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Planning Global Information Infrastructure by Chen, Ching-Chih ISBN: 9781567502015 List Price: $80.95
Our Past Preserved A History of American Library Preservation, 1876-1910 by Higginbotham, Barbra Buckner ISBN: 9780788152924 List Price: $20.00
Society on the Line Information Politics in the Digital Age by Dutton, William ISBN: 9780198774617 List Price: $221.00
Introduction to Information Science by Flynn, Roger R. ISBN: 9780824775087 List Price: $89.95
Complete Guide for Supervisors of Student Employees in Today's Academic Libraries by Baldwin, David A., Barkley,... ISBN: 9781591583356 List Price: $50.00
Bibliographical Analysis by Tanselle, G. Thomas ISBN: 9780521757621 List Price: $27.99
A Catalogue of the Library of Thomas Baker by Korsten, Frans ISBN: 9780521373944 List Price: $110.00
Library Display Ideas by Franklin, Linda C. ISBN: 9780899500089 List Price: $29.95
Library and Information Center Management by Stueart, Robert D., Moran, ... ISBN: 9781563085932 List Price: $65.00
Librarianship and Legitimacy The Ideology of the Public Library Inquiry by Raber, Douglas ISBN: 9780313302343 List Price: $99.95
Library Communication: The Language of Leadership by Riggs, Donald E. ISBN: 9780838905814 List Price: $30.00
Complete Guide to Acquisitions Management by Wilkinson, Frances C., Lewi... ISBN: 9781563088926 List Price: $45.00
Curriculum Initiative An Agenda and Strategy for Library Media Programs by Eisenberg, Michael B., Berk... ISBN: 9780893914868 List Price: $102.95
Usage Statistics of E-serials by Fowler, David C. ISBN: 9780789029881 List Price: $39.95
Crash Course in Library Services to People with Disabilities by Roberts, Ann, Smith, Richard ISBN: 9781591587675 List Price: $30.00
Information Technology Agent of Change by Laver, F. J. Murray ISBN: 9780521350358 List Price: $111.00
Our past Preserved: A History of American Library Preservation, 1876-1910 - Barbra Buckner B... by Higginbotham, Barbra Buckner ISBN: 9780816119325 List Price: $40.00
Social Readers: Promoting Reading in the 21st Century by Preddy, Leslie B. ISBN: 9781591588696 List Price: $35.00
Special Libraries by Silva ISBN: 9780233961361
Popular Culture and Libraries by Hoffmann, Frank W. ISBN: 9780208019837 List Price: $32.50
Public Access Microcomputers A Handbook for Librarians by Dewey, Patrick R. ISBN: 9780816118977 List Price: $30.00
Public Access Microcomputers A Handbook for Librarians by Dewey, Patrick R. ISBN: 9780816118960 List Price: $40.00
Research for School Library Media Specialists by Gustafson, Kent L., Smith, ... ISBN: 9781567500875 List Price: $45.00
Scholarship, Research Libraries, and Global Publishing by Reed-Scott, Jutta ISBN: 9780789007544 List Price: $74.95
Subject Headings for School and Public Libraries An Lcsh/Sears Companion by Fountain, Joanna F. ISBN: 9781563088537 List Price: $65.00
Introduction to Technical Services for Library Technicians by Kao, Mary L. ISBN: 9780789014894 List Price: $22.95
Examples to Accompany Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books by Bibliographic Standards Cen... ISBN: 9780838980149 List Price: $35.00
Metadata And Its Impact on Libraries by Intner, Sheila S., Weihs, J... ISBN: 9781591581451 List Price: $45.00
Conversion Tables by Scott, Mona L. ISBN: 9781591583486 List Price: $100.00
Sofsem'97 Theory and Practice of Informatics 24th Seminar on Current Trends in Theory and P... by Plasil, Frantisek, Jeffery,... ISBN: 9783540637745 List Price: $102.00
Teens, Technology, And Literacy Or, Why Bad Grammar Isn't Always Bad by Braun, Linda W. ISBN: 9781591583684 List Price: $30.00
Your School Library: Check It Out! by Farmer, Lesley S. J. ISBN: 9781591586715
Records Management and the Library Issues and Practices by Schwartz, Candy, Hernon, Peter ISBN: 9780893919986 List Price: $46.95
246. by Szymanski, R. ISBN: 9780675212724 List Price: $56.00
Teaching Info.literacy Skills-w/3disk by Iannuzzi, Patricia, Stricha... ISBN: 9780205280070 List Price: $33.00
Managing Information Technology A Handbook for Systems Librarians by Ingersoll, Patricia, Culsha... ISBN: 9780313324765 List Price: $52.00
School Library Media Manager by Woolls, Blanche ISBN: 9781591581444 List Price: $45.00
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