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Perfecting the art of speech and pronunciation is something that we should all strive to do whether it is for educational purposes or just a personal interest and desire. We have a great range of cheap speech textbooks to buy or rent that will give you handy tips and advice on how to perfect your speech. In today's world speech plays a large role in our everyday communications, and in order to be understood our speech needs to be clear and recognizable. This become even more important in the business world, as in order to gain new clients, and clearly convey messages about your products or services, people need to be able to immediately understand what you are saying to them. This is taken to another level when you consider the importance of clear speech in public speaking. Our new and pre-owned speech textbooks are all in great condition. You can either browse through our collection to find an affordable textbook that you think you want, or if you have a study reading list just enter the ISBN number to find the exact speech textbook you are looking for.

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Speech Practice Manual by Keith, Thomas ISBN: 9781556641343 List Price: $25.95
Northstar Listening and Speaking High-Intermediate by Sanabria, Kim, Ferree, Tess ISBN: 9780131439108 List Price: $42.66
Hearing by Eye II Advances in the Psychology of Speechreading and Auditory-Visual Speech by Campbell, R., Burnham, D. J... ISBN: 9780863775024 List Price: $85.00
Northstar Listening and Speaking Advanced by Preiss, Sherry ISBN: 9780131439115 List Price: $42.66
Northstar Listening and Speaking Advanced by Preiss, Sherry ISBN: 9780201755749 List Price: $35.67
Sounds and Rhythm A Pronunciation Course by Sheeler, Williard ISBN: 9780138340032 List Price: $24.00
Interactions Access A Listening/Speaking Book by Thrush, Emily, Baldwin, Rob... ISBN: 9780070629172 List Price: $21.56
Grammatical Aspects of Foreign Accents: Spoken English Patterns for Practice and Reference -... by Dato, Daniel P., Compton, A... ISBN: 9781881336013 List Price: $39.95
Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception Life and Behavioural Sciences by Divenyi, Pierre, Greenberg,... ISBN: 9781586036669 List Price: $146.00
Dictations for Discussion: A Listening / Speaking Text - Judy DeFilippo - Paperback by DeFilippo, Judy, Sadow, Cat... ISBN: 9780866471671 List Price: $19.00
Expression and Meaning - John R. Searle - Hardcover by Searle, John R. ISBN: 9780521229012 List Price: $39.50
Effective Voice and Articulation - Joseph C. Stemple - Paperback by Stemple, Joseph, Holcomb, B... ISBN: 9780675208390
Sound of Speech Communication by Pickett, J. M. ISBN: 9780205135424 List Price: $75.00
Dictations For Discussion by DeFilippo, Judy, Sadow, Cat... ISBN: 9780866471725 List Price: $32.00
International English A Guide to the Varieties of Standard English by Trudgill, Peter, Hannah, Jean ISBN: 9780340586457 List Price: $19.95
Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms by Wilkes, G. A. ISBN: 9780195537987 List Price: $49.95
Pronunciation Activities by Egelberg, Arlene ISBN: 9780866470988 List Price: $16.50
Northstar Listening/Speaking 3 by Sanabria, Kim, Ferree, Tess ISBN: 9780131836266 List Price: $39.67
Northstar Focus on Listening and Speaking/Hi-Intermediate Florida by Ferree, Tess, Sanabria, Kim ISBN: 9780130613547 List Price: $35.33
Northstar Listening/Speaking 4 by Preiss, Sherry ISBN: 9780131836273 List Price: $39.67
Basic Speech by DeVito ISBN: 9780201575460 List Price: $24.00
Readings on Research in Stuttering by Healey, E. Charles ISBN: 9780801304101 List Price: $34.50
By All Means, Communicate: An Introduction to Basic Speech by Lane, LeRoy E. ISBN: 9780131096127 List Price: $27.60
Speaking in Public and Private by Phillips, Gerald M., Kougl,... ISBN: 9780672616129
Modern Spoken English by Crowell, Thomas L. ISBN: 9780070147300 List Price: $16.70
Manual of American English Pronunciation - Clifford H. Jr. H. Prator - Paperback - 4th ed by Prator, Clifford H., Jr., R... ISBN: 9780030007033 List Price: $26.95
Studies in the Pronunciation of English : A Commemorative Volume in Honour of A. C. Gimson by Ramsaran, Susan M. ISBN: 9780415003131 List Price: $85.00
Practice Tests for IGCSE English as a Second Language Book 2 : Listening and Speaking by Barry, Marian, Daish, Susan ISBN: 9780521186360 List Price: $16.00
Intergrammar Toward an Integrative Model of Verbal, Prosodic, and Kinesic Choices in Speech by Arndt, Horst, Janney, Richa... ISBN: 9780899253312 List Price: $165.40
Letters, Sounds and Words by Brown, Grace M., Hulbert, M... ISBN: 9780840331335 List Price: $18.95
Brief Introduction to Speech - Donovan J. Ochs - Paperback by Ochs, Donovan J., Winkler, ... ISBN: 9780155055834 List Price: $11.95
Grundfragen Der Allgemeinen Sprachwissenschaft by De Saussure, Ferdinand, Bal... ISBN: 9783110001587
Understanding and Producing Speech - Edward Matthei - Hardcover by Matthei, Edward, Roeper, Th... ISBN: 9780876634578
Understanding and Producing Speech - Edward Matthei - Hardcover by Matthei, Edward, Roeper, Th... ISBN: 9780876638736
Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism by Sheets, Boyd ISBN: 9780672612756
Speech Fundamentals:contemporary Appr. by Andersen, Sue, Pryor, Burt ISBN: 9780536582300 List Price: $47.00
Spoken English Illuminated by Wilkinson ISBN: 9780335093496 List Price: $33.95
Study Guide for Speaking in Public and Private, Gerald M. Phillips, Kathleen M. Kougl, Lynne... by Phillips, Gerald M., Kougl,... ISBN: 9780672616228 List Price: $6.71
Speech Reticence: Sounds and Silence by Johnson, Carl ISBN: 9780883100158 List Price: $8.95
Interacting in Groups: Theory and Practical by Klopf, Donald W. ISBN: 9780895822697 List Price: $16.95
Content Analysis of Verbal Behavior by Gottschalk, Louis A., Lolas... ISBN: 9780387163222 List Price: $66.00
Northstar Listening/Speaking 1 by Frazier, Laurie, Mills, Rob... ISBN: 9780131836235 List Price: $39.67
NorthStar Focus on Listening and Speaking Intermediate by Solorzano, Helen, Schmidt, ... ISBN: 9780131836242 List Price: $39.67
Northstar Focus on Listening and Speaking Basic Florida by Frazier, Mills ISBN: 9780130613523 List Price: $35.33
Northstar Focus on Listening and Speaking Intermediate Florida by Solorzano, Helen Sophia, Sc... ISBN: 9780130613530 List Price: $35.33
Powerpoint by Gronbeck ISBN: 9780321049261 List Price: $13.00
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