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Thinking Outside the Book Alternatives for Today's Teen Library Collections by Nichols, C. Allen ISBN: 9781591580591 List Price: $35.00
If We Build It Scholarly Communications and Networking Technologies Proceedings of the Nort... by Palm, Miriam, Dunn, Pamela ... ISBN: 9781560244509 List Price: $55.00
Managing Student Employees in College Libraries by Kathman, Michael D., Kathma... ISBN: 9780838977521 List Price: $30.00
Introduction to Technical Services for Library Technicians by Bloomberg, Marty, Evans, G.... ISBN: 9780872874862 List Price: $45.00
Information Technology in Librarianship: New Critical Approaches by Leckie, Gloria J., Buschman... ISBN: 9781591586296
Graphic Novels Beyond the Basics: Insights and Issues for Libraries by Cornog, Martha, Perper, Tim... ISBN: 9781591584780 List Price: $45.00
Practical Data Analysis,v.two by Bryant, Peter G., Smith, Ma... ISBN: 9780256238723 List Price: $15.00
On the Road with Outreach: Mobile Library Services by MacCreaigh, Erica, Dilger-H... ISBN: 9781591586784 List Price: $50.00
Black Bibliophiles and Collectors: Preservers of Black History by Sinnette, Elinor, Battle, T... ISBN: 9780882580319 List Price: $31.95
Pollution, Resources and the Environment - Alain C. Enthoven - Paperback by Enthoven, Alain C., Freeman... ISBN: 9780393099331
Assessing Learning Librarians And Teachers As Partners by Yoshina, Joan M., Harada, V... ISBN: 9781591582007 List Price: $42.00
Library and Information Center Management by Stueart, Robert D., Moran, ... ISBN: 9781591584087 List Price: $70.00
Essen.of Information Processing by Bohl, Marilyn ISBN: 9780023118807 List Price: $81.00
Reference And Information Services in the 21st Century An Introduction by Cassell, Kay Ann, Hiremath,... ISBN: 9781555705633 List Price: $65.00
167. Cataloging+classification by Wynar, Bohdan S., Taylor, A... ISBN: 9780872879676 List Price: $42.50
Serving Urban Teens by Brehm-Heeger, Paula ISBN: 9781591583776
Basic Research Methods for Librarians by Powell, Ronald R. ISBN: 9781567503388 List Price: $47.95
Political Economy of Information by Mosco, Vincent, Wasko, Janet ISBN: 9780299115746 List Price: $12.95
Introduction to Cataloging and Classification by Taylor, Arlene G. ISBN: 9781591582304 List Price: $65.00
Introduction to Technical Services by Evans, G. Edward, Intner, S... ISBN: 9781563089220 List Price: $52.00
New Technologies and Reference Services by Katz, William ISBN: 9780789011817 List Price: $24.95
Notes for Serials Cataloging by Genereux, Cecilia, Moeller,... ISBN: 9781591586531 List Price: $55.00
For Information Specialists Interpretations of Reference and Bibliographic Work by White, Howard D., Bates, Ma... ISBN: 9780893919832 List Price: $46.95
Libraries in the Information Age An Introduction and Career Exploration by Fourie, Denise K., Dowell, ... ISBN: 9781563086342 List Price: $45.00
The Data Deluge: Can Libraries Cope with E-Science? by Marcum, Deanna, George, Gerald ISBN: 9781591588870 List Price: $60.00
Building Influence for the School Librarian Tenets, Targets & Tactics by Hartzell, Gary ISBN: 9781586831615 List Price: $44.95
Tales Out of the School Library: Developing Professional Dispositions by Bush, Gail, Jones, Jami Biles ISBN: 9781591588320 List Price: $40.00
School Library Media Manager by Woolls, Blanche ISBN: 9781563087721 List Price: $50.00
Linking Picture Books to Standards by Copeland, Brenda S., Messne... ISBN: 9781591580881 List Price: $29.00
Guide to U.S. Map Resources by Cobb, David A. ISBN: 9780838905470 List Price: $65.00
Travel the Globe Multicultural Story Times by Webber, Desiree, Corn, Dee ... ISBN: 9781563085017 List Price: $34.00
Introduction to Reference Work Reference Services and Reference Processes by Katz, William A. ISBN: 9780070342781 List Price: $52.19
In-House Use of Materials in Public Libraries by Rubin, Richard ISBN: 9780878450749 List Price: $15.00
Books Kids Will Sit Still for 3 A Read-aloud Guide by Freeman, Judy ISBN: 9781591581642 List Price: $55.00
Humanities and the Library - Nena Couch by Couch, Nena, Allen, Nancy ISBN: 9780838906088 List Price: $45.00
193. Cataloging+classification by Wynar, Bohdan S., Taylor, A... ISBN: 9780872878112 List Price: $47.50
E-Serials Collection Management Transitions, Trends, and Technicalities by Fowler, David C. ISBN: 9780789017536 List Price: $59.95
Staying Successful as a Middle Manager by Mosley, Pixey Anne ISBN: 9781591585381
Usage Statistics of E-serials by Fowler, David C. ISBN: 9780789029874 List Price: $69.95
Bibliographic Record and Information Technology by Hagler, Ronald ISBN: 9780838905548 List Price: $50.00
It's All About Student Learning Managing Community And Other College Libraries in the 21st C... by McCabe, Gerard B., Dowell, ... ISBN: 9781591581499 List Price: $45.00
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