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100% Information Literacy Success by Taylor, Terry, Arth, Joan, ... ISBN: 9781418048181 List Price: $37.95
Travel the Globe Multicultural Story Times by Webber, Desiree, Corn, Dee ... ISBN: 9781563085017 List Price: $34.00
Understanding Manga and Anime by Brenner, Robin E. ISBN: 9781591583325 List Price: $40.00
School Reform and the School Library Media Specialist by Hughes-Hassell, Sandra, Har... ISBN: 9781591584278 List Price: $40.00
Bibliographical Analysis by Tanselle, G. Thomas ISBN: 9780521757621 List Price: $27.99
Information Literacy And the School Library Media Center by Taylor, Joie ISBN: 9780313320200 List Price: $37.00
Jstor A History by Schonfeld, Roger C., Varian... ISBN: 9780691115313 List Price: $41.00
Ready-Made Book Displays by Henkel, Nancy M. ISBN: 9781598848625
Cataloging and Classification An Introduction by Chan, Lois Mai ISBN: 9780070105065 List Price: $52.50
Conversion Tables LC-Dewey by Scott, Mona L. ISBN: 9781591583158 List Price: $45.00
Elementary School Librarian's Survival Guide Ready-To-Use Tips, Techniques, and Materials to... by Bannister, Barbara Farley, ... ISBN: 9780876282977 List Price: $29.95
Metadata And Its Applications in the Digital Library by Liu, Jia ISBN: 9781591583066 List Price: $45.00
Managing Information Technology A Handbook for Systems Librarians by Ingersoll, Patricia, Culsha... ISBN: 9780313324765 List Price: $52.00
Complete Guide for Supervisors of Student Employees in Today's Academic Libraries by Baldwin, David A., Barkley,... ISBN: 9781591583356 List Price: $50.00
Special Libraries by Silva ISBN: 9780233961361
American Reference Books Annual 2006 Edition by Hysell, Shannon Graff ISBN: 9781591583790 List Price: $125.00
Reviving Reading School Library Programming, Author Visits And Books That Rock! by Follos, Alison M. G., Ganto... ISBN: 9781591583561 List Price: $32.00
San Jacinto College-South Campus Library Handbook by Barham, Mary L. ISBN: 9780840325532 List Price: $4.95
Access, Resource Sharing and Collection Development by Sul H Lee ISBN: 9781560248118 List Price: $45.95
American Regional Folklore A Sourcebook and Research Guide by Mood, Terry Ann ISBN: 9781576076200 List Price: $85.00
Tips and Other Bright Ideas for Elementary School Libraries by Vande Brake, Kate ISBN: 9781586834166
Service Quality in Academic Libraries by Hernon, Peter, Altman, Ellen ISBN: 9781567502107 List Price: $47.95
Into the Future: The Foundations of Library and Information Services in the Post-Industrial ... by Michael H. Harris, Pamela C... ISBN: 9781567503548 List Price: $131.95
Conversion Tables: Volume 2 DeweyLC by Mona L. Scott ISBN: 9781563088483 List Price: $36.95
Collection Analysis for the School Library Media Center: A Practical Approach by Doll, Carol A., Barron, Pam... ISBN: 9780838933909 List Price: $17.00
Dictionary of Information Science and Technology by Khosrowpour, Mehdi ISBN: 9781599043852 List Price: $495.00
The Big6 Workshop Handbook: Implementation and Impact by Eisenberg, Michael B., Berk... ISBN: 9781586834227 List Price: $40.00
Cambridge University Library The Great Collections by Fox, Peter, McKitterick, Da... ISBN: 9780521626361 List Price: $124.99
Librarian's Guide to Online Searching by Bell, Suzanne S. ISBN: 9781591583264 List Price: $45.00
Readers' Advisory for Children and 'Tweens by Peck, Penny ISBN: 9781598843873 List Price: $36.00
Bottom Line Determining and Communicating the Value of the Special Library by Matthews, Joseph R. ISBN: 9781591580041 List Price: $48.00
Engaging in Evaluation and Assessment Research by Dugan, Robert E., Hernon, P... ISBN: 9781598845730 List Price: $50.00
New Concepts In Digital Reference by Lankes, R. David, Marchioni... ISBN: 9781598297447
Owning Memory How a Caribbean Community Lost Its Archives and Found Its History by Bastian, Jeannette Allis ISBN: 9780313320088 List Price: $65.00
Transitioning From Librarian To Middle Manager by Mosley, Pixey Anne ISBN: 9781591581178 List Price: $44.00
Power Up Your Library Creating the New Elementary School Library Program by Salmon, Sheila, Goldfarb, E... ISBN: 9781563083570 List Price: $44.00
Alphabetic Indexing by Guthrie, Mearl R., Norwood,... ISBN: 9780538669269 List Price: $24.95
CD-ROM in the Library: Today and Tomorrow by Duggan, Mary K. ISBN: 9780816119349 List Price: $25.00
Social Sciences Information Systems and Centres by Gupta, B. M., Jain, V. K. ISBN: 9788185179476 List Price: $49.00
Research for School Library Media Specialists (Contemporary Studies in Information Managemen... by Kent R. Gustafson, Jane Ban... ISBN: 9781567500875 List Price: $49.95
Law for K-12 Libraries and Librarians by Torrans, Lee Ann ISBN: 9781591580362 List Price: $29.00
Guide to Scholarly Resources on the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in the New York Metr... by Social Science Research Cou... ISBN: 9780873326193 List Price: $119.95
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