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Essays on Time-Based Linguistic Analysis by Bailey, Charles J. ISBN: 9780198242208 List Price: $248.00
"Good Writing" in Cross-Cultural Context by Li, Xiao-ming ISBN: 9780791426807 List Price: $29.95
Sprachgeschichte, Dialektologie, Onomastik Volkskunde: Beitrage zum Kolloquium am 3./4. Deze... by Bentzinger, Rudolf, Nübling... ISBN: 9783515075497 List Price: $114.00
Laboratory Phonology 9, Vol. 9 by Cole, Jennifer, Hualde, Jos... ISBN: 9783110186833
Historical Linguistics by Brian D Joseph Staff ISBN: 9780415454438
Romance Languages: A Historical Introduction by Alkire, Ti, Rosen, Carol ISBN: 9780521889155 List Price: $85.00
English Around the World : An Introduction by Schneider, Edgar W. ISBN: 9780521716581 List Price: $25.99
Practicing Linguistic Historiography (Studies in the History of the Language Sciences) by Prof. Dr. E.F.K. Koerner ISBN: 9789027245335 List Price: $195.00
Language Change, Poetry, Politics, and Common Usage by Welch, Jeffrey, Lynch, Peter ISBN: 9781880337127 List Price: $25.00
Tense and Mood in English A Comparison With Danish by Davidsen-Nielsen, Niels ISBN: 9783110125818 List Price: $105.00
Origin and Evolution of Languages Approaches, Models, Paradigms by Laks, Bernard, Cleuziou, Se... ISBN: 9781845532048 List Price: $90.00
Methods in Historical Pragmatics by Fitzmaurice, Susan M., Taav... ISBN: 9783110190410 List Price: $159.30
Year's Work in English Studies, 1984, Vol. 65 by Brake, Laurel, Brake, Laurel ISBN: 9780391035010 List Price: $99.00
Spoken Language Interference Patterns in Written English (Berkeley Insights in Linguistics a... by Helene Seltzer Krauthamer ISBN: 9780820441955 List Price: $42.95
Pronoun Envy Literary Uses of Linguistic Gender by Livia, Anna ISBN: 9780195138528 List Price: $110.00
Pronoun Envy Literary Uses of Linguistic Gender by Livia, Anna ISBN: 9780195138535 List Price: $75.00
De la grammaire comparee a la semantique. Textes de Michel Breal publies entre 1864 et 1898.... by P Desmet, P Swiggers ISBN: 9789068317312 List Price: $50.00
Origins+devel.of Eng.lang. by Pyles, Thomas, Algeo, John ISBN: 9780155676084 List Price: $27.50
On Language by Humboldt, Wilhelm von, Heat... ISBN: 9780521257473 List Price: $88.99
Language Change:progress or Decay?-rev. by Aitchison, Jean ISBN: 9780521411011 List Price: $54.95
Paradigmen Der Moderne by Bachmaier, Helmut ISBN: 9789027238856 List Price: $150.00
Linguistic Change in French by Posner, Rebecca ISBN: 9780198240365 List Price: $312.00
Meters of John Webster by Schlerman, Betty J. ISBN: 9780820410968 List Price: $37.95
Genealogy of Disjunction by Jennings, R. E. ISBN: 9780195075243 List Price: $111.00
History of Englishes New Methods and Interpretations in Historical Linguistics by Rissanen, Matti, Ihalainen,... ISBN: 9783110132168 List Price: $300.00
How to Kill a Dragon Aspects of Indo-European Poetics by Walkins, Calvert ISBN: 9780195085952 List Price: $145.00
Geographie linguistique et biologie du langage: Autour de Jules Gillieron (Orbis Supplementa) by P Lauwers, M-R Simoni-Aurembou ISBN: 9789042912397 List Price: $61.00
Diachronic Syntax Models and Mechanisms by Pintzuk, Susan, Tsoulas, Ge... ISBN: 9780198250265 List Price: $384.00
Comparative Method Reviewed Regularity and Irregularity in Language Change by Durie, Mark, Ross, Malcolm ISBN: 9780195066074 List Price: $164.99
Motives for Language Change by Hickey, Raymond ISBN: 9780521135245 List Price: $30.99
Handbook of Amazonian Languages Volume 3 by Derbyshire, Desmond C., Pul... ISBN: 9780899258133 List Price: $183.10
Primary Movement in Sign Languages: A Study of Six Languages by Napoli, Donna Jo, Gaw, Nich... ISBN: 9781563684913 List Price: $70.00
History of English by Gramley, Stephan ISBN: 9780415566391
Challenging Change : Literary and Linguistic Responses by LopiAuml;iiAuml;Dagger;, Ve... ISBN: 9781443839006
Existential Sentences in English and Lithuanian A Contrastive Study by Kalcedaitce, Violeta ISBN: 9780820459752 List Price: $33.95
Dynamique Et Changement by Fonagy, M., Fonagy, I. ISBN: 9789042915725
Language Change Contributions to the Study of Its Causes by Breivik, Leiv E., Jahr, Ern... ISBN: 9780899255644 List Price: $103.10
Language Change: Progress or Decay? (Cambridge Approaches to Linguistics) by Jean Aitchison ISBN: 9780521791557 List Price: $70.00
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