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Linguistics is the study of language, not individual languages, but the system of human communication as a whole. Linguists don't necessarily speak lots of different languages but they do understand the grammar structures, the social and psychological aspects of language and the interrelationships between languages, both in today's modern world and historically. Linguistics is an area of study that is split into many different sectors such as formal linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and applied linguistics. Buy or rent cheap linguistics textbooks to help you to appreciate this interesting area of study, and provide yourself will all the knowledge you need to develop your linguistics skills. The ability to communicate through language is a key part of human life as we know it, and it is a phenomenon that has fascinated people for centuries. Linguistics textbooks look at this fascinating history of the subject as well as examining modern day theories and findings. At the end of your course we can buy back your linguistics books.

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Language: Its Structure and Use by Finegan, Finegan, Edward ISBN: 9780495900412 List Price: $124.95
An Introduction to Language by Fromkin, Victoria, Rodman, ... ISBN: 9781428263925 List Price: $127.95
Born to Talk by Hulit, Lloyd M., Howard, Me... ISBN: 9780205627523 List Price: $124.00
Contemporary Linguistics by O'Grady, William, Archibald... ISBN: 9780312555283 List Price: $67.58
Exploring Language by Goshgarian, Gary J. ISBN: 9780205172863 List Price: $69.33
The Study of Language by Yule, George ISBN: 9780521749220 List Price: $29.99
A Course in Phonetics (with CD-ROM) by Ladefoged, Peter, Johnson, ... ISBN: 9781428231269 List Price: $134.95
Concise Introduction to Linguistics by Rowe, Bruce M., Levine, Dia... ISBN: 9780205051816
Pathways: Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking 3 Student Book by Chase, Rebecca Tarver, Joha... ISBN: 9781111398651
Words Their Way by Templeton, Shane, Johnston,... ISBN: 9780135145784 List Price: $21.99
Language by Clark, Virginia, Eschholz, ... ISBN: 9780312450182 List Price: $63.41
English Grammar for Students of French: The Study Guide for Those Learning French by Morton, Jacqueline, Neu, He... ISBN: 9780934034371 List Price: $19.95
Language Development by Hoff, Erika ISBN: 9780495501718 List Price: $165.95
Grammar and Usage in the Classroom by Allyn and Bacon Editorial S... ISBN: 9780205306558 List Price: $121.00
Psychology of Language by Carroll, David W. ISBN: 9780495099697 List Price: $175.95
Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures by Lustig, Myron W., Koester, ... ISBN: 9780205595754 List Price: $96.20
Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen by Lee, James F., Van Patten, ... ISBN: 9780073655178 List Price: $108.13
English Brushup reprint by Langan, John, Goldstein, Ja... ISBN: 9780077428365 List Price: $42.19
Languages of Native North America by Mithun, Marianne, Anderson,... ISBN: 9780521298759 List Price: $74.00
American English: History, Structure, and Usage by Amberg, Julie S., Vause, De... ISBN: 9780521617888 List Price: $34.99
Language and Power by Fairclough, Norman ISBN: 9780582414839 List Price: $48.00
Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics by Bergmann, Anouschka, Hall, ... ISBN: 9780814251638 List Price: $44.95
Introduction to Language by Fromkin, Victoria, Rodman, ... ISBN: 9781413017731 List Price: $127.95
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