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No two archives are ever exactly the same. If you're looking to set one up or you just want to know more about how they work, make sure you get advice from some of the best books around on the subject. Buy cheap archives and special libraries textbooks from us today and save a fortune on every book you go for. Look for Currents of Archival Thinking; Metadata and Its Applications in the Digital Library; Crash Course in Storytime Fundamentals; and Summer Reading Renaissance: An Interactive Exhibits Approach. We've got plenty more to treat you to as well, with discounted prices throughout. We even let you rent archives and special libraries textbooks from us for short periods of time, making it easier to read and return books for the right length of time. Whatever you decide to do you can get affordable deals from us and also have the option to sell back. You couldn't want for anything else.

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Library Services for Non-Affiliated Patrons by Mitchell, Eugene S. ISBN: 9780838977811 List Price: $33.00
San Jacinto College-South Campus Library Handbook by Barham, Mary L. ISBN: 9780840325532 List Price: $4.95
What Is Written Remains Historical Essays on the Libraries of Notre Dame by Gleason, Maureen, Blackstea... ISBN: 9780268019495 List Price: $28.00
Climbing Out of the Box by Lee, Sul H. ISBN: 9780415697439
Document Computing Technologies for Managing Electronic Document Collections by Wilkinson, Ross, Arnold-Moo... ISBN: 9780792383574 List Price: $225.00
College Library Newsletters by Butcher, Patricia, Campbell... ISBN: 9780838974452 List Price: $18.95
Audiovisual Policies in College Libraries by Brancolini, Kristine ISBN: 9780838974957 List Price: $21.95
Academic Status Statements and Resources Statements and Resources by Kroll, Susan ISBN: 9780838977392 List Price: $11.00
Libraries and Research A Practical Approach by Collins, Donald B. ISBN: 9780840384805 List Price: $27.95
Human Resource Management in Today's Academic Library Meeting Challenges and Creating Opport... by Simmons-Welburn, Janice, Mc... ISBN: 9780313320767 List Price: $50.00
Religious Archival Science The Complete Technical Look for the Layperson by Gill, Rowland P., Sandifer,... ISBN: 9780910653169 List Price: $10.95
Resource Management in Academic Libraries by Baker, David ISBN: 9781856040365 List Price: $80.00
Revelations from the Russian Archives Documents in English Translation by Koenker, Diane P., Bachman,... ISBN: 9780788170881 List Price: $85.00
Special Libraries at Work by Ferguson, Elizabeth, Mobley... ISBN: 9780208019394 List Price: $31.00
Style Manual for Archival Finding AIDS by Seeman, Corey ISBN: 9780788129186 List Price: $25.00
Development of University Libraries in India After Independence by Gupta, O. P. ISBN: 9788170224099 List Price: $25.00
The Hieroglyphic Archive at Petras, Siteias (Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens) by Tsipopoulou, Metaxia, Halla... ISBN: 9788779342934 List Price: $35.95
The Research Library in the 21st Century by Douglas Barnett, Choef Of S... ISBN: 9780415565479 List Price: $125.00
Patterns and Options for Managing Information Technology on Campus by Woodsworth, Anne ISBN: 9780838905463 List Price: $25.00
Public Relations Applied to Archiving and Museums by Grimshaw, Shaun ISBN: 9780910653589 List Price: $5.95
Reading Abbey Cartularies, Vol. 2 by Kemp, B. ISBN: 9780861931125 List Price: $35.00
Research on Library Computerisation by Bavakutty, Majeed, Salih, M... ISBN: 9788170004783 List Price: $68.00
Output Measures for Public Library Service to Children - Virginia A. Walter - Paperback by Walter, Virginia A., Associ... ISBN: 9780838934043 List Price: $25.00
Us-USSR Colloquium on Library Services to Children, September 12-21, 1989 September 12-21, 1989 by Association for Library Ser... ISBN: 9780838933992 List Price: $6.00
User Surveys in College Libraries by Adams, Mignon, Beck, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780838978252 List Price: $25.00
Networks, Open Access, and Virtual Libraries: Implications for the Research Library: Proceed... by Sutton, Brett, Davis, Charl... ISBN: 9780878450879 List Price: $20.00
Archival Science by Lawrence, Kenneth R. ISBN: 9780910653497 List Price: $13.95
Directory of Information Sources in Japan, 1986 - Taylor & Francis Incorporated - Hardcover by Senmon Toshokan Kyogikai St... ISBN: 9784816905537 List Price: $160.00
Academic Library in Transition: Planning for the 1990s by Lynch, Beverly P. ISBN: 9781555700430 List Price: $49.95
Computers @ Libraries by Jeevan, V. K. J. ISBN: 9788170004455 List Price: $60.00
Complete Guide for Supervisors of Student Employees in Today's Academic Libraries by Baldwin, David A., Barkley,... ISBN: 9781591583356 List Price: $50.00
A Catalogue of the Library of Thomas Baker by Korsten, Frans ISBN: 9780521373944 List Price: $110.00
Quality Management in Libraries by Dabas, K. C. ISBN: 9788170005483
Kleine Theorie Des Archivs by Schenk, Dietmar ISBN: 9783515091435
Documenting Democracy : 1964-2004 by Carlin, John W., Evans, Max J. ISBN: 9781422303306 List Price: $30.00
Nation's Great Library Herbert Putnam and the Library of Congress, 1899-1939 by Rosenberg, Jane A. ISBN: 9780252020018 List Price: $42.50
Guide to the Ford Film Collection in the National Archives by Bray, Mayfield ISBN: 9780911333282 List Price: $20.00
Future of the Academic Library by Trani, Eugene P. ISBN: 9780685481097 List Price: $10.00
Best Books for University Libraries by Best Books, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780722200384 List Price: $1,200.00
Automated Records and Techniques in Archives : A Resource Directory by Matters, Marion, Kesner, Ri... ISBN: 9780931828805 List Price: $16.00
Introduction to Archival Science by Lawrence, Kenneth R., Howe,... ISBN: 9780910653466 List Price: $13.95
Archival Science by Lawrence, Denis ISBN: 9780910653176 List Price: $18.95
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