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"Good Writing" in Cross-Cultural Context by Li, Xiao-ming ISBN: 9780791426807 List Price: $29.95
The English Language: A Historical Introduction by Barber, Charles, Beal, Joan... ISBN: 9780521854047 List Price: $89.00
Problems in the Origins and Development of the English Language by Algeo, John, Butcher, Carme... ISBN: 9780155070530 List Price: $40.95
Dialect Change by Auer, Peter, Hinskens, Fran... ISBN: 9780521070669 List Price: $58.00
Historical Syntax in Cross-Linguistic Perspective by Harris, Alice C., Campbell,... ISBN: 9780521478816 List Price: $69.00
History of the English Language by Baugh, Albert C., Cable, Th... ISBN: 9780133957082 List Price: $70.50
Growth+structure of English Language by Jespersen, Otto, Quirk, Ran... ISBN: 9780226398778 List Price: $12.95
Language Change in South American Indian Languages by Key, Mary R. ISBN: 9780812230604 List Price: $34.95
History of the English Language A Source Book by Burnley, David ISBN: 9780582025226 List Price: $66.50
Cambridge History of the English Language English in Britain and Overseas Origins and Devel... by Burchfield, Robert W., Hogg... ISBN: 9780521264785 List Price: $242.00
Bells Chiming from the Past by Moskowich-Spiegel, Isabel, ... ISBN: 9789042023413 List Price: $81.00
Reading Minds The Study of English in the Age of Cognitive Science by Turner, Mark ISBN: 9780691001074 List Price: $32.95
Pronoun Envy Literary Uses of Linguistic Gender by Livia, Anna ISBN: 9780195138535 List Price: $75.00
Origins+devel.of Eng.lang. by Pyles, Thomas, Algeo, John ISBN: 9780155676084 List Price: $27.50
Bloomsbury Companion to Historical Linguistics by Buben�k, V�t, Luraghi, Silvia ISBN: 9781441130105
Orig Devel Engl Lang 5e-Ak - Algeo - Paperback by Algeo, John ISBN: 9780155070547
Genealogy of Disjunction by Jennings, R. E. ISBN: 9780195075243 List Price: $111.00
Verbs and Diachronic Syntax A Comparative History of English and French by Roberts, Ian G. ISBN: 9780792324959 List Price: $89.95
History of English by Culpeper, Jonathan ISBN: 9780415145916 List Price: $22.95
Probs.in Orig.+devel...t/a Pyle:orig. by Algeo, John ISBN: 9780155676091 List Price: $18.75
Tense and Mood in English A Comparison With Danish by Davidsen-Nielsen, Niels ISBN: 9783110125818 List Price: $105.00
Towards a Standard English 1600-1800 by Stein, Dieter, Van Ostade, ... ISBN: 9783110136975 List Price: $210.00
Learning from Language by Beale, Walter H. ISBN: 9780822960386
History of the English Language : Revised Edition by van Gelderen, Elly ISBN: 9789027212085 List Price: $149.00
Introduction to Historical Semantics. (Germanistische Arbeitshefte) by Fritz, Gerd ISBN: 9783484251427 List Price: $31.00
Primary Movement in Sign Languages: A Study of Six Languages by Napoli, Donna Jo, Gaw, Nich... ISBN: 9781563684913 List Price: $70.00
Studies in Early Modern English by Kastrovsky, Dieter ISBN: 9783110141276 List Price: $247.00
Understanding Language Change by McMahon, April M. ISBN: 9780521441193 List Price: $63.00
History of English by Strang, Barbara M. ISBN: 9780416806601 List Price: $17.95
Making of Johnson's Dictionary 1746-1773 by Reddick, Allen ISBN: 9780521361606 List Price: $69.95
Motives for Language Change by Hickey, Raymond ISBN: 9780521135245 List Price: $30.99
Aspects of Language - Dwight Le Merton Bolinger - Paperback - 2d ed by Bolinger, Dwight L. ISBN: 9780155038684 List Price: $8.75
Short History of the English Language by Kisbye, Torben, Sorensen, Knud ISBN: 9788772884066 List Price: $27.00
Pronoun Envy Literary Uses of Linguistic Gender by Livia, Anna ISBN: 9780195138528 List Price: $110.00
Papers from the 7th International Conference on Historical Linguistics by Ramat, Anna G., Carruba, On... ISBN: 9789027235428 List Price: $200.00
Historical and Comparative Linguistics by Anttila, Raimo ISBN: 9789027235565 List Price: $156.00
Power of Analogy An Essay on Historical Linguistics by Wanner, Dieter ISBN: 9783110188738 List Price: $132.30
Comparative Method Reviewed Regularity and Irregularity in Language Change by Durie, Mark, Ross, Malcolm ISBN: 9780195066074 List Price: $164.99
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