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Linguistics is the study of language, not individual languages, but the system of human communication as a whole. Linguists don't necessarily speak lots of different languages but they do understand the grammar structures, the social and psychological aspects of language and the interrelationships between languages, both in today's modern world and historically. Linguistics is an area of study that is split into many different sectors such as formal linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and applied linguistics. Buy or rent cheap linguistics textbooks to help you to appreciate this interesting area of study, and provide yourself will all the knowledge you need to develop your linguistics skills. The ability to communicate through language is a key part of human life as we know it, and it is a phenomenon that has fascinated people for centuries. Linguistics textbooks look at this fascinating history of the subject as well as examining modern day theories and findings. At the end of your course we can buy back your linguistics books.

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American English: History, Structure, and Usage by Amberg, Julie S., Vause, De... ISBN: 9780521617888 List Price: $34.99
Interpreting As a Discourse Process by Roy, Cynthia B. ISBN: 9780195119480 List Price: $85.00
Psychology of Language With Infotrac by Carroll, David W. ISBN: 9780534568986 List Price: $130.95
Born To Talk An Introduction To Speech And Language Development by Hulit, Lloyd M., Howard, Me... ISBN: 9780205453313 List Price: $124.00
Analyzing Syntax and Semantics Workbook by Heidinger, Virginia A. ISBN: 9780913580929 List Price: $28.95
Speaking Clearly Improving Voice and Diction by Hahner, Jeffrey C., Sokolof... ISBN: 9780070258259 List Price: $39.40
Studies in Words by Lewis, C. S. ISBN: 9780521398312 List Price: $22.99
Early Childhood Experiences in Language Arts Early Literacy by Machado, Jeanne M. ISBN: 9781418000264 List Price: $129.95
Milestones Normal Speech And Language Development Across the Life Span by Oller, John W., Oller, Step... ISBN: 9781597560368 List Price: $79.95
Looking at Languages Text A Workbook in Elementary Linguistics by Frommer, Paul R., Finegan, ... ISBN: 9780838407950 List Price: $48.95
Words And Other Wonders Papers on Lexical And Semantic Topics by Geeraerts, Dirk ISBN: 9783110190427 List Price: $132.30
Language , Society and Power Reader by Stilwell Peccei Staff ISBN: 9780415430838 List Price: $34.95
Biography of the English Language by Millward, C. M. ISBN: 9780155016453 List Price: $152.95
Singular's Pocket Dictionary of Speech-Language Pathology by Kent, Raymond D., Singh, Sa... ISBN: 9780769300481 List Price: $76.95
English Syntax From Word to Discourse by Berk, Lynn M. ISBN: 9780195123531 List Price: $37.95
Elements of Literacy by Lindquist, Julie, Seitz, David ISBN: 9780321328915 List Price: $31.40
Linguistic Fieldwork: A Student Guide (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) by Jeanette Sakel, Daniel L. E... ISBN: 9780521837279 List Price: $94.00
Applied Phonetics: The Sound of American English (Singular Textbook Series) by Harold T. Edwards ISBN: 9781565938489 List Price: $99.95
English Words: History and Structure by Stockwell, Robert, Minkova,... ISBN: 9780521709170 List Price: $38.99
Longman Photo Dictionary of American English Monolingual by Longman Staff ISBN: 9781405827966 List Price: $23.93
Contemporary Linguistics An Introduction by O'Grady, William, Archibald... ISBN: 9780312419363 List Price: $59.98
English Grammar for Students of Arabic The Study Guide for Those Learning Arabic by McCarus, Ernest N., Morton,... ISBN: 9780934034357 List Price: $19.95
Raising Multilingual Children Foreign Language Acquisition and Children by Tokuhama-Espinosa, Tracey ISBN: 9780897897501 List Price: $72.95
Language Development An Introduction by Owens, Robert E. ISBN: 9780205433186 List Price: $101.00
Transforming Texts by O'Toole, Shaun ISBN: 9780415286312 List Price: $15.95
Vocabulary for the College Bound Student by Harold Levine ISBN: 9781567651225 List Price: $18.34
Language and Identity: An introduction (Key Topics in Sociolinguistics) by Edwards, John ISBN: 9780521696029 List Price: $37.99
Cognitive Linguistics by Cruse, D. Alan, Croft, Will... ISBN: 9780521667708 List Price: $44.99
Working with Texts by Bowring, Maggie, Reah, Danu... ISBN: 9780415414241
Origins and Development of the English Language by Pyles, Thomas, Algeo, John ISBN: 9780155001688 List Price: $103.95
Language and Reflection An Integrated Approach to Teaching English by Gere, Anne Ruggles, Fairban... ISBN: 9780023414503 List Price: $72.00
Language Development A Reader for Teachers by Power, Brenda Miller, Hubba... ISBN: 9780130940636 List Price: $48.00
Problems in the Origins and Development of the English Language by Algeo, John, Butcher, Carme... ISBN: 9780155070530 List Price: $40.95
Psycholinguistics Language, Mind and World by Steinberg, Danny D., Nagata... ISBN: 9780582039490 List Price: $39.66
Speaking of Events by Higginbotham, James, Pianes... ISBN: 9780195128079 List Price: $125.00
Shared Territory Understanding Children's Writing As Works by Himley, Margaret ISBN: 9780195061895 List Price: $80.00
Explorations in Language Acquisition and Use The Taipei Lectures by Krashen, Stephen D. ISBN: 9780325005546 List Price: $22.50
Language Anxiety From Theory and Research to Classroom Implications by Horwitz, Elaine, Young, Dol... ISBN: 9780135234655 List Price: $31.00
The Origins and Development of the English Language: Workbook by John Algeo, Carmen Acevedo ... ISBN: 9781428231474 List Price: $100.95
Psycholinguistics A Resource Book for Students by Field, John ISBN: 9780415276009 List Price: $35.95
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