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Translation Studies by Bassnett, Susan ISBN: 9780415039833 List Price: $13.95
Triangulating Translation Perspectives in Process Oriented Research by Alves, Fabio ISBN: 9781588114297 List Price: $114.00
Status Quaestionis: Questionnaire on the Provision of Legal Interpreting and Translation in ... by Hertog, Erik, van Gucht, Jan ISBN: 9789050958042 List Price: $70.00
Translation and Interpreting Bridging East and West Selected Conference Papers by Seymour, Richard K., Liu, C... ISBN: 9780824816032 List Price: $16.00
Languages and Translation by Weiss, G. ISBN: 9780536664549 List Price: $52.00
Text Coherence in Translation by Schubert, Klaus ISBN: 9783110131079 List Price: $52.35
Translation into the Second Language by Campbell, Stuart ISBN: 9780582301887 List Price: $23.01
Translation as a Touchstone by Raji Narasimhan ISBN: 9788132109549 List Price: $39.95
Post-Translational Processing A Practical Approach by Higgins, S. J., Hames, B. D. ISBN: 9780199637959 List Price: $99.00
Medieval Translator (Traduire Au Moyen Age) by Jenkins, Janette ISBN: 9782503525358
Annotated Texts for Translation English-French by Adab, Beverly J. ISBN: 9781853593192 List Price: $29.95
Annotated Texts for Translation English-French by Adab, Beverly J. ISBN: 9781853593208 List Price: $69.95
Difference in Translatn CB by Graham, Joseph F. ISBN: 9780801417047 List Price: $34.50
Translation as Text, Vol. 1 by Neubert, Albrecht, Shreve, ... ISBN: 9780873384698 List Price: $27.00
Translation Spectrum : Essays in Theory and Practice by Rose, Marilyn Gaddis ISBN: 9780873954365 List Price: $34.50
Introduction to the Art of Medical Interpretation-High School Edition by Cross Cultural Communicatio... ISBN: 9780979405686 List Price: $80.00
Steps to Consecutive Interpretation by Bowen, David, Bowen, Margar... ISBN: 9780960568642 List Price: $9.50
Text Coherence in Translation by Papegaay, Bart, Schubert, K... ISBN: 9789067653602 List Price: $62.90
Translating Humour by Vandaele, Jeroen ISBN: 9781900650588
Medieval Translator : Traduire Au Moyen Age by Issa, Mireille ISBN: 9782503535791
Translating Across Cultures : BAS 21st Annual International Conference by Porlog, Hortensia, Frenţiu,... ISBN: 9781443842358
Translationen, Volumes 57-58 by Von Wyle, Niclas ISBN: 9780318712697
Factors in a Theory of Poetic Translating by Beaugrande, Robert De ISBN: 9789023215707 List Price: $25.00
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