris, Muriel G., Kunka, J... ISBN: 9780205782314 List Price: $70.00
When Words Collide by Kessler, Lauren, McDonald, ... ISBN: 9780495572404 List Price: $88.95
The Bedford Reader by X. J. Kennedy, Dorothy M. K... ISBN: 9780312609696
An Introduction to Communication by Floyd, Kory ISBN: 9780073385112 List Price: $100.00
The Art of Public Speaking by Lucas, Stephen ISBN: 9780073385150 List Price: $113.60
The Little DK Handbook by Wysocki, Anne F., Lynch, De... ISBN: 9780205823734 List Price: $32.00
The Challenge of Effective Speaking by Verderber, Rudolph F. (Rudo... ISBN: 9780495911340 List Price: $131.95
Cengage Advantage Books: The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook by Kirszner, Laurie G., Mandel... ISBN: 9780495912958 List Price: $25.95
Rhetoric in Civic Life by Catherine Helen Palczewski,... ISBN: 9781891136283
Communication Research: Strategies and Tactics by Rubin, Alan M., Piele, Hari... ISBN: 9780495095880 List Price: $82.95
Vocabulary Workshop Level G by Shostak, Jerome ISBN: 9780821571125 List Price: $9.72
Training in Interpersonal Skills: TIPS for Managing People at Work by Robbins, Stephen P., Hunsak... ISBN: 9780132354998 List Price: $120.33
Human Communication by Pearson, Judy C., Nelson, P... ISBN: 9780073406800 List Price: $112.50
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